The Perfect Weekend To Begin 2020 | Weekend Highlights

Hello my loves and welcome back to my blog… How is everyone today?

It’s time for the first weekend highlights post of the year, and I am so so excited because it’s definitely gonna be a good one, hehe! I had suchhh a good weekend, so I’m very excited to reflect on it here. I hope you enjoy too.


So as always, my ‘weekend’ began on Friday, as soon as I woke up… bliss. I spent the day taking selfies for Instagram, writing blog posts, doing bits and bobs, that kinda thing (I can’t really remember what really), until evening came around and it was time to see my bestie, yay.


Emily and I had plans to play mini golf, but before that, we decided to grab some food from McDonald’s, as I was pretty keen to try their new vegan meal option, the ‘veggie dippers’ which I’d previously mentioned here. Surprise, surprise, they were… unpleasant. I didn’t have the highest of expectations when I bought them, but there was a part of me that still hoped that finally McDonald’s had come through for the vegetarians and vegans but alas, they had not. Maybe next year hey? The problem with the veggie dippers is that they taste exactly the same as the ‘veggie’ products they serve in the wraps and the burgers, so it’s like they’ve literally put no thought into this meal at all and just taken the one veggie product they sell, but served it on it’s own dipper style. The flavour isn’t pleasant and quite frankly, I’m not impressed. I know it’s a choice to be vegetarian / vegan, but considering the amount of people who are opting for a more plant based lifestyle these days surely it would work in McDonald’s favour to create more fulfilling and tasty vegan dishes… perhaps I will message them asking if they want to do a collab and I can create the ‘McJennie’ burger, fully vegan and fully delicious… heck yes. Okay I’m actually gonna message them… shoot your shot and all that hehe. Oh my goodness imagine if I collaborated with McDonald’s to bring out a vegan line of meals that are actually scrumptious… okay this is definitely one to add to the bucket list hehe. Speaking it into existence NOW.


After our Maccy D’s, Emily and I had a little look around the shops, then headed over to mini golf for a super fun game. Wow. I really love mini golf, and fun activities in general. Now this month I also want to go to a trampoline park (which I already have plans for), go bowling, and at some point soon, I really want to go ice skating. Yay!!! I love an activity. Anyway, the good news is that I won at mini golf, and the even better news is that it was by just one point, so at least it was a close call and Emily and I are equally as skilled at the game. Hehe! Oh, and even more awesome news, I got a hole in one. YAY! It’s so much fun and so fulfilling when that happens, now off I go to become a professional golfer, right?

Once our game was over, I was feeling in the mood for a dessert, so we decided to head over to a restaurant which specialises in desserts and treat ourselves, it was a Friday after all, not that we need an excuse, heck no. We both ordered a waffle each, and with mine I had chocolate, ice cream and strawberries. Yum. It was a tough decision between the waffles and cookie dough, but in the end I opted for the waffles as the last time I had the cookie dough I wasn’t a fan, so I didn’t want to risk a dessert I wasn’t 100% sure was going to be that tasty, however, the waffle was way scrummier than usual, so maybe the restaurant has upped their game with their dessert making, so perhaps I’ll give the cookie dough a whirl next time as that may be tastier too. YAY!

Desserts finished and bellies full, we both headed home, but not before a quick singalong in Emily’s car to Eminem’s ‘Rap God’ whilst I waited for my taxi. The perfect way to wrap up a fun night with my best friend, I love you Emily!

On Saturday, I had an 8:30 am alarm set ready for a session with my Medium at half 9, however my body naturally woke me up at 8 am instead. I remember looking at my phone, seeing the time and literally grinning like the cat who got the cream as I realised I still had another blissful 30 minutes to ‘sleep’. That’s got to be up there as one of the best feelings in the world, surely, realising you have extra time in bed… Bliss.

My medium session was very positive with everything going well, and in even more positive news after the session, I had plans to meet up with my Soul Sister Vikki, and we went for a Starbucks and a browse around the shops. We had such a good time together, it’s always a blessing when I’m with Vikki as we always have the most perfect chats and everything always feels in flow… she is my Soul Sister for sure and I simply adore spending time with her. Here’s to many more chats, giggles and good times. Love you Vik!!!


