Vegan Rambles, Good Times With The Girls, Family Time and Pizza Hut Weekend Highlights

Hello my loves and welcome back to my blog. Let’s celebrate because it’s finally weekend highlights time once again… Eek! I love my weekend and weekly highlights posts, and I’m so excited with it being a new month and all to do more of these, and going into the New Year, to share them consistently.

My weekend last week started on Friday evening as soon as I finished work, as I had plans to see two of my fave girlies Emily and Hazel for a night of pub drinks, karaoke and clubbing. I got a cab to the venue, and can you believe that on my journey the taxi bashed into a bus?!? It was like a very minor crash, hence why I said bash not crash so as not to alarm anybody hehe because everything was fine except for some of the glass breaking on the cab drivers car. He had a few words with the bus driver, but the bus driver claims it was the taxi drivers fault. All the time I was just sitting in the back of my taxi like… ‘Shall I walk?’ LOL. I just wanted to get to my destination and it turns out, I was only round the corner anyway. I really could have just got out and walked. But can you believe this guy still charged me for the cab ride? My friends said I shouldn’t have had to pay because of what happened, and the inconvenience etc but never mind, what’s done is done. The main thing is we are all safe, so I give thanks to the Universe for that, because ultimately that’s what’s important.

Anyway, once I finally arrived at the pub I met up with my girlies and got the drinks in. We sat and talked for a bit, then moved on to play some pool which was really fun. I love a game of pool, and I like to think my skills are improving with each game… well, practice makes perfect after all.


After a few games of pool, it was karaoke time and Hazel and I did a duet, performing a rendition of the hit song ‘Rhinestone Cowboy’ by Glen Campbell. Can you believe the most recent song they seemed to have on their karaoke machine / set list is Miley Cyrus’ ‘7 Things’?!? Hazel and I were going to sing this also, however in the end we didn’t have enough time and decided to head to the club instead. There’s always next time for more karaoke!

Emily ended up not coming clubbing with us on Friday, though she still however did give myself and Hazel a lift there which was really sweet of her, and I am so grateful to her for dropping us off, what a hun! I also spied when we got in her car the most awesome shoes I have ever seen, which were the shoes she was going to wear if she’d decided to come into the club. They were so awesome, they’re gonna look so cool whenever she does decide to wear them! For reference, I’ll post a picture of a similar pair of shoes below, but the actual pair are no longer featured on nastygal’s website (where she bought them from). I’ll link the similar pair below too, and Emily has offered to take a picture of the actual shoes later on which I’ll share in my next weekly highlights! 


Photo credit: Nastygal, click here to view / purchase the shoes if ya fancy.

Hazel and I enjoyed a good couple of hours together at the club, we had fun dancing and living our best lives. I felt great, present, and happy, enjoying myself to the fullest. I had a wonderful time with Hazel at the club, and a great, positive, fun evening with both Emily and Hazel at the pub. Thank you girlies!

On Saturday, I had work, though I lasted all of about two hours because I was feeling poorly so I went home. I’d been feeling rough for most of last week after having my flu jab (Boo), and on Saturday I knew I just couldn’t last the day at work. I went home and hoped to relax playing The Sims 4 but apparently because I haven’t played it in so long it needed some kind of update soooo… I couldn’t play it because the update pretty much took all evening. LOL. Oh well, I relaxed anyway, and then in the evening my parents and I put on the film ‘Great Expectations’ so we watched that and then I went to bed. I was ready for a good nights sleep.

On Sunday, I was supposed to be attending my sisters baby shower (eek), but because I still wasn’t feeling 100%, I couldn’t go. I do have very exciting news though, so even though my sisters baby shower was on Sunday, her boy is actually already here!!!!!! How wonderful is that? She gave birth just over a couple of weeks ago, and my nephew is so beautiful and precious, I really am so grateful to be his Auntie and I feel abundantly blessed to now have two wonderful nieces and two wonderful nephews who fill my heart with all the love and joy, and who pretty much make my life. Thank you babies!!! ❤️ And of course a big congratulations to my sister and her fiancée. I love you all so much! 

