What I miss about being in a relationship, family time & a night out with the girls // Weekend Highlights

Hello my huns and welcome back to my blog. Heyyy hunnies! I don’t know why I’m feeling the need to say two hello’s at the moment, but here I am. Greeting you twice. It is what it is. Today it’s weekend highlights time, and I know I’ve said a million times how I’m going to do these every weekend (and now weekly highlights too), I really mean it this time. So weekend highlights are from Friday – Monday, and weekly highlights will be for recapping Tuesday – Thursday. YAY. I do love a reflection, and a chat.

Speaking of, I’m feeling a little chatty today. So even though this is a weekend highlights post, lemme ramble for a bit please. I miss being in a relationship. Okay, so I know myself and August Boy were technically never actually ‘boyfriend and girlfriend’, but we were as good as. And I miss that feeling. You know, chilling in bed watching funny Youtube videos / vine compilations etc. That cosiness. I’ve been watching a lot of giggly Youtube videos in bed recently, and I miss having someone to share those cosy and cute moments with. I want that now, and having been single since February I really am ready to get back into the dating scene, but I want it to be with the right person. I don’t want to rush anything, and I don’t want to be with someone for the sake of being with someone but at the same time, I AM READY. Soulmate come through please. It is cuffing season after all. I’m so ready for a relationship. But at the same time, I also want to focus on working on myself and becoming the best version of me. I want to truly fall in love with myself first, so can I just love me the most already please so I’m properly ready for a fella? I know I can work on myself whilst being in a relationship (obviously), but I feel like in order to feel confident in allowing someone to love me, I gotta love me. And that’s what I’m currently focusing on, self love and becoming my best self. I got this. And I know my Soulmate will roll up in divine timing (but can it be soon please?) hehe.

Anyway, ramble overrrrrrr… though not really because I am still craving a relationship (LOL) and it’s currently playing on my mind, I can only go on about it for so long so I may as well get back to my weekend highlights… UH, why am I so keen for a fella at the moment? I guess I’ve really just been single tooooo long… LOL.

But seriously, weekend highlights now, okay, let’s rewind to Friday.

On Friday, I went to visit my Grandparents with my mama and papa. I adore my Grandparents and I love every visit, every second I spend with them. I wish I could see them more, it’s a goal for me, and I’m thankful to already have plans to see them again next month. On the one hand, it would be great if we all lived closer because then I could see my Grandparents more but on the other hand, at least it makes visits to them extra special when we do go. So, there’s positives to both sides! I really need to pass my driving test because then I can go and visit them far more often, on my days off. Rather than only being able to go down with my parents / someone who can drive. I believe you can get a train, but obvs it would be more money savvy if I could just drive. But then again, I am a billionaire, so what does cost matter really? 😉 (You know I love an affirmation).

I had a lovely day with my Grandparents and as usual, we got pizza for lunch. We ordered Pizza Hut and I had my go to order of a cheese and tomato pizza, yum yum yum. Afterwards, we enjoyed some cakes from my fave Mrs Mac’s Sweet Treats. You know I simply adore their brownies, and I think my Grandparents enjoyed their Jammie Dodger cupcakes too, they seemed to polish them off pretty quickly!

After spending the day at my Gran and Grandad’s, I came back home and went out with the girls. This was a spontaneous night out for me, as even though the girls had been planning it for just a few days, I only decided on Thursday night that I was going to go. We went to my friends house first for pre drinks and I had my first alcoholic beverage in months, though I’m definitely not making that a habit. Though I didn’t get drunk, and I enjoyed my night, I just think alcohol is so unnecessary and such a waste of money. Sometimes it’s good to loosen up and relax, I’ve been feeling quite tense recently and there have been moments where I’ve thought a drink would do me so good, but I don’t want to turn to alcohol you know? And in the moments when I’m already having a good time (like Friday night for example), I wonder, did the alcohol actually do anything to enhance my night? Like I said, I didn’t get drunk sooo… I don’t know. All I know is, I felt like I’d wasted my money afterwards by spending it on alcohol, and that is not the one huns. I have another night out coming up, so let’s see how I get on with this one. I have some wine left at my friends house, so maybe I’ll have pre drinks, but not spend any money whilst out at the club on alcohol. That sounds like a plan to me!!! Then on my Christmas night out, I’mma go without the booze again and see how I get on. You know I really do love the sober life.