For the rest of Saturday afternoon, I figured I’d just be chilling at home, watching some TV etc etc, but then as I’d settled down to begin a new show on Netflix my dad called my Mum and asked if we wanted to go for a walk. How cute!! Of course we said yes, so we picked him up from the shop and headed to a local lake where we went for a stroll. Blissful. I absolutely adore walking, and this afternoon was no different. Walking is so refreshing, the perfect way to clear your mind and get aligned with the present moment… I couldn’t recommend it more and I so want to make weekly walks a thing. I am so grateful my Dad suggested this walk on Saturday. We even fed the ducks which was so much fun, even though I ended up getting splashed in the face with lake water as the ducks were so eager to get their food they were all flapping about so heavily. Luckily, it was just a little bit of water, and I wasn’t even wearing makeup so it didn’t matter one single bit (not that I would care anyway, nature is worth any mud stain, water mark, makeup running or whatever, I love it). It was so much fun to feed the ducks, and I am looking forward to another blissful walk with my parents soon. Thank you Mama and Daddy! I love you!

For the rest of Saturday evening, after our walk, we went home and I cracked on with one of the items on my to do list… writing a letter to money. I’m currently reading the book ‘You Are A Badass’ by Jen Sincero which I recommend SO so much… I always say ‘The Alchemist’ is one of my all time favourite books which I one million percent recommend, and now ‘You Are A Badass’ has joined that league too. It’s easily up there with one of the best books I’ve ‘read’ so far, and I haven’t even finished it yet (though I’m almost there). Anyway, I was reading a chapter all about money, and there was a prompt to write a letter to money, expressing my thoughts and feelings towards it. I addressed money like I would a person and allowed my words to flow, then afterwards, I wrote some positive affirmations surrounding money and any limiting beliefs that were in the letter, or any positive beliefs that I wanted to cement into my reality, I turned into affirmations too. I will leave a photo of the letter I wrote along with the affirmations under this paragraph but for a brief example, in the letter I wrote ‘I wish I could feel financially secure with you, that I know you’re always there’ and in my affirmations I wrote ‘Money is always here for me’ and ‘thank you money for always being here for me’ ‘thank you money’ ‘money is my friend’ along with many others which you’ll see in the photos. At some point in the near future, hopefully tomorrow, I plan on letting go of the original letter I wrote by rinsing it under the shower and throwing it away… ideally I’d prefer to burn it but also, I’m scared haha. I’ve never set light to paper before soooooo… I’ll just use the shower (unless my Mama helps me). After letting go of the original letter (not including the affirmations), I will write a new money love letter inspired by some of the affirmations and it will be pure love… I’m sure I’ll share that with you too here on the blog at some point, it’ll come.

More reading continued after writing my money letter and affirmations but this time in the form of a fiction book ‘Ghosted’ by Rosie Walsh which I bought whilst on holiday in New York. Yay!!! I ran myself a bath, took a dip and began this novel, which I am so so hooked on. I’m sure I’ll have finished it in the next couple of days because it’s so so good, I don’t want to put it down and I look forward to reading it all day. Eek, I’m already excited for more reading of Ghosted later on. Yay!


Side note: how many times do I wanna say ‘Yay’ in one blog post? New fave word? It must be… yay

The rest of my Saturday evening was spent lounging watching TV including shows ‘The Masked Singer’ and ‘His Dark Materials’. I do love a good TV show and there’s so much on my to watch list at the moment… and then we have Winter Love Island coming on Sunday. Exciting times indeedy! I still gotta catch up with ‘You’