Although I couldn’t attend my sister and her fiancées baby shower, I still had a lovely day. I woke up in the morning and spent around 3 hours (LOL) doing my morning routine, as I meditated, made a gratitude and affirmations list, set my December goals, manifestations and intentions, read some of my current favourite book which I highly recommend: ‘You are a Badass’ by Jen Sincero, had a little workout and took life at my own pace. It felt great. I love my morning routine, and I aim to do it as much and as best as possible every single day because it truly feels so good. A good morning routine can really set you up for the day, ensuring all is well with the world! I love it!!!


After my extensive 3 hour morning routine which basically took me into the afternoon too (LOL), my Dad and I went to the pub as guess what?!? He couldn’t attend the baby shower either, oops! He was a little under the weather too, so us two huns decided to go to the pub to watch the football and play pool, meaning thankfully we got some quality time together and we had a lot of fun. The football was not what I was hoping for though as I really needed Everton to win for the sake of Manchester City’s position in the League and for a while they were one nil up, but then Leicester swooped in and scored not one but two goals so now Man City are third in the League but you know where they need to be? First, they need to be first in the league. But it’s okay, we still got time so I know they’ll be back at it in first place again soon. I believe in my team, always! And despite the football result, I still had a fantastic day spent with my Dad, and it was wonderful to enjoy quality time with him! Thank you Daddy!


For the rest of Sunday evening, my Dad and I went back home where we of course spent the rest of our night with my Mama. She filled us in on all the wonderful baby shower deets, and we decided being that it was the 1st of December and all that, we would watch a Christmas film. We opted for ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’, which we tried to watch last year but couldn’t get into, but this year oh wow. It’s a big ol’ yes from me!!! What a fantastic, heart warming, special, love inspiring film. I highly recommend ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’, this film serves as a great reminder of how special this gift of life is, and a wonderful reminder of how precious YOU are. If you haven’t seen it yet, I definitely recommend! It’s a long film, being that it’s around 2.5 hours long but it is so worth it, just make sure you start it early on in the evening if you don’t like staying up too late (or just watch whenever the time suits you, haha)!

I am so happy my parents and I decided to watch ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ together and I am looking forward to more Christmas movie nights soon. Bring it on!!

On Monday, I was back at work and it went pretty quickly, so we have a happy girlie here. In the evening I met up with two of my best friends, Emily and Hannah and we went to Pizza Hut for dinner. As I mentioned in my previous blog post, I have decided to commit to a vegan lifestyle as much as possible, which although I have said before I love eating vegan, on Monday I definitely felt a struggle with this decision. At a time when everyone’s enjoying Christmas chocolates, sweets and festive treats, it can feel a little sad and almost like I’m missing out because I can’t necessarily share in that as the treats aren’t vegan but it’s okay, I’m committing to being vegan as much as I possibly can and I’m not going to give up because of some Christmas chocolates. There may be times on holiday or on special occasions for example (like my sisters wedding), where I eat vegetarian and not vegan, however I am going to do my best to focus on a plant based diet and live by that rule as much as possible, but still relax myself a little on special occasions and just eat veggie, we’ll see, I can only go with the flow and do my best, but I trust myself and the Universe. I know it is all perfect. 

Anyway, vegan ramble over, the point of that digression is because yes, I went to Pizza Hut last night, and I did feel a little sad and conflicted because the vegetarian menu excited me so much… but there wasn’t enough vegan options for me to really get excited by! Even so, I didn’t give in. I committed to myself and my goals and chose the vegan options, trying their ‘vegan southern fried nuggets’, and choosing the vegan veggie pizza (just swapping the cheese out for a vegan alternative).

The nuggets were a straight up 0 out of 10, but the pizza was a strong 7 out of 10, so we can take that. I would get the pizza again however I didn’t love the texture of the cheese too much, it was just a little bit gooey but still, I could definitely eat this again. So yes, if you’re looking for a good vegan pizza, I recommend Pizza Hut.

After dining with the girls, we were going to go for a game of mini golf however when we got there, we were all asked to see ID! I thought ‘whaaat? It’s mini golf’ but apparently because they have a bar in there, they need to ID people after a certain time. I didn’t have my ID with me, because I don’t always carry it unless I know I’m going to need it (if I’m going out clubbing for example). So, we couldn’t play our innocent game of mini golf in the end, however we have rescheduled for another day so at least we have this to look forward to. See, all’s well that ends well. We just have another opportunity for an adventure. Yay!