Anyway, I had a fun night with my friends, the pre drinks were a laugh, I was almost in tears at one point and the club was okay. It wasn’t fab because the music was a bit pants, but it’s like that sometimes isn’t it? That’s why I like a house party, because it’s a bit more chilled out and you can do what you wanna do. I mean, I know you can do that at the club, but there seems to be a little more going on at a house party sometimes (not necessarily a pool table though, hehe). But anyway, it was good to see my girlies, and I’m looking forward to our next adventure!

On Saturday, it was back to work for me after a week off. It was a good enough day, then afterwards it was straight back home to watch the TV and eat my leftover Pizza Hut from Friday. Yum!!!

Sunday was another working day, then afterwards I went to the pub with my Dad to watch the football. I am soo upset because Liverpool won and I really need them to not win please, because Manchester City have gottt to get that number one title in the Premier League. We need Liverpool to just, not win. (I don’t wanna say the word lose, LOL). But again, it is what it is, and hopefully the next few games, the sun will shine and everything will work in Manchester City’s favour. Yasssssss. Side note: I’ve decided on my next tattoo. A little number ‘7’ on my ankle in honour of Raheem Sterling (his shirt number is 7). Yasss. I just have to book it in! Stay tuned for pictures.

Today (Monday), I’ve had the day off, and I’ve spent it with my sister (yaaaay). We went out for a Chinese lunch which was very filling, so all I’ve had for dinner today is toast because I’m still pretty stuffed. I also tried on a bridesmaid dress for my sisters wedding today, and we had some cute sisterly time at her house which was laaaaaaaavely. I love sister time, and I’m already looking forward to more.

Right now, I’m just chilling! After writing this, I’m going to chill out with some TV, do my night routine, do my New Moon ritual, have a bath, meditate then sleep. It’s a yes from me.

I have another New York post coming soon, so stay tuned for that and until next time,
I hope you have the best week ever this week (so far, I hope every week gets better and better, hehe),

be sure to let me know what you’ve been up to over the weekend,

anddddd keep on smiling and sharing the love!!!

I’mma leave you with this little quote, because I myself am trying to become kinder sooo, for the week ahead remember toooooo “throw kindness around like confetti”, and love yourself huns!!

As always,

thank you so much for reading,

lots of love,


Ooh ps, my dress for next weekend arrived on Saturday. I’m obsessed, it’s from isawitfirst.com which my gorgeous bestie Daisy introduced me to (so shoutout to Dais), and it’s just so perfect for this time of year. ‘I’m a pumpkin… duh!’


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  1. I love this post!! Agreed I want to be in a relationship as well being single stinks, how about you and I go on a date 🤣🤣🤣🤣. Just joking anyway I just want to be with someone who I can have meaningful relationship with and gets me.

    I’m always looking to better myself, I like that attitude!

    Agreed Alcohol is pointless, it’s just fake isn’t it, it’s a fake sensation. Opening up with people and expressing love is the way to go.

    Btw you look lovely in that dress!

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  2. I laughed at cuffing season because my friend and I were just talking about that. I can completely relate to wanting to be in a relationship. Despite being positive and realistic it can still be hard sometimes when everyone s a couple. BUT the right person WILL come along both for you and me! And girl ramble away! Sometimes we have to and you are being the utmost authentic and real when you do ❤ Awe I love hat you spent your day with your grandparents! And good for you with the no alcohol! It is crazy but having just gone to New York and comparing the drinking culture there to my hometown it is insane how different the mindsets are, and I think that is what makes the real difference when drinking. What is the intention behind it.
    Ahhh I LOVE your new tattoo idea and can not wait to see it! I also LOVE your dress! I am glad you ad a great weekend and I hope this week is going fabulously for you sweets! SO much love to you! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha omg amazing!! 😂 well Autumn / Winter is cuffing season, LOL!! Totally, especially when you see couples having fun and being all cute etc, I want that haha but yes Queen, our perfect partner is out there for both of us!!! All in perfect timing, we both have that to look forward too 😍😍😍😍 exciting times! Aww thank you so much Kate, your comments always make my day ❤️❤️❤️ It was so lovely to spend time with my Gran and Grandad! ❤️ Yes so true about the intention! It’s funny isn’t it! Hehe thanks so much hun, as soon as I get it done I’ll be sharing pics! Omg thanks so much hun, I can’t wait to wear it!! Thanks sooo much lovely and for you too! All the love ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