On Sunday, it was a day trip to my Grandparents for my parents and I. One thing I was struggling with over Saturday evening / Sunday morning was an overactive, over thinking brain, blergh. One thing I’m manifesting this year is more peace of mind, being in flow and alignment and being ‘present’, but that’s not to say I’m not going to have my moments. That’s why the walks are so beneficial, as like I said, they help with calming the mind and bringing you into the present, and luckily, on Sunday, my family and I also played some board games which ALWAYS gets me into flow, alignment and into the present. I guess I must be so focused on winning, I can’t think about anything else… lol. Nah just kidding, we played ‘5 Second Rule’ and honestly, I was enjoying the game so much I couldn’t care less who won, I just wanted the game to keep going. My Uncle won twice, but after he left it was my turn to win the final game, but the real win was having ‘present’ family time, enjoying game playing with them. One thing I think I’ve become better at is appreciating everything for what it is, rather than feeling the need for everything to be ‘perfect’. For example, even though I was struggling a little with my mind over Saturday evening and Sunday morning, I didn’t let that affect how I felt about the day. Would I have preferred not to have been dealing with an overthinking mind on Sunday morning? Yes. Did I still have a blissful day with my family throughout the whole day on Sunday? Yes… I appreciate the day for what it was, the moments which I had, the time spent with my loved ones. It doesn’t matter if every second isn’t perfect, it doesn’t need to be. The day played out exactly as it should have done, and for that, and for the fact I spent time with my family, that makes it perfect. The hugs I gave my grandparents, the chats I had with my Mum and Auntie, the board games played with my family, the time spent with my grandparents, making memories with them, oh that’s all that matters to me, and it’s those little moments that are perfect, and it’s those little moments that are what’s important. I’m so excited for more family time soon, it means the world to me.

Side note: I wanted to share a little playlist of some of the music I chose to listen to on the way down to my Grandparents, inspired by Priya, so here’s a look at some of what I listened to on the journey-

Love Me – The 1975
South Of The Border – Ed Sheeran (Feat. Camila Cabello and Cardi B)
I Forgot That You Existed – Taylor Swift
Blank Space – Taylor Swift
Remember The Name – Ed Sheeran (Feat. Eminem and 50 Cent)

Hope you enjoyed that little playlist!

So yesterday (Monday) was another good day, and the perfect end to a perfect weekend spent with so many of my favourite people. I spent the day writing, and of course, reading ‘Ghosted’ by Rosie Walsh. Ah, this book is just so good, I definitely spent at least a good couple of hours reading this yesterday and of course, I’ve been reading it even more today, and I’ll be reading more later on before I go to sleep… So exciting! The book’s a romance suspense novel, so I’m very eager to find out what happens… I’m into part two now so it’s really getting good (I mean, it already was)… okay I’m so looking forward to reading more in a bit!

Many chapters later, on Monday evening, I met up with my best friends for dinner, where I got a yummy vegetarian curry. I ordered a big plate which is vegetarian, but a small plate is actually vegan. I guess the big plate isn’t vegan because it comes with onion bhaji’s and Naan bread, it also comes with some kind of sauce (which I don’t eat) and I’m not sure if the small size does, so maybe that’s why too, it also comes with chips, but I’m pretty sure they’re vegan (not 100% sure though). Either way, big plate or small plate, this meal is still so scrumptious. Because you get so much, it’s kind of like a curry buffet, and the chips, chickpea and sweet potato are just so freakin’ tasty. I really want to make my own homemade version of this curry at some point… I might do that next week. YES!


With delicious food and fantastic company, I had the best evening with my girls. Once again I felt in flow, present and in alignment, fully immersed in the moment I was in with my best friends. Perfect! It was genuinely such a fun evening, I bonded with my besties, had good chats and giggles and appreciated their company every second. I hope my girls know just how much they mean to me, I really do appreciate them, and I’m just so thankful for the perfect evening we had together last night. Thank you girlies, I love you! And to the curry, I love you too LOL.

Now, it’s Tuesday, I’m finalising this blog post, I’ve spent some time with my family and I’m looking forward to reading ‘Ghosted’ later on, I’ve got an exciting week (and year) ahead of me. I’ve been catching up on a lot of peoples blogs lately, and they’re all really inspiring me to get out there and live life, have adventures and enjoy every second. I’m ready and excited, and I am so thankful that I have started the year off with the perfect weekend highlights, I’ve spent time with my family, my wonderful wonderful grandparents (hugs, moments, smiles and times with them mean the world to me), been for a blissful walk with my parents, bonded with my besties, had fun playing mini golf, eating waffles and being a ‘Rap God’, spent time with my Soul Sister, today I spent time with my sister and her family, plus I’ve read lots and lots. Perfect.

Thank you Universe and Spirit Family for the perfect weekend, roll on more.

