Product Empties September ‘19

Hello my loves and welcome back to my blog. Today, I thought it would be super fun to share a product empties with you. I’ve been collecting all my used up products recently so I could put this post together for you with mini reviews on each product, so without further ado let’s jump right in.

L’Oréal Paris Micellar Water x2 *I use normal to dry, but linked is for Sensitive Skin as that’s the only one that came up on the Boots website

Before switching things up in my beauty routine and focusing on purchasing Cruelty Free products the L’Oréal Paris Micellar Water had always been my go to for no reason other than the fact I’ve always been a fan of the brand. In terms of quality, I really have no comments on this Micellar Water, it’s a good product which works well at removing my makeup and that’s pretty much it. Nothing about it stands out to me in terms of good or bad, it’s just a product I’ve always opted for because I use L’Oréal. Simple.

Would I recommend? Definitely

Cruelty Free? Nope

Superdrug Vitamin E Gentle Micellar Solution x3 *only 2 pictured

Another micellar water, I clearly go through a lot of this stuff, LOL. Micellar water is my go to for makeup remover and this range was recommended to me by one of my best friends. The bonus fact here is that this range is completely Cruelty Free which is just amazing, meaning I’ll definitely opt for this micellar water over the L’Oréal one because of its kindness to animals. Again, this product has no standout qualities to me. I remember when I first used it it did seem to make my skin feel a little tingly and almost created a stinging sensation however that’s not something I’ve noticed at all recently so I’m not sure what that was all about. I’d definitely purchase again, for it does the job of removing makeup nicely and is Cruelty Free. Yay!

Would I recommend? Yes and no… yes because it works for me and I’d definitely purchase again, no because I’m unsure what that stinging sensation was about when I first started using this. So please make your own choices regarding this Micellar Water and just know that that tingly-ness is something I experienced for whatever unknown reason, I just want to be clear.

Cruelty Free? – YES!

L’Oréal Infaillible Pore Refining Primer


My first impressions of this product way back when it was first released were super positive. I was really, really impressed with this product. Designed to reduce appearance of pores and smooth out the skin, this primer seemed to do the trick just perfectly and I knew I had to treat myself to one. Honestly it’s been so long since I’ve actually used this because it ran out a long while ago, I couldn’t make an updated comment or review. The formula of the product did go really runny within just a short amount of time of having it but from what I remember, giving it a little shake helped to fix the consistency. I know I’d definitely recommend this product as a pore smoother because it definitely did an amazing job at smoothing the skins surface and reducing the appearance of pores, but based on the fact L’Oréal isn’t a Cruelty Free brand I probably wouldn’t buy this again and would prefer to look for a product similar to this one from a brand that is Cruelty Free.

Would I recommend? – Yes

Cruelty Free? – No

Simple Kind To Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes *Not a direct link, links to a page with 10 Simple Face Wipe Options (they have a lot)


I always like to have a pack of face wipes on hand because they’re perfect to have if you’re feeling really lazy one night and want to ‘remove’ your makeup without actually sitting down and indulging in your actual skincare routine. Sometimes I think face wipes are good for removing eye makeup too- it saves me using up all my Micellar Water so quickly and makes me less anxious that I’m going to sting my eyes. Anyway, I also like to use makeup wipes for correcting any eyeshadow errors and finessing an eye look, so a pack of these is always beneficial to have at home. I know makeup remover wipes aren’t the most environmentally friendly so I’m probably going to try and cut down on my usage of these, though I don’t use them too much anyway but perhaps I can set myself a little challenge to just buy one more pack to last me the rest of this year? Okay… that could work!!! The challenge is on. I’m also unsure if Simple is a Cruelty Free brand, there are mixed comments coming up on google about this so I really couldn’t say for sure. When I do purchase my next pack of face wipes I’ll be sure to pick up some Cruelty Free ones however I think I do still have one more pack of Simple wipes to be used up first. So hey, perhaps that can be the challenge, I won’t be purchasing any more face wipes this year because I’mma make that pack last. I’ll keep you updated!

Would I recommend? – Sure

Cruelty Free? – Unknown

YSL Touche Éclat Illuminating Pen (Concealer) 


Oh gosh, anyone who knows me will know this has been my go to concealer for the majority of my adult life. Why oh why are you not Cruelty Free YSL? This is one of the best concealers I have ever used. It’s not the fullest coverage but personally I don’t need that, what it does do however is create a gorgeous smooth and radiant appearance under the eyes, I really do love this product. Anyway, mines run out now and considering the fact it’s not Cruelty Free, I probably won’t be buying this one again until YSL switch it up and go CF.

Would I recommend? – YES. This has been my go to concealer for as long as I can remember, so I would definitely recommend to anyone if they’re not solely focused on purchasing CF products. Hopefully I can find one from a Cruelty Free range that is just as good (if not even better) which I can recommend even more going forwards.

Cruelty Free? – Nope.

L’Oréal Fine Flowers Toner


This is a skincare product from L’Oréal which I use and love, as I genuinely feel benefits on my skin after using this properly. When I apply this and leave it for a short while to really soak into skin before applying the next steps of my skincare routine I do feel a tightening of my face which feels really good. I’m not sure why, but I’m sure that’s a good thing with skincare right? Products are supposed to tighten…? Yeah, I’m pretty sure they are. Anyway this product I actually think is really good, and is a go to for me because of its quality as well as the fact I’ve always used the L’Oréal brand. I’m going to try out some Cruelty Free toners once the last of my L’Oréal ones are used up but it’s still a great product which has served me well and I hope I can find a CF one that’s just as good and that I love just as much, if not more. Fingers crossed!

