Central Park Cycles, Visiting The Empire State Building And Magic At Coney Island / Exploring New York Part 2

Hello my honey’s and welcome back to my NYC adventure, part 2. In Part 1 of this little series on my blog, I shared all about my experiences visiting the Met, the Top Of The Rock, eating at Ellen’s Stardust Diner and more, which you can read here if you fancy.

In today’s post, I will be sharing with you more adventures and photos from my trip to New York with my beautiful best friend Emily.


On our second full day in NYC, Emily and I had plans to hire a bike and cycle around Central Park which is just SO CUTE. But my oh my, I was not expecting the bike ride to be such an intense workout… say what? I swear, it was the most intensive workout I’ve experienced this year, who needs the gym when you can cycle around Central Park? I’m being serious here, that place has so many hills, my legs were on fire. It felt good, even though I struggled, but exercise, especially in the fresh Central Park air, is always amazing. Oh how I wish I was back there now…

The bike ride took us a good couple of hours at least, and naturally we took a few breathers here and there to relax ourselves, take some photos (of course), and I myself grabbed an ice lolly… YUM! I needed a refreshment after all that exercise he he. I’d definitely do the Central Park bike ride again, it’s such a cute way to spend time in NYC and totally revitalising. If you’re up for the exercise, I definitely recommend.

After our cycle around Central Park, Emily and I had plans to head to the Empire State Building, though we decided to go back to our hotel first so we could freshen up and get changed. I changed into my go to yellow dress from Primark, feeling ready and excited to head to the Empire State Building.


I had already visited the Empire State Building before when I was younger, and I was definitely very much looking forward to returning. It was a little different to how I remember it (or at least a little different from the pictures I reminisce on… it was years ago after all) and I’m sure you can imagine my excitement when on our way up to the top, we strolled through a room showing famous ‘Empire State Building’ movie clips and scenes etc and Eminem’s ‘Venom’ music video, where he performed live at the top of the Empire State Building, was featured. Anyone who knows me will know how much I love Eminem, so I was absolutely delighted to see his music video shown at the Empire State. I have now decided to rename the building the ‘Eminem-pire State’ going forward. Just kidding… kind of… 😉

Before stepping outside to admire the stunning views of NYC from the viewing point, Emily and I took some photos with King Kong. Why not, hey? I’ve never actually seen this film… but if it features the Empire State Building and New York, then I’m thinking that I should.


After our little photo op, we headed outside and took in the magnificent views of my favourite city, NYC.

As we visited during the day, it was still light outside as we took in the views which I think is absolutely fantastic, and the perfect way to see NYC from the Empire State. I definitely think we chose our timings the right way round, doing the ‘Top Of The Rock’ in the dark at nighttime, and the Empire State during the day. Though next time, perhaps we will switch it up a little for maximum experience potential.

The views from the Empire State Building are phenomenal, especially on a clear day. We could see everything, from Trump Tower to Central Park, if you want a view, this is the place to be, and I highly recommend a trip to the Empire State Building if you want to take in all the wonderful views of New York. It’s a must.

I even bought a book in the souvenir shop, as I loved the Empire State so much, the book being ‘My City, My New York’, which I wrote about in my most recent book haul here. I’m so looking forward to reading this one, and going back to New York, of course.


After taking in the views and exploring the Empire State Building, Emily and I then headed to the ‘Sex Museum’ as it was quite close by and we had ‘free’ entry thanks to our ‘New York City passes’ we had pre-bought months in advance (I highly recommend these passes, btw, they save you so much money and give you the opportunity to do things you may not necessarily have done otherwise, like the Sex Museum, LOL). Now I’ve been to 3 sex museums so far in my life time, those being Amsterdam, Prague and now New York. I have to say, New York is up there as one of the best. It’s highly interesting, and probably the most informative sex museum I have experienced. It’s a lot of fun too, as it’s themed around the carnival, so once you reach the end of the museum experience you have the opportunity to play a ton of carnival games and enjoy a drink or two in the bar, which is so cool. As with Ellen’s, I definitely want to come here for part of my Hen Do, because the bar and games area are a lot of fun. Even though Emily and I didn’t play any games or stop off for a drink this time, I can just tell it’ll be a blast, and a great place to have a giggle with the girlies at my Hen. Speaking it into existence now ha ha!

Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos at the NYC sex museum, but I will leave a link to their website here if you’d like to check it out.

After a day filled with activities, it was time to head back to the hotel for some sleep, ready for another exciting day to follow, that day being Coney Island day, yay!