Thank you all so much for reading, and with so much love to you all…

What were your weekend highlights? What’s your favourite way to practice mindfulness? What’s your favourite board game? Be sure to let me know all your thoughts in the comments below.

With so much love and light

lots of love,


Instagram: @50shad3s0fj4y


  1. Oh girl the Maccy D dippers are the same as you get in the burger. I thought they would be but I still tried them and they was basic! Yum to the curry😍 Ghosted sounds like an interesting book, are you still reading it? X


  2. My god, its crazy how much happens in just a weekend, everything sounds so…in place. I don’t know if that’s the correct way to describe it but it’s the state of mind and place that i wish i was at too! And yesss more veggie options please, i hope the mcjennie comes to fruition and i get to have it over here in Singapore!!! And that vegan Indian food, gosh it makes me crave some aloo gobi rn! Sending ya good vibes all the way and have a great rest of the week! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What an amazing weekend! Girl I love that you are manifesting a burger named after you! I bet it would be the most delicious thing in the world! And make everyone so happy much like you do! Also those pictures are stunning! You are gorgeous inside and out sweets! Your parents are the cutest! I love that your Dad wanted to go for a walk with you! That melts my heart! And I love that you want to say yay all the time! I love it! It is such a joyous and positive word!
    I love how family oriented you and your family is! It is so important! Seriously this really was just the best blog post and so positive! I am glad you had such a great weekend! I hope you are having an amazing week! SO much love to you sweet lady! ❤


  4. Shame that McDonald’s veggie dippers were not that great. And here I was hoping the same lol. Would be great if they actually put more effort. Not sure if you guys have Carl’s Jr. Or Burger King over there, they both have vegan burgers and they’re really good.
    Mini golf!! I love it! That sounds like a lot of fun, I wish I could have gone with you lol.
    I love that you got to hang out with your other bestie on Saturday and walking sounds super awesome with your mom and dad. I havent taken any walks because it’s so cold and rainy outside and I’ve been sick anyway lol.
    You are seriously such an inspiration love. 💛 I’ll have to check out those books because they seem to have really helped you.
    And I’m excited to see winter love island too, not sure if it will be streamed on hulu though haha.
    And you watched ‘You’ on Netflix? I finished it two nights ago. My mind was blown with the little twists at the end of S2 lol.
    Hanging out with extending family sounds great, I havent done that in a while and usually our get togethers involve food lol. Board games sounds like a very fun night though.
    I dont think I’ve ever tried vegetarian or vegan curry, but I do like curry.
    I’m curious if you have a reading goal for the year because I do lol. I really want to read 52 books if i can, that’s like 1 per week lol.
    Anyway I’m glad your weekend was amazing! Cant wait to read more from you.


  5. I used to love McDonald’s (the only thing I’d ever eat from there was the chicken mayo but still) but after becoming a vegetarian it was so rubbish because they literally have nothing to cater to us !! I used to get so sad when people would be like oh we’re going to McDonald’s what do you want and I’d be like…nothing ’cause they don’t do anything nice for vegetarians haha. I tried the veggie burger and it was VILE like seriously, so gross. About a year later I tried the veggie wrap though which I thought would be the same taste as the burger ’cause they use the same thing for the strips but it’s actually so yummy !! I always ask for it without the spicy sauce ’cause I hate spice but that’s what I always have every time I go to Maccas now and I’m so happy ’cause finally I get to eat something from there again haha. I wanted to try the dippers but after reading this now I’m not so sure 👀xx


  6. It sounds like such a lovely weekend, but such a shame the mcdonalds was rubbish. I was so excited when they released new vegan and veggie options but I am defo all for you bringing out your own McJennie range hahaha! Ghosted sounds like such a good book!xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks hun! I know right?? So disappointing!! Haha omg seriously I would love it.. watch this space lol! Its so good! The UK version is called ‘the man who didn’t call’ btw if you’re looking for it, but I picked mine up in America where they changed the name, lol. Thanks for commenting, have a great week xxx


  7. The sunlight is reflecting off of you so beautifully in the first two selfies, Jennie! Such a shame about the veggie dippers from McD’s– hope they respond & collab with you lol. I’d be so down to try your veggie line. 😋