  3. It sounds like you had a lovely weekend hun! Definitely understand how you feel about being in a relationship… I’m in one now and while I LOVED being single, there’s definitely a nice level of comfort that comes from having a designated person. That said though, one day you’re gonna meet your perfect person and realise that “I’m stuck with this one for life” and as great as that will be… you’ll probably sometimes miss being independent and free so you might as well enjoy it while you can ❤❤


    1. Thank you hun, I did! Yes, agreed! It’s a nice feeling to have a ‘partner’ essentially! Exactly! There are pros and cons to both being single and in a relationship, right now I’m single so I might as well make the most of it! Thank youuu for your sweet comment hun, I hope you’re enjoying your week! Xx


  4. Mmmm, I’m not particularly looking for a relationship but everything you described is what I do miss about having a boyfriend, sighh! When the time is right and the person is right, I hope you’ll be with the best person! It’s one of those things you just can’t really turn off so the best you can do right now is grow and manifest things that will better yourself right now. hehe!
    Yesss, good luck with getting your license, all the new doors it will unlock!
    HAHAHA your not wanting to say lose made me laugh!
    Ooof, I’m curious to see what font your 7 will be in!
    Omg, your sister is getting married that is so exciting!!! When isit? What’s a new moon ritual?
    This weekend I went mountain and waterfall climbing and it was an amazing experience!
    You are so sweet and adorable, the way you shared your highlights was just bursting with joy and energy and I am LIVING for that!
    Have a nice week ahead okay? 😊

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    1. Yas!! Perfect hun! I just gotta focus on myself, and allow the right person to come into my life in divine timing. There’s no point rushing anything for the sake of being in a relationship. Thank you angel ❤️

      Thank you hun!! I really gotta do it!

      Well I didn’t want to say lose, it’s too negative but the good news is Liverpool drew their match last night which means they didn’t get as many points so Man City are totally getting that title back hehe 😉

      I haven’t even thought about font! Let me have a look for some ideas now hehe!

      Thanks hun! She’s getting married next year, I’m so excited 😍😍😍 will be such a wonderful day and I am so happy for her!

      So for my new moon ritual I write a gratitude list and then make a manifestation page, of all the things I want the new moon to bring me! Let me leave a link at the bottom of this comment to send you some ritual ideas etc!!

      Omg wow what an incredible weekend hun! That activity sounds so much fun omg!!! Wowowoww!! What an adventure! I’m so glad you had a great time lovely!!!

      Aw thank you so much hun!!!!!! Love your sweet comment hehe ❤️❤️ And YOU TOO!!! Thanks for commenting lovely, hope you’re well ❤️❤️❤️


  5. Hi sweet Jennie!! I get that you feel like that. I think your guy will come in time. He’s just a bit delayed. I do love that you’re aware and not rushing into anything just for the sake of being with someone (some people do that 😨). But you WILL find someone you are head over heels for and they will make you feel so so loved!
    I am in a relationship right now because I’m married haha. Also I’m a mom, so there are times when I miss being a bit independent, so definitely enjoy your time while you’re single. Lol.
    On the other hand, as I’ve said to you many times, when you find the right person you’ll know right away. And being with the right person also allows you to grow in different ways, so dont think you have to better yourself completely before your next relationship. Some work on ourselves takes time and we also need other people to help us become better versions of ourselves. 🧡
    I feel like I did say what I wanted to say and at the same time I didnt. Either way I hope you get something out of that haha.