My first ‘memory’ of Coney Island is from watching the film ‘Uptown Girls’ where they visit one day, eat a hot dog and go on the teacups. Though as it happens, I didn’t actually see any teacups on my visit, whether they have them now or not I’m not so sure, they must do because teacups are an iconic fairground must have but I didn’t see any so, I wouldn’t like to say for sure.

Anyway, even though I didn’t see teacups, what I did see however was something so much better. A BEACH. A real life, magical, wonderful beach. I HAD NO IDEA. When Emily and I arrived at Coney Island, I realised the fairground was like the seaside places we have here in the UK, and New York City has an actual beach, with real life sea and everything. Oh my gosh, as if I couldn’t love the city any more, I was soooo happy!! Just thinking about it now makes my heart absolutely soar, a beach, New York? ALL THE YESSES! I knew I had to dip my toes in the sea at some point that day, no matter how cold it was, but first, rides!

Emily and I had wrist bands for ‘Luna Park’, one of the fairgrounds at Coney Island, once again thanks to our passes. This wrist band did exclude a couple of the rides which we would have to pay for if we wanted to go on them, but ultimately it included a huge selection which we were more than happy with. We went on a few rides but goodness, some of them I can’t say I recommend… we went on one roller coaster which was like a rocket ship that we had to pretty much climb into and just lay, and oh my I honestly didn’t think I was going to survive it, I was genuinely fearful as I lay there as it began to take off thinking ‘there’s no going back now’, but then I put my trust in the Universe, reminded myself it loves me and would never do anything to hurt me, and I relaxed. Thankfully, I made it through the ride and lived to tell the tale, but would I go on it again? Probably not. Though it does make me chuckle, it’s just such a funny concept for a ride… Luna Park is definitely a good day out if you just wanna have a giggle and some fun, I had such a great time with Emily, it was good vibes and good giggles, and I definitely would love to back soon. Yes please Universe!

After riding some rides, it was time to hit the beach. YAY!! I ran in and out of that sea as many times as possible to really make the most of the moment, and I can still see that magical view now. Standing in the ocean, seeing views of New York City and bridges in the distance surrounding me. It’s magic, to have that experience. I crave it again, asap.

Once it was time to head back from Coney Island, we took the Subway back to Times Square. There was a drunk on the train shouting and hollering, so we moved carriages and then he later on swapped to that one too, LOL. You gotta love a Subway adventure, haven’t you!?

Once we were back in Times Square, Emily and I decided to get changed then head on over to the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner, as is our tradition to visit a Hard Rock wherever we travel (I’m so excited for more Hard Rock Dinners with her soon btw, eeeek). As usual I had my mac and cheese and mash potato dish, you know I love allll the carbs, and then we headed on over to Madame Tussauds for the rest of our night, where we spent time with alllllllll the ‘celebrities’.

Of course I have already shared a post dedicated to mine and Emily’s Madame Tussauds adventure which you can read here, but I’ll share a few photos in this post too-

I was outfit twinning with Alicia Keys…


partying with Taylor Swift,


serenaded by Bruno Mars

and drinking with the Queen,


what a fantastic night hey!?

And once we were done livin’ it up with the ‘celebs’, we headed on ‘home’ back to the hotel, and got some rest in, ready for another magical day in the City. New York, I love you!

*Part 3 coming soon*

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  1. What an incredible day! You fit so much in! I definitely need to travel with you, because girl I am all about doing ALL the things! Haha Central Park is SO hilly! I use to run there all the time and oy vey! I love the yellow dress! I am so happy you got to go to Coney Island! I LOVE Coney Island! It was actually one of the last places I went to right before I moved. it sounds like a truly amazing day! ❤


  2. That’s so cool that you can rent a bike to see Central Park. It’s that massive huh?
    Lol that picture with Kong is cute. Definitely watch the movie I thought it was well done.
    The views from the Empire State look amazing! Cannot wait to visit that place someday.
    Who knew there’d be a beach near NY? But I guess judging by the name, Coney Island, I guess that was a given 🤣
    Looks like you had a wonderful time love! Can’t wait to read the rest.


  3. Aw spending the day biking around Central Park really does sound so cute, I love your crop top hoodie. 🙂 How fun that you went to a sex museum! I’ve actually never even been to one… I’m pretty sure there are one or two around here though. I’m so happy you got to see a beach for the first time, your reaction to it is amazing. You sound & look so genuinely excited! That ride sounds terrifying lol glad you made it out alive. ❤


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