Would I recommend? – Yes

Cruelty Free? – Nope!

The Body Shop Strawberry Softening Body Butter


The Body Shop is my go to when it comes to body butters. They always have the most delicious scents, are so creamy and moisturising and the icing on the cake is that they’re Cruelty Free. What more could you want? I love the strawberry scent of this one, and I will definitely be purchasing again although I think my next body butter I get from The Body Shop will be a mango scented one, that’s just what I’m feeling at the moment… Either way, regardless of the scent, these softening body butters from The Body Shop are divine.

Would I recommend? – 100%

Cruelty Free? – Yes!

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream All Over Miracle Oil


This has been my go to hair oil for about the past year now, and I am so disappointed that it’s not Cruelty Free. Boo. This oil isn’t just for the hair, although that’s the only thing I use it for and it’s amazing. After using this hair oil for a while, I noticed my hair had become thicker, which for me is one of the main reasons why I would recommend it so much because I actually saw genuine results from this product. I experienced the benefits and absolutely loved it. Now mine has run out, I don’t think I’ll be purchasing again because it’s not Cruelty Free however, I am definitely going to have a little look around to find a hair oil just as good as this one which is Cruelty Free, but in terms of product quality this one gets a 10/10 from me. It’s a brilliant oil! Side note: I had a little of this oil left to use before publishing this blog post and since then I’ve realised when applied on wet hair (when I normally apply my oil) it makes my hair super greasy and hard to style for the next few days until I wash it again. I would recommend to use this oil on DRY hair only.

Would I recommend? – Yes

Cruelty Free? – Nope

Boots Nail Polish Remover


Not a lot to say on this one, it’s just your standard nail polish remover.

Would I recommend? – Yes

Cruelty Free? – I believe so, but I’m not 100% sure.

Max Factor Pan Stick Foundation


I have had this product forever and I never thought I’d see the day it ran out…well, now it has. This is a long serving product from the Max Factor range and I use it as both a concealer and a foundation (sometimes), and it’s my go to concealer for cut crease eye shadow looks. Max Factor’s Pan Stick has the best coverage (full), with a lovely radiant finish making it perfect as both a concealer and foundation. This product lasts for ages too, I must have had mine for at least over a year. It’s not something I’ve used everyday, but I especially love it for my concealer and cut creases. I used to use a darker shade of this product for contouring too, so it really is a very versatile product.

Would I recommend? – Yes

Cruelty Free? – No

A note on Cruelty Free

I just want to make a comment for full disclosure that whilst going forward my aim is to buy cruelty free makeup and beauty products there are things in my personal life which do mean I can not fully commit to wearing and promoting only cruelty free makeup / skincare / hair care / fragrances / beauty products etc. I am still passionate and devoted to supporting Cruelty Free brands as much as I possibly can and I will always do my bit as best as possible to be kind to animals and treat them with the love and respect they deserve. One day I hope we can live in a world where it’s only Cruelty Free and Vegan friendly brands, but until then I can only do my best to do my bit whilst still maintaining a lifestyle suitable to my needs also.

So there you have my product empties for September 2019. I am definitely going to be doing more of these posts going forward, it’s fun to review each product. Since I have 10 empties with this post, going forward I’ll probably collect 10 empties each time for these posts. I’m excited! I already have some things that are super close to running out, so there’ll probably be another empties post sooner rather than later. Exciting!

I hope everyone enjoyed this post, I know I enjoyed doing my reviews, hehe!

What’s your go to makeup and skincare brand? What do you like to use to remove your makeup? Have you ever tried any of these products / do you still use them? Be sure to let me know in the comments below.

Thank you always for reading,

with so much love and light,



  1. Wow, I’m gonna go check out the micellar waters because even tho my holy grail is bioderma, its so pricey over here! Omg im confused, i thought the touche eclat pen came in gold? Is yours limited edition?
    I dont really have a go to brand but i steer clear of simple because its products always burns my face?


  2. Such great products. I LOVE micellar water! It is actually funny because I love when stuff stings, for me it means it is getting in my pours and clearing the gunk out! :p
    Also I applaud your message so much. I think it is important to do what you can, and cut back where you are able to. But living in this all or nothing world can be so mentally detrimental. If someone is making a step to be cruelty free or environmentally conscious it should be applauded, not condemned because they aren’t doing more. Thank YOU for what you do beauty! So much love to you! ❤


  3. I love micellar waters for removing makeup as well its just so good lol
    Those Simple cleansing facial wipes are SOOOO good! I loved them when I tried them. Sadly I dont believe they’re CF from what I was able to find
    I really want to try TBS body butters or whatever else they offer in general I havent had the chance to yet lol
    Anyway you’ve done so well finishing up these products. I have to update my blog on both my regular empties and my project pan empties I’m actually getting somewhere with my stuff lol.


  4. You did so good emptying products, Jennie! I’ve never used any of these but I’m interested in trying the Simple wipes. I’m so proud of you for making the CF switch but of course, it’s understandable that you won’t be able to fully commit. ♡ Whatever you do is helping!

    I don’t really have a go-to skincare or makeup brand. I like switching it up. 🙂 Right now, I’m using a cleanser to wash my makeup off but I always switch that up, too!

    Looking forward to your next Empties!


  5. I love your goals of trying to switch to cruelty-free products! Way to go, lovely!!
    I’ve never used micellar water, only makeup wipes. I’ve heard good things about it, but I don’t really want to have two products (the micellar water for eyes and makeup wipes for foundation), but sometimes my makeup wipes don’t do the greatest job at removing mascara, so I wonder if micellar water would work better! Anyway, thanks for sharing!! ❤


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