Little Mix Live, Vegan Food and other weekly ramblings weekly highlights

Hey angels. Welcome back to my blog and happy November. It’s now officially two months until the roaring twenties 😉 I am ready! I should probably get reading The Great Gatsby once the New Year rolls around. Has anyone read it?

Today it’s weekly highlights time, which as you will know if you read my previous post, I will be doing every single week recapping Tuesday morning to Thursday evening. Obvs it’s Saturday today but it is what it is, I had a late night on Thursday and a busy day yesterday soooo we’re recapping the whole week from Tuesday morning up until today this time. So without further ado let’s throw it back to Tuesday.

On Tuesday, I had work, it was a good day and I received some positive feedback, so can I please get a hip hip hooray? Yasss! Thanks huns! After work I went home and grabbed a bite to eat (a veggie burger to be precise), then headed off to Soul Alignment. You can read more about my experiences with Soul Alignment here and here, but for a brief description, Soul Alignment is a monthly session I attend with a group of like minded souls where we discuss all things Spiritual and of course, Soul Alignment. I LOVE IT! This months session was around the topic of relationships, a favourite subject of mine, and this time one of my best friends Hannah came with me. Throughout this session I was feeling really giddy and excited to be alive, I was feeling pretty ‘sparkly’, which is always a nice way to feel and because of this, I suggested to Hannah that we go to the pub afterwards and she agreed, so we ended up hanging out at one of my locals for a little while.


Guys, I know I said in my last weekend highlights that I preferred the sober life (still true), but your girl ended up drinking again on Tuesday night. OOPS. Lol. It’s because I was feeling sparkly, I wanted to have a little adventure and apparently, that adventure was 4 shots of Sambuca in the space of an hour. Believe it or not, I actually didn’t end up drunk, just a little tipsy, so thankfully there was no beer fear for me the next day 😉 however, I still prefer being a sober Sally so I think it’s back to the non alcoholic beverages for me from now on! I still have some wine left at my friends house from last weekend, so maybe I’ll finish that off next time I’m at hers for pre drinks because it’d be a waste otherwise, but other than that, I’mma take it easy and stick to water. It’s so much cheaper that way too, hehe.

Anyway, Tuesday was a fun, spontaneous little night and it’s given me a real zest for more adventure, I’m looking forward to all the fun that’s to come.

On Wednesday, I woke up around 5ish and couldn’t properly get back to sleep, I had work so I was pretty tired and although I was supposed to be pumpkin carving on Wednesday evening with my parents, I was simply toooo tired. So, we missed out on that tradition this year but there’s always 2020 so, I’m not too fussed about it. Besides, I was just so tired there’s no way I’d have enjoyed myself. Instead, I chilled at home with my parents, watched some TV then went to bed. I actually had a really nice evening just staying in doing nothing. Though my Dad fell asleep on the sofa (bless him), Mum and I got on really well and I fully enjoyed my time just chilling with her. I got to shower her with love and appreciate spending quality time with her and it actually turned out perfectly, because I really enjoyed my time with my Mama. Dad, if you could stay awake next time please that would be great, hehe!

Thursday was such a fun day! I had a very productive morning. I had a long overdue clean of my bathroom, exercised and did my morning routine. I do love my morning routine, I want to get more and more into it and become even more Spiritual with it. I like journaling in the morning first thing when I wake up, so that’s something I for sure want to do more of and prioritise each morning when I wake up. I got this!


Anyway, after my productive morning, I headed off to meet my best friend Emily as we had tickets to see Little Mix in concert! Exciting! We took the train to London, and had a stroll around the o2, browsing some of the shops before the concert started. I actually ended up purchasing a few little bits from a beauty outlet store including a couple of nail polishes, some false lashes (for all the fun nights out I have coming up), and some nipple covers because some outfits just DON’T go with a bra! Here’s a picture of my nails painted with one of the shades I purchased, I thought this colour would go perfectly with my sparkly orange dress I bought recently. What do ya think?

After browsing the shops, we still had some time left before Little Mix were due on stage so we grabbed some food at a vegan fast food restaurant called ‘by Chloe’. We’d already decided we wanted to eat here before, so I was very much looking forward to my meal.

For my dinner, I had a vegan (obvs) mac and cheese with shiitake bacon and some fries. The mac and cheese was soo nice, it tasted quite smoky and was very filling. I ordered a large but next time I think I’d have to get a regular because it was just too much for me. The fries were okay, nothing spectacular really, just your average chip, but I enjoyed having them to break up the taste of the mac and cheese (I’d get bored otherwise, also, I love chips). Emily was given a free vegan chocolate cupcake because she’d had to wait ages for her meal, so we ended up sharing that and oh my it was delicious! It’s by far the best vegan cake I have ever had, I’d rate it a strong 10 out of 10 and I am seriously craving another one right now. It was perfection. It gives me faith too that when I eventually go vegan, there are still gonna be these delicious goodies out there for me to eat. Yay!!!!! Of course coming up is a picture of all the food I ate, including the cake, so be prepared for your mouth to start watering, hehe.