    How great to spend time with grandparents! I only have one grandpa now and I only met him a few times because he lives in Mexico. My mom is currently here and she calls him every day, I think its sweet.. when my parents get older I will be sure to do the same, wherever they are. 🤗
    Good for you for not getting drunk! And, yes alcohol is expensive, or should I say overpriced? At clubs lol. I actually havent been to a club in many years I dont miss it haha. People make you feel like you need alcohol to have fun but it does seem very wasteful. I just tried to go the whole month without alcohol but I made it to my bday so I guess I missed a few days towards the end but I’m very proud of myself for doing SoberOctober for as long as I did lol. I do have a specific wine at home just to relax when I’m here. Havent gotten drunk in a long time…again, I dont miss it lol.
    Whoa you work weekends?? I hadnt realized.
    I love how cute you are, you want Liverpool to not win lololol.
    A tattoo sounds so nice, I still have never gotten one yet only because I cannot decide on what I want first lol. I cannot wait to see how your tattoo looks when it’s done.
    Sorry if you’ve mentioned it before, but when does your sister get married?? It is coming up really soon?
    Also love that dress on you!


  6. Ahhh I freaking adore your writing, it feels like I am catching up with a friend. Before I met Harry I felt the exact same, I missed even the little things like late night drive thrus to mcdonalds or food shopping. But you will find someone honey, all things happens for a reason! Also that dress looks SO amazing on you!!! xxxx


  7. Hi Jennie!! I’m sorry you are longing for a relationship at the moment, it makes so much sense right now because like you said, it is cuffing season. It seems everyone is in one or starting one but don’t worry, your prince is on his way. Maybe it will be a summer romance instead. 😊

    You’ve helped me appreciate the little moments with boyfriend more, like giggling at YT videos together in bed. I never really thought of it as one of our “cute” moments but, it does mean a lot to me & I need to remember to appreciate him, & us in general, more. So thank you for that!! 💗

    Go you for not having a drink in so long!! It’s totally okay to have one once in awhile or during a night out but hey, my drinking is a bit out of control so I’m not sure what a good limit is. 😂 I wish I could be booze-free & still be outgoing & friendly. For me, it’s hard to get to that point without it.

    It sounds like you had such a lovely time with your girlies though! & spending time with your family is always special, too. 💗 Thanks for sharing, Jennie! Can’t wait to read more of your future Highlights posts.


    1. Hey beautiful!! Yeah, and I think because it’s been quite a while now since I’ve become single I’m definitely craving the cosiness of a relationship! Yeah there’s no rush to be in a relationship, I know the right guy will come along for me at the right time. Thanks so much hun! ❤️❤️❤️

      That is sooo cute! Yeah, I think it’s one of those things you don’t always realise is so special, but now I don’t have it at the moment I miss it so much. I’m definitely looking forward to being in a relationship and having that affection again!! I’m glad I’ve served as a little reminder for you to appreciate the little things with boyfriend!!! So grateful for you and you are so welcome!

      Hehe thanks hun! Yes I totally agree, I have been drinking a little more recently, but just trying to keep in control and know my limits! I think as long as I just keep to a couple of drinks every now and then, I’ll be happy! Aww beauty, well as long as you’re happy that’s all that matters! You know what works and what’s right for you ❤️

      Hehe thanks hun! It was a good laugh definitely, especially the pre drinks! I so agree, family time means everything to me ❤️

      Thanks so much for commenting lovely! So much love to you have the best week beauty! ❤️❤️❤️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Gosh, the man who gets to be yours is so lucky. ❤ You will find the best kind of love, I already know it, because you deserve it!

        You really do serve as reminder for me to be more appreciative of boyfriend, not just in this post but many times in the past, too. ❤ Seriously, cannot thank you enough for that. I forget way too often.

        You are right, staying in control & knowing your limits is the most important part about drinking. 🙂

        Hope you have the best week, too, babe!!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Awww Hunida you have just made my day and literally inspired me sooo much omg!!! Thank you so much angel ❤ so so much love to you!

        Awww I am so glad and you are the best ❤ Sometimes it's easy to forget, but I'm totally sure he knows just how much you love and appreciate him, and he is so very lucky to have you!!!!

        Absolutely!!! Drink awareness hehe, there's nothing wrong with alcohol in moderation, as long as we are staying safe too ❤

        Thank you gorgeous ❤


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