Create Your Dream Life Through The Magic Power Of Your Words, Affirm Your Dream Life Today

If you keep reaffirming the same reality, nothing will change. Which is great if you’re happy with the way things are, but if you keep telling yourself the same story of how things are ‘too expensive’, or you keep affirming things such as ‘life isn’t fair’, ‘money is hard to come by’, whatever it is that you negatively affirm into your life but which you wish to change, you gotta start flipping the script. Instead of reaffirming the same old reality to yourself in terms of the things you don’t want, start rewriting your life with new affirmations based on the things you do want. The Universe will respond.

If you keep affirming ‘I’m so poor’, ‘It’s so hard for me to lose weight’, ‘Why can’t I get a boyfriend?’ Etc etc, the Universe is going to present to you more situations which fit this reality you keep on affirming. Simply based on the Law Of Attraction, it’s just how it works.

Affirmations are a great way to change your life and rewrite your future. Whatever your current reality may be, align yourself with your desired reality by talking and acting ‘as if’ and telling the story of your dream life through your words. Easy!

‘It’s easy for me to make money’, ‘money flows with ease into my life every single day through only the most positive sources for the highest good of all’, ‘it’s easy for me to lose weight’, ‘everywhere I go I am surrounded by love’. Choose your words, choose your life.

The more good that flows into your life, the more you can keep reaffirming the good stuff. If someone buys you a coffee, make the most of that kind gesture and reaffirm ‘people are always so kind to me’, if your sister gives you some of her old clothes keep affirming your story: ‘I am always receiving gifts of abundance’.

‘I am always receiving gifts of abundance’ is one of my most favourite affirmations and a belief I’ve implemented to become my reality, as nowadays I literally am always receiving gifts of abundance! In the past few months alone I have received 8 free full size fragrances / body lotions through work, clothes from my sister, gifts from my friends, gifts from my Dads acquaintances and more! It truly is amazing and you can best believe I’m going to keep on affirming this reality for myself. I am always receiving gifts of abundance!!!!!

For some, affirmations may not feel natural at first which is why I think it’s so important to use affirmations when you’re already receiving things which are in alignment with your desired reality. You want to be a millionaire and you just found a 2 pence coin on the floor? Well there’s your chance to affirm your story that money is always flowing into your life, and really believe it because it’s happening right before your eyes. See that 2 pence coin and affirm: ‘Money is always flowing into my life through positive circumstances, thank you Universe’. You don’t have to see it to believe it but you can certainly milk those instances where you are seeing and being presented with the things that reflect your desired reality to ensure more of it keeps on showing up in your life, every single day.

In my life, I write or repeat my affirmations based on my desired reality regardless of whatever my present reality is. Believe to receive, and receive and keep on affirming your positive beliefs as these positive things happen. I get the best of both worlds by both affirming my beliefs into my reality, and affirming them as they are present in my reality. You can have the best of both worlds too by saying your affirmations daily, and reaffirming all the good stuff when it happens.

If someone holds the door open for you then that’s the perfect time to affirm: ‘wow, people always treat me with kindness’, if someone compliments you, embrace it and make the most of it: ‘wow, I am so grateful to always be receiving such lovely compliments, I just love to be complimented’. The more you affirm your desires and the things you’re grateful for as your reality, the more your desires will show up in your reality and as you go, keep on affirming. Keep on telling that dreamy story of your life, and eventually everyday is gonna be Paradise!

I am so looking forward to continuing with my affirmations journey now, writing this post has made me feel so excited for all the wonderful things I am going to affirm and keep on affirming into my reality. Life is so wonderful for me!

Exciting side note: A couple of hours after writing this post I noticed my Mum had bought me a new soap for my bathroom and the following day, I visited Warwick Castle with my Soul Sister for free thanks to her Dad blessing us with free tickets!!! See… affirmations really work. I am always receiving gifts of abundance and so are you, if that’s what you want. Use the power of your words to claim your best life now!

I hope you all enjoyed this post! Please be sure to let me know in the comments what dream reality you’re affirming for yourself today. I can’t wait to hear all your exciting and wonderful affirmations and manifestations!!! Exciting times are now!

I hope you all have an amazing week,

Thank you so much for reading,

Lot’s of love,


P.S I originally published this post at the beginning of the week, but I deleted it as I decided I wanted to tweak it a little to perfection. One affirmation and story I’m currently telling myself is ‘I am a talented writer and writing comes so easily to me’. I really wanted to ensure this post was of the finest quality, so I decided to delete and republish today. Within moments of deleting the original copy of this post, I was walking to the bus stop and I found a 1 pence coin on the floor! Immediately I affirmed ‘I am always finding money’ and ‘money is always flowing positively into my life’. I felt so excited, the power of affirmations is real and I am constantly seeing proof of this every single day. How blessed are we to live in such a magical Universe? So signing out now, I’m going to leave this post with a few more affirmations I’m putting out there into the Universe…

I am wealthy, I am financially free, I am happy, I am travelling the world with my loved ones, I am beautiful, I am good, I am pure, I am love, life is bliss…

All the love forever,


For my guided self love meditation with affirmations, please click here.

For my self love affirmations track please click here.


  1. I’m a really negative person, especially to myself lol. And I joke about it because it’s also pretty ridiculous and I know its ridiculous…. affirmations have never come easy for me but as I always tell you, you are seriously an inspiration to me, and I can only imagine that this is why you’re in my life. You’re the light that guides me as cheesy as that sounds lol. 💜
    I will return to the affirmations I have written in my bullet journal and will remember to include a few of these as well.


  2. That’s so weird, I’ve always defined things by what I do not want and it never even occured to me to think about positive things instead (it seems like common sense but somehow I don’t do it) I really do want to make a change and thanks for writing this because its a simple way that I hope can help to change me! That’s so weird how much you get from simply changing what you think and say WOAH! You’re so inspiring to me btw! Hope you keep up with this!


  3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this! You know how I feel about positive thinking, and Affirmations are an aspect of that. They are so important! Our brain doesn’t register whether something is positive or negative, just the action. WE are the ones that put that label on it. Thank you for haring this beauty! You are pure light and love! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Eek thank you so much beautiful and yasss, you are the most positive soul and just a ray of genuine sunshine! Absolutely, I strongly believe in affirmations, I freakin’ love them and think they are super powerful and are so so important to create and keep a positive life. Affirmations are definitely one of my go to tools when it comes to the LOA and positive thinking! And yas, you are so right about the brain. It’s SO true! Absolutely ❤ ah love you so much hun, thank you thank you thank you for your love and light always. Hope you have a beautiful week! ❤


  4. I agree with this, having a positive mindset will keep people motivated and excited in life, when my mind is negative I feel terrible therefore I have little motivation. I have tried this today and it has made me feel better, doing this may not create my dream life but it will create a positive life which I believe it will create opportunities, so thank you for this great post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Absolutely!!!! That’s brilliant to know you’ve tried the affirmations out and you feel better for it, so wonderful!! And yes, it will create a positive life which will create positive opportunities for sure. Thank you so much for your lovely, inspiring and motivating comment. Have a great day!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I love you, Jennie! Whenever I am about to have my period, I truly become so negative. I NEED to keep saying these affirmations because I want to be in my Paradise, as you say. ❤ The proof is in the pudding, how your mom bought you a soap & you found the 1 pence, seriously… AMAZING. I need to work on this!!! Thank you for always reminding me with these positive posts. This one truly was perfect!!


  6. Omg you are such a positive inspiration!! Thank you so much for always uploading such amazing and motivational content, I always take your advice on board. I feel like I am naturally a negative person and that defo needs to change, so its time to say these affirmations!xxx


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