Autumn Bucket List 2019

Hello my loves and welcome back to my blog. I hope everyone is having a great day today so far!

It’s officially Autumn which means new Season, new experiences and I am so excited. I’ve got a good feeling about the next few months for sure!!

Since it’s the beginning of Autumn, I thought now would be the perfect time for me to share my Autumn bucket list. I am so excited to look back on this and recap and reflect once Winter rolls around, because I just know this is going to be my best Autumn yet. Enjoy!

Jennie’s Autumn Bucket List 2019

•Visit Budapest

•Take a walk at St Anns Hill

•Increase my self love

•Have fun with my friends and family

•Visit a trampoline park with my besties

•Travel travel travel

•Explore New York

•Have a Halloween movie night with my friends

•Carve pumpkins

•Go on a date

•Reach 1000 Instagram followers

•Book at least two more trips abroad for next year

•Go to Winter Wonderland

•Live in the present

•Connect with my loved ones

•Become more in flow and in alignment

•Save money

•Become more flexible

•Achieve my perfect figure

•Help my parents out / do more nice things for them

•Learn Spanish

•Visit London

•Visit London with my parents

•Day trip with my parents

•Go on a speed boat

•Eat lots of brownies from Mrs Mac’s

•Go on cute Autumnal strolls with my loved ones

•Drink hot chocolate

•Try more vegan food

•Spend time with my Grandparents

•Spend time with my Nan

•See my brother and his family

•Have fun with my sister

•Go to the cinema

•Play pool

•Watch the football at the pub with my Dad (especially the Man City and Arsenal matches)

•Manifest an exciting surprise

•Enjoy spending blissfull, quality time with my parents

•Feel / be happy

And that wraps up my Autumn 2019 bucket list. I am so excited to have my happiest Autumn yet and tick all this wonderful stuff and more.

What’s on your Autumn bucket list this year? Have you got anything exciting planned for the coming months? Let me know in the comments below!!!

As always thank you so much for reading,

happy Autumn, may it be your happiest one yet,

lots of love,



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  1. That is a hefty bucket list! I love that and I can’t wait to read about how you tick everything off in this list and reading about your experiences this Autumn! Helping you get to 1000 by following ya on insta! Hehe!


  2. I love this list so much !! Everything on it is so great, I was getting so excited for you as I was reading it! I hope (and am sure) you’ll manage to achieve all of these 💗 best believe I just followed you on Insta to help with your goal of 1k too!! xxx


  3. I hope you have the most amazing autumn & are able to check everything off your list come winter time. 🙂 There are so many fun things your included. A Halloween movie night sounds like such a blast & please, share the Mrs Mac’s brownies with us!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Hunida! ❤️❤️ I’m so excited for this season! Yas I deffo have to have the Halloween movie night and omg YES! I have a whole order of Mrs Macs treats coming 😂 thanks for stopping by lovely I hope you have a great Autumn too! Xxx

      Liked by 1 person

  4. That’s a long list! I eat vegan food every day! 🙂
    I plan to go to a pumpkin patch and go apple picking.
    Enjoy a vegan Thanksgiving dinner with my family.

    Happy autumn!


  5. Love your list, Jennie!! I especially love how much of this list focuses on your self-improvement, self-love, growth, and emotional mindset! I also think it’s so sweet how much your list involves time with your family. ❤ I hope you can check off each one!!


  6. Wow I’ve always wanted to go to Budapest and to winter wonderland! This list has really inspired me to do more this autumn too! Especially to eat vegan food and hot chocolate because I can think of no better idea haha

    Liked by 1 person

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