Which brings me to today… after being turned away from mini golf, it was home time so I washed my hair and went to sleep. Now, I’m just chilling, looking forward to and ready for all the magical adventures this week will bring. I’m so excited!!!

How was your weekend? What were your weekend highlights? What’s your favourite type of pizza? Be sure to let me know all your thoughts in the comments below.

As always thank you so much for reading,

With all my love and light,



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  1. Nice, sounds like you had a great weekend! My weekend was pretty boring tbh, but I’m looking forward to next week cause there’s a heavyweight boxing match (I saw the poster in your photos😊)and I’m going to be watching that with my brother, excited for that match! I been really liking my medidation, I medidate regularly and it’s been good for me. Every morning I write five things that I’m going to look forward for that day, makes my morning more positive and less shit!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh my gosh congrats auntie! That is SO exciting about your sister! Girl I love that holiday shirt! It Is divine! Karaoke is SO much fun! I was actually suppose to go tonight, but also am not feeling well. I hope you feel better sweets! Haha it is so funny the places you get carded. I had some bouncer think that my REAL drivers license was fake. I was also twenty-seven, if I was going to lie about my age that would not be the age I picked. I also have gotten denied with my parents with me, which is funny. Oh well, I know I will appreciate it when I am older:)
    It sounds so trivial, but that is why I could’t be vegan, the cheese options are in my opinion disgusting. I think it is definitely and acclimated taste. I hope you have an amazing week beauty! ❤


  3. Aaw you feeling better now hun? I actually was okay this year after my flu jab but normally I have a few days of feeling hot and achey. Yes! I love that you love You Are A Badass, it’s a great book😊 Ooh hun I feel like the bbq jackfruit pizza at Pizza Hut feels less sticky. Don’t know why x


  4. I read You Are A Badass a couple years back now and quite enjoyed it! Usually I find those types of ‘self help’ books are a little hit or miss but I was pleasantly surprised with that one because I was hoping to love it and I did! xx


  5. I am so glad you are safe and that the accident was minor. I do agree with your friends that you shouldn’t have had to paid. Greedy bastard.
    Pool is so much fun I actually haven’t played at all recently. Then again. I don’t go out haha. I love how willing you are to sing, I could never haha
    Sorry you weren’t feeling well Saturday. I take it you are much better now? I’m so behind 😪
    Oh wow congrats to your sister! Babies in the family is always so great and amazing.
    I find it a bit funny your dad couldn’t attend either but how lovely that in the end, you two got to spend some time together. That’s the best!
    I may not have watched it’s a wonderful life, like ever. I’m not super into the classic xmas films as I find the majority of them super cheesy but its been recommend to me as well I think maybe I’ll give it a try lol
    Didnt realize that pizza hut had a vegan pizza. I wonder if the ones here have those options. The sad thing about cheese is that it’s very hard to find a GOOD alternative. The ones I’ve tried either don’t melt properly or don’t taste as good. I’m so proud of you for making the decision to be vegan because I can’t fully commit. Lol. I do what I can though. 💛
    My favorite type of pizza MUST have pineapple on it haha


  6. Oh wow!! SO glad the taxi only bashed the bus & not crashed it! You totally should not have had to pay! LOL I love 7 Things by Miley, karaoke sounds so fun. I’ve never done it at a public venue before, only at my family’s houses lol.

    So sorry you were feeling poorly & couldn’t make it through work or to the baby shower. 😦 How sweet that you were able to spend some quality time with your dad though. ❤ Your morning routine sounds so perfect!! & big congratulations to your sister & to your family on the new baby boy!!

    Really, go you for sticking to your vegan/veggie lifestyle. It is definitely okay to be a little more relaxed about it over the holidays. I wish we had the vegan pizza at Pizza Huts around here. The texture of faux cheese is always so weird but I'm glad you were able to enjoy it. Will def stay away from those nuggets if we ever have the option to get them. 😛


  7. Woah that is so nuts about the cab! I always wondered what would happen in those situations… so glad you are ok! You and all your girls are too cute. Glad you had such a great time ❤ And also good to know that pizza hut does have vegan pizza- I never would have guessed. Reading your posts brings me such joy! xox


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