Once we’d eaten, we still had some time left before Little Mix were performing so we chilled in the o2 blue lounge for a while until it was finally time to see the Queens perform. What can I say? This concert was easily one of the best I have ever been to. I’d never seen Little Mix live before but it’s always been on my bucket list to see them, and they were phenomenal. The show was empowering and beautiful, I felt very emotional at certain points, at the beginning especially with all the female empowerment, and when they performed ‘The Cure’. This song really gets me as the lyrics are sooo… moving. It’s a song I can relate to, and one that just really reaches my soul. It’s inspiring, but also a reminder that no matter what I’ve been through, I’ve gotten through it- ‘I was a little bit lost, but I’m not anymore

I was a little bit hurt, but I’m not anymore

I was a little left out, but I’m not anymore

‘Cause the tears fell down, but they don’t anymore

I was a little messed up, but I’m not anymore

I was a little left out, but I’m not anymore

I was a little far gone, but I’m not anymore

It’s alright now, baby I’ve got the cure’.

So moving!!!!!!!! I freakin’ love this song. Also, they dedicated Secret Love Song to the LGBTQ+ community which I think is so beautiful, and they had their little platform lit up with rainbow colours. Gosh these girls are actual Angels sent from above, they are such beautiful, inspiring, kind, loving, motivating women and even though I don’t know them, I feel so proud of them for the show they performed on Thursday, and every single accomplishment they make. They are truly wonderful people who spread so much love and joy, and I really have to thank them for bringing joy to me on Thursday evening. Thank you Little Mix!

Little Mix put on an epic show, and my favourite performances of theirs have to have been Wasabi, Joan of Arc and Told You So (they looked like princesses in their outfits for this song), I danced allll night, developed a sore throat due to too much singing and screaming (worth it) and generally just had such a fun time with my bestie, it was wonderful to see her having such a great time and enjoying herself too. I am so looking forward to more adventures with Emily and of course with all of my friends, family and loved ones. Roll on the next adventure!

Yesterday (Friday) was a biiiit of a meh day. I had work, then stayed in for the evening! Nothing special, however it was world vegan day so I ate vegan all day which you know I love, and I have a post all about that coming later so, I won’t ramble on too much about it here. However, I did have an amazing vegan chocolate bar from Tescos which I have to gush about. It completely hit the spot! Last year I had a vegan chocolate bar for world vegan day and it was not the one, but this one was genuinely satisfying and really felt like I was eating a proper chocolate bar. 10/10 I would definitely recommend and I’m a million percent going to be purchasing this again. I can’t wait!


So now, I’m currently sat chilling on my break at work. I have plans tonight and tomorrow of course, but I’ll make sure to fill you in on those as soon as I do my weekend highlights on Monday. Exciting!

What have you guys been up to this week? What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to? Do you have any fun plans for this weekend? Be sure to let me know in the comments below. Whatever you get up to, I hope you have a beautiful weekend, stay safe, stay loving and make the most of every second.

Love you,

thank you for reading,



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  1. Love reading your updates! I am glad you had such a great week I love Little Mix and I am so happy you got to see them! I bet they are incredible in concert! That Vegan restaurant looked SO yummy! And girl I LOVED your outfits! You rocked that orange number! I hope your weekend and coming week are amazing! ❤


  2. Yay for positive feedback!! I’m not surprised one bit- you are amazing and I’m sure that translates into your work life too 🙂 I am loving that sparkly dress and nail color! Soooo fabulous!! And yes- they go together perfectly! All this vegan food is making me hungry- it looks just tremendous. Thank you for sharing, Jennie! I have missed your blog and glad I had a couple moments to pop in ❤


  3. I’ve read the Great Gatsby! Think we talked about this too lol.
    Awh I think a drink or two is good every once in a while. Just dont abuse it. One of the reasons I dont like hanging out with my cousin and her friends because they like to get effed up and they start acting crazy and that’s just not my scene. I’d like to chill with you because I just get a little tipsy and I’m good for the rest of the night lol
    I’m so glad you told me about Little Mix because I wouldn’t know who you were talking about. I still havent listened to their music though sorry lol. And I loooove that dress! When I saw it on IG I was like 🔥🔥🔥🔥
    Looks super good on you and I love that you matched your nails to hour dress.
    I need to find an all vegan restaurant here I dont think we have many which is odd. Considering we have so many vegans here in Portland lol. On the bright side, loads of places have a few vegan/vegetarian dishes/meals.
    I’m so glad you enjoyed the concert, I love going to shows to see some of my favorite musicians because the vibe is so loving and everything is into it and dancing together I love it. Lol.
    I hope you have a great weekend love!


  4. It sounds like youve had such an amazing week, I can only imagine how freaking amazing Little Mix was live, they are so fierce and powerful women!! Also your outfits are always so so killer. Thank you for sharing honey xxx


  5. Hi Jennie!! I actually did read the Great Gatsby for High School but, I didn’t really like it or understand it lol. I dooo love the Roaring 20s fashion so much though!

    Hip hip hooray for your positive feedback at work! Yay! 😁 Soul Alignment sounds amazing & I love how you described how you felt as ‘sparkly.’ If you drink when you’re already happy & not to “escape” I truly don’t see any harm in it!

    I LOVE your black pants in the mirror pic & the new nail polish is perfect for your dress– which you also look amazing in!!

    The mac & cheese looks & sounds delish! I’ve noticed with vegan foods that sweets are usually better/more similar than savory dishes. I would love to try the cupcake & Tescos vegan choco bar!

    So glad you had such a wonderful time seeing Little Mix! Thanks for sharing with us! 💖


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