‘What I Eat In A Day’ Vegan Edition #1

Hello beautiful people and welcome back to my blog… how is everyone today?

As you will know if you read my ‘Winter Bucket List’, and / or my ‘2020 Bucket List’ one of my goals this year is to have at least one full vegan day per week, and for this week, that day is today.

Admittedly, back in December I shared a weekend highlights where I announced I was committing to a vegan lifestyle as much as possible, but I’ve made the decision that a full time vegan diet isn’t suitable for me at this moment in time and in order for me to be happy, healthy and enjoying life, my commitment will remain with myself being 100% vegetarian, whilst still incorporating as many vegan meals and options into my diet as much as possible, and as I so enjoy, committing  to at least one vegan day per week, and more if I so desire. This gives me a little more freedom, and a little more time to graduate into eating more plant based foods so if the time comes again where I do want to go vegan full time, I have a wider range of meal and snack options that I know I can opt for and enjoy.

Ramble over, as I mentioned, today is my Vegan day for this week, and being that it is the second of January, we are also two days into Veganuary. As I’m sure you’re aware from my ramble, I’m not actually taking part in ‘Veganuary’ as such but it still gives myself, and everyone else who is interested in taking steps towards leading a more plant based lifestyle such a great opportunity, being that so many food chains and retailers are introducing so many fantastic vegan options thanks to Veganuary, and the demand for plant based food in general. I know that McDonalds here in the UK have just released their vegan veggie dippers which I am SO excited to try very very soon. There are so many incredible plant based alternatives out there, it truly is an exciting time to be vegetarian and trying more vegan meals… I’m definitely hoping to visit Frankie and Benny’s this month also because their Vegan menu is pretty awesome too… bring it on!

Okay, second ramble over and finally getting to the point of this post… sharing ‘what I eat in a day’, vegan style. I’ve shared a few of these posts before, and I like to hope that they help showcase the fantastic vegan options that we are so lucky to have in this world, so without further ado, let’s jump into my food diary for today, the 2nd of Jan 2020. Enjoy!



For my breakfast I had my usual go to vegan breakfast, my Choco Chimps cereal with my favourite coconut milk and a banana on the side. I like to start my day with a banana everyday, and cereals are my absolute favourite breakfast because they’re so refreshing. This breakfast is so easy, maybe not the healthiest but hey, the banana is good and also, it’s satisfying. It’s a meal I enjoy, which I think is so important. Yes eat healthy, but also enjoy what you’re eating too, otherwise you’re just gonna be miserable, and nobody wants that.



For my lunch, I had a Lentil Cottage Pie with sweet potato mash. I’ve had a few versions of this dish before, and it’s a decent enough meal. I completely forgot today, but I would have enjoyed this meal with a few vegetables on the side… whilst this isn’t my favourite meal, and yes I know it’s a ready meal, it’s easy enough to make and I guess healthy enough so… it’ll do for a lunch.



Of course it’s a pasta dish. I have pasta for dinner more than once a week, and tonight I went for an easy vegan meal option, tomato spaghetti with vegetables and a side of baked bread. Yum! You can’t go wrong with a dish like this really, can ya? The vegetables make it even more perfect and are an absolute must to give the meal all that healthy goodness. For my veg I had broccoli, carrot, sweetcorn and peas, a pretty good assortment if you ask me. The bread on the side was an added extra which I couldn’t resist and if I’d have had vegan mince with this dish, I 100% would have dipped the bread in the sauce too, that would have been so yummy!


For my snacks throughout the day I enjoyed the delicious chocolate fudge brownie non-dairy ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s which is so scrumptious. It fully hits the spot and it tastes so much… ‘cleaner’ knowing that there isn’t dairy in it. Like, definitely much more enjoyable because of that fact, if you know what I mean? It still has the yummy texture and flavour of chocolate ice cream, you’d probably never know it was vegan if it didn’t say it on the tub. It’s delightful!


I also enjoyed some of my favourite snacky crisps… Lightly salted tortilla chips. YUM! I actually LOVE salted tortilla chips so I am absolutely thrilled these are vegan, especially because they’re a snack I’ve always enjoyed, even when I wasn’t focusing on eating more plant based products. It’s a total win if you ask me, yum!



Water, water and more water. The best!

I do love a vegan day, and it’s truly so easy to eat vegan right now, with so many options available for us. My favourite vegan food from todays menu has got to be the ice cream because it’s a whole worldie of a snack, but other vegan treats I also love that I didn’t have today definitely include Greggs Vegan sausage rolls… ooh they are so yummy.

What’s your favourite vegan meal? Are you taking part in Veganuary this year? Be sure to let me know all your thoughts and even vegan recommendations if you have any in the comments below.

As always thank you so much for reading,

With lots of love, hugs and light,

all my love,



Instagram: @50shad3s0fj4y


  1. Oh YUM! This all looks soooo good, Jennie!! B + Js dairy free ice cream is so dang good. Thanks for sharing all this deliciousness. Also how cool McDonald’s now has vegan dippers- they need to bring those here if they aren’t already!! Have a very Happy new Year, Love! xo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Mack!!! omg isn’t it?!!??! Like, it’s the best you can’t even tell it’s vegan it’s so yummy! Hehe you are so welcome, thanks so much for commenting!! I know right? Yes I don’t know if they’re in the US at all, but definitely here in the UK. I hope they have brought them out in the US too because that’d be really good, so many people are eating veggie and vegan now so I think they’d gain a lot from it. Happy new year beautiful, have a great one! xxx

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  2. I’m proud of you for still sticking to your commitment of having vegan meals even if it’s just one meal a week. I think that’s super great! I’m currently going meatless (or trying to be) for 20 days. Not sure if I can make it happen though it’s been a rough start to the year with me being sick.
    Even though I don’t eat McD’s, I’m happy to hear they’re bringing in vegan dippers, I’m not sure they’ve done that here yet but they should. Other fast food places have already started implementing vegetarian and vegan meals in their menus. It’s great.
    How great are choco chimps?? That brand in general is amazing and I love most of their cereals as does my son.
    Ah the spaghetti with veggies on the side and bread looks so good and delish. I probably would make that too.
    And omg, didnt know B&J’s had dairy free ice cream!! Not sure about chocolate, but I’ll have to look into their flavors and try them out for myself!


  3. I’m forever on the lookout for new vegan things to try so I always love these posts from you !! Also, hi fellow veggie! 🌱 I’ve actually been meaning to buy the Ben and Jerry’s vegan ice cream for THE longest time now and have still never gotten around to it but this has just reminded me – might buy some today! Over Christmas I bought a load of the big crisp sharing bags (which of course, I did not share) and they were all vegan and super super yummy. Vegan food is the best food imo! xx


  4. Aw, I love that you’re committing to a diet that works for you & staying happy. Going vegan one day a week is very amazing, you’re doing great babe. ❤ I'd def wanna give those new McDonald's dippers a try! How interesting! & the lentil pie actually looks/sounds quite tasty, too. 🙂


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