    Mini golfing sounds like it was a blast & the waffle dessert needs to be in my belly. Yum! That was so sweet of your dad to call & ask if you guys wanted to take a walk with him. ♡

    Lol, I’d be a bit scared to set the paper on fire too but hey, putting it underwater will be just as effective! & HOLD ON, winter Love Island?!? They better bring it to US Hulu, too. 😭 So fun that you guys have your own Masked Singer, too! Love that show. 💗

    I truly love what you said about spending time with your family. Overthinking does nothing for us– it’s seriously just a waste of time. I’ve been learning that lately, too. Yay us lol. ♡

    Mmm, the curry looks & sounds delish. It’s totally the naan bread that makes the bigger version non-vegan because there’s dairy in it, sadly. 😭

    I am pretty sure Ghosted is already on my TBR but if not, I will definitely have to add it. Thanks for sharing, Jennie! It sounds like you had an amazing weekend. Looking forward to reading about your next weekend! ♡


    1. Thanks so much hun! I was aiming to get that good lighting, hehe! Omg I know, I was very disappointed 😦 oh well! Fingers crossed we do collab 😂😂 would be pretty cool and I’d make sure everything was the tastiest 😍😍😍 I hope you’d love it!

      Mini golfing was the best! I love an activity and omg the waffle… so so good! Some desserts just cannot be beaten, haha! Isn’t it? He’s just too cute… I think it made our day! ❤️

      Yes!!! I think the water will do the trick just fine, so long as it’s letting go!! Agreed 100%! Sounds like we are all on the same path with the overthinking… all realising what a waste of time it is!! Thank GOD! Haha!

      Also I just realised I missed out a part of my reply about Love Island! It started last night omg! I so hope you can watch it 😍😍 The Masked Singer is good but I’m only really interested in the reveal LOL! I wish the celebrities were a little more A list though 😂😂😂 would be more entertaining! Rita Ora is one of the judges on the Uk version and she just LOVES name dropping Cara Delevingne it cracks me up 😂😂 she’s like ‘I think it could be my good friend Cara’ all the time lol! Love it 😂

      Yes the curry is freakin’ Heaven! I thought so!! I love Naan bread though it is so yum!!! Whyyy must there be dairy!!!!

      OMG you must read Ghosted! I thought about you when I was reading it actually thinking I can imagine this is the type of book Hunida would read! I hope you do read it and that you love it, I’ve no doubt you will!

      Thank you so much Hunida for your beautiful comment! You are so thoughtful and a true gem in this world!!! Lots of love to ya ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You def got that good lighting down ❤ & I just know I'd love everything if you were to collab with McD's lol.

        Ahhh we don't have the winter Love Island right now!! 😦 I'm bummed. Lol boyfriend was the same way with Masked Singer, he was only interested in the reveal & I agree, more A-list celeb would be way more interesting!! I heard Cara can really sing though, what if she is under one of them!?

        I know!! I was eating naan bread for awhile before I realized it had dairy. Ugh. 😦

        Aw no way, I love that you were thinking about me ❤ that makes me want to move Ghosted to the very top of my list!!

        ❤ love ya, babe!! ❤


      2. Yas omg!! I hope so!

        OMG winter Love Island has just started- I hope you can watch it asap! I wasn’t sure at first being that it’s not usually on in Winter and we have a different host now (who is great btw) but ooh I’m loving it! I look forward to it every night now 😂 I hope you can watch it! And no way really? I love Cara Delevingne but I never knew too much about her singing or anything, if she was that would be awesome!!! 😍😍😍

        Oh no that sucks!! There must be some dairy free ones out there, though not at restaurants I suppose 😦

        Yes I was! Eeeeek I so can’t wait to hear what you think of Ghosted if you do read it!

        Have the best weekend ❤️

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Oh my gosh, no more Caroline?? I loved her but if you say the new one is great, I believe you! I’m crossing my fingers they will lets us watch it on US Hulu soon! Ugh. I am missing watching it every day!! & I really do think I heard she could sing. 😀 Let me know if she is on there!! & I will let you know about Ghosted. ❤

        You too!!!! ❤


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