World Vegan Day 2019 What I Eat In A Day

Hello my angels and welcome back to my blog. Thank you all so much for joining me today for my World Vegan Day post, hehe.

As some of you may or may not know, Friday the 1st November was World Vegan Day. And as I’m sure you may know if you regularly read my blog, I absolutely adore eating vegan. I’ve been vegetarian officially since around March this year, meaning it’s not even been a full year yet, and though I love eating plant based, I’m definitely not a vegan just yet. However I simply love eating vegan food, and I’m trying to transition gradually into a more plant based lifestyle. A lot of the food I eat now is actually vegan rather than just vegetarian, but I still do consume a lot of dairy as I am a total chocoholic and I do love a bit of cheese here and there whether that be on pizza or with pasta.

I am gradually incorporating more and more vegan food into my diet and making changes in as many places as possible. I now focus on having fully vegan breakfasts using vegan milk rather than dairy with my cereal, I buy vegan pasta sauces and I often opt for the vegan option when eating out at restaurants. You can read more about some of my vegan dining experiences here and here.

The reason why I love eating more plant based is because it makes my mind feel so fresh and clear, whenever I solely consume vegan food my mind feels so much better for it. Of course, being a lover of animals is also a major reason as to why I prefer choosing vegan meals, and why I eat vegetarian. It’s my way of showing respect to Mother Earth’s babies, and treating all beings with love, kindness and compassion.

We can only do our best to make this world a better place, and for me, eating vegetarian and limiting / cutting down on the animal based products I consume is how I like to do my bit, and show my respect to the animals I love so much.

Side note: I understand the vegan / veggie lifestyle isn’t for everyone, I’m all for you doing you so please remember, I love you no matter whether you eat meat or not, hehe! I don’t want anybody to take offence to this! ❤️

Back to the topic of conversation, I love eating vegan, and based on the fact world vegan day took place on Friday, naturally, I knew I had to celebrate by eating vegan all day long. I did this last year also, but having been vegetarian for a good few months now I definitely preferred this years world vegan day because I was able to enjoy much yummier meals, based on the fact I now have a lot more experience with vegan food. Last years meals were so boring, but this years were fab. So, without further ado, let me share with you the meals I ate on World Vegan Day. Enjoy!


Choco Chimps cereal with Coconut Milk

A vegan chocolate cereal? This is all I need from life. I adore starting off my day with a refreshing bowl of cereal, so much so that sometimes I’m a little sad when I have breakfast plans because it means I miss out on my cereals for breakfast that day, and chocolate cereals are simply my fave. For a while, these Choco Chimps have been my go to breakfast cereal since I found them in Tesco whilst looking for a substitute for my coco pops and honestly, they fully hit the spot. They satisfy my breakfast needs in the morning, and I’m sure they are going to be a staple in my diet for a very long time. Also, I’ve been having vegan milk with my cereal for months now because why have dairy when I can have plant based? This coconut milk is my favourite. 10 out of 10 breakfast (except maybe not the most nutritional LOL), I would definitely recommend.


Lentil Cottage Pie With Sweet Potato Mash


I’ve had one of these before except it was vegetarian, not vegan, however as you can see this one is 100% vegan. It wasn’t my favourite meal of the day because I didn’t absolutely love the taste, but it was okay and I would have it again for a quick and easy lunch, but next time I’d definitely add some sweetcorn and grated carrot for even more veggie goodness. If you like your veggie flavouring I think you’d enjoy this dish, so I’m going to give it a strong 7 out of 10. But if you’re not a fan of veggies, then this probably isn’t the lunch for you.


Plant Chef Butternut Cauli Mac


Oh my goodness, I love mac and cheese and this 100% plant based version from the Plant Chef range 100% hit the spot. I would get this over and over again, it was so yummy and the best vegan mac and cheese I’ve had, it tastes the most similar to a proper dairy mac and cheese out of all the ones I’ve tried. Usually, I would add sweetcorn, tomato sauce, onion and garlic to my mac and cheese but for some bizarre reason I actually forgot to this time (HOW?), soo I just had the ready meal on its own but I’d still easily give this dish a 10 out of 10 based on the fact it tastes so good, and is the best vegan version of mac and cheese I’ve tried. Well done Plant Chef, I am so excited to get this meal again (and have it with my usual added mix of the sauce, veggies, garlic and onion, all of which are vegan too, yay).


As per usual, I had my daily banana on world vegan day. Banana is my go to fruit for whatever reason and I tend to have one every single day. I’m thinking of adding two bananas to my diet from now onwards, as my favourite Youtuber Leeor Alexandra actually mentioned something about eating more bananas (see her twitter, lol) so maybe I’m just going to be a basic copycat here and add more bananas into my diet too, we shall see but anyway, I do enjoy a banana on the daily so naturally, I had to have one of these on world vegan day too.


also had the most epic vegan chocolate bar, which I mentioned in my recent weekly highlights post and what can I say? 10 out of 10. I bought this vegan chocolate bar from Tescos and it was so fulfilling, it felt like I was genuinely eating a proper chocolate bar, not just a substitute. I know I could definitely have this again and be absolutely buzzing because it definitely hits the spot, satisfies my chocaholic heart and is perfect because it’s vegan. Oh Tescos, you’ve done so good with this one. 10 out of 10!!!!!! I can not wait to buy more!


I had some wonderful, yummy meals on this years world vegan day and I am so excited to go forward and add more and more vegan dishes to my diet. I’ve decided that from now on, I’m going to have one full vegan day a week and I’m going to aim to do this every Friday, however it may vary some weeks based on whatever plans I may have. One week, it may be easier for me to eat vegan on a Thursday for example. But whatever I do, I am definitely going to have at least one full vegan day a week, and I’m so excited. YAY! I love a vegan diet! ❤️❤️❤️

Did you do anything to celebrate world vegan day this year? What’s your favourite vegan meal? Do you have any vegan recommendations for me (Dannii I’m looking at you here, hehe)? Let me know in the comments below.

As always thank you so much for reading,

With all my love,



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  1. LOVE this! Some of my favorite restaurants in NY were vegetarian/vegan. (the butcher’s daughter, Blossom, Candle 79, Peacefood Cafe and now this is making me hungry!)) I was vegetarian for 10 years, unfortunately due to health issues (super susceptible to anemia) I had to start eating meat again, though I still do not cook meat at home, and I do love eating vegetarian/vegan a few times a week. I also try not to put dairy in my coffee (currently drinking a soy chai:) That cereal looks SO good and I love that it is gluten free! Now I need go eat! :p ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Eeek thank you beauty!! Hehe omg I only heard of the butchers daughter and I never got round to visiting last time, now these are all definitely going on my list!! Omg wow that’s amazing you were veggie for 10 years hun, I had no idea! Aww bless you angel, you gotta do what keeps you healthy for sure!! Ooh love that hun! It’s the little things that make the big difference anyway ❤️ Omg it’s so yummy and yasss, hope you ate something scrumptious after this Kate! Thank you for stopping by, love ya ❤️


  2. Wow, you have a lot of pre-made vegan options!!! That’s what I love about the UK, they are so vegan friendly! In asia, its still a pretty hard thing to find! I actually recently transitioned to being a vegetarian/vegan though I’m still trying to adapt. Do you have any advice for a newbie?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes we do omg! We’re very lucky!! I agree, I haven’t been to Asia yet buuut when I went to America, I was surprised to find McDonalds didn’t even have a veggie option! What!!!? Ah yay well done hun! That’s so exciting!

      My advice would be check the ingredients of everything!! I was still eating a lot of food unaware that it wasn’t even vegetarian. For example I’d eat pesto assuming it was veggie, but actually it wasn’t because it had rennet it. So now I check the ingredients of everything and ensure it says veggie / vegan or 100% plant based.

      Not necessarily a tip I follow because I eat what I want pretty much but ensure you’re getting the right nutrients / enough of what you need etc. I’ve heard chickpeas are quite good. Google vegan recipes and when you go out for dinner try and opt for the vegan option if they have any, then you can get some ideas for home cooking. Alsoooo maybe join some vegan facebook groups from your area. I joined one near me and the group shares amazing vegan finds etc etc! Hope this helps xxx


  3. Yay! The cereal looks yummy😍 I do love a choccy cereal but realistically I just eat porridge everyday as it makes me feel good😂 Plant Chef is great. The mushroom pizza and coleslaw from them😍😍 x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omg it’s so good haha! I have never had porridge, I definitely want to try it! Ooh amazing- I literally don’t even know if i like mushrooms or pizza so I’m a bit apprehensive to try that one, but we shall see 😂😂 thanks for commenting hun! X

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  4. I love that you’re changing your diet and that you feel so much better with a vegan diet. I havent cut out all meats, I still eat chicken and Turkey and the occasional burger but I’ve cut it out a lot that even my husband has joined me in not eating as much meat. I’m so proud of him but I’m not pushing him either lol.
    Anyway those choco chimps cereal are amazing I looooove them so much lol. I dont know why but I’m not a fan of coconut milk, so I use rice milk instead as I find almond milk too sweet for cereal lol
    Ooooh lunch and dinner look so so good especially the cauliflower mac!!
    That chocolate bar looks really good I’ve had a vegan bar like that once but I cant remember the name! 😭
    I love that you did this by the way!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much honey! I’m looking forward to going forward and focusing more and more on vegan meals etc, and also eating more veggies and fruit!
      Ah wow that’s amazing hun! Yeah, you don’t need to push him, it’s wonderful that he’s doing that off his own accord anyway! How fantastic 😍😍😍 well done to both of you ❤️
      Aren’t they hahaha omg they are so yum!! Mine have run out now I need to get some more! Oooh I have not had rice milk yet! I’m going to have to try it, thank you for the recommendation 😍😍😍
      The mac was incredible! 10/10 I’ll definitely be getting it again 😀
      Omg really? How amazing! The chocolate bar is so good I just ate one now actually hehe!
      Thanks so much hun and thank you for commenting beauty! Hope you’re having a wonderful week angel, thanks for stopping by ❤️❤️❤️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yeah you definitely tend to feel better when you eat healthier. I know I do.
        Let me know if you do ever get to try rice milk I’d like to know if you like it because I know people usually go for almond milk lol
        Thank you, I hope your weekend was wonderful! 🖤🖤 and I also hope this new week is also pretty great for you!


  5. Ooo, go you for saving the animals. ♡ I love that, Jennie. I wish I had the self-control to do the same. 😛 I’ve seen those Choco Chimps at the store, I’ll have to buy them next time. Right now, we have Mom’s Best Safari Cocoa Crunch & they are also vegan & delicious. I tried a frozen vegan cauli mac, too, but a different brand… it was actually fantastic! I so wish we had a Tescos here!


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