Manifesting Barcelona | A Law Of Attraction Success Story

Hello my loves and welcome back to my blog, how is everyone today?

Today I have a law of attraction manifesting success story to share with you which is so exciting, and I’m so looking forward to sharing this.

If you read my most recent post, you will know that a couple of weeks ago, I spent a few days in Barcelona with my parents, celebrating my 25th birthday, pretty awesome right?

Well, the even more exciting news is that I actually manifested this trip, so this is the awesome manifesting success story I have to share with you here today. Manifesting Barcelona. YAY!

For years, I have wanted to go abroad with my parents for my birthday, and although in the past I have had this luxury, it hasn’t been since turning 17 that I’ve spent my birthday abroad, until this year of course. It finally happened once more, and now I’m gonna make sure it happens every birthday from now on, so long as I want it to.

So how did I manifest this birthday trip? Let’s get into it.

As you may know, I love going on holiday, with my besties, my loved ones, my family and of course, with my parents. For whatever reason, last year, I was very eager to visit Barcelona with my Mum and Dad. I’m not sure where this little vision stemmed from or why I was so keen on Barcelona exactly, but I knew that’s somewhere that I really wanted to visit with my parents so we set the wheels in motion.

Both my Mum and I booked the time off work for our trip to Barcelona, before actually booking the holiday itself. We booked the time off for around Summer / Autumn time last year, and even though the holiday itself wasn’t actually booked, I was set, we were going to Barcelona. I knew it. I just had to manifest it and trust in divine timing.

I updated the Countdown App on my phone with the dates we were planning to go, popping in ‘Barcelona’ into my countdown, photo of my parents and I together on a previous holiday included. I knew we were going, so why not add to the momentum of manifesting by scheduling it into my countdown calendar as fact. I simply knew we would be going.

I packed for my trip to put me into alignment. I grabbed my big Victoria’s Secret bag and filled it with a few outfits I planned to wear in Barcelona, a book, a bikini etc etc. I packed for the trip with the intention of manifesting my holiday to Barcelona, and I left the bag in my bedroom until eventually, I needed it so I ‘unpacked’, knowing it would be there for me ready to pack again when the time came. I wasn’t bothered about the fact I had to unpack because I needed the bag for something else more immediately, and with the intention being set from when I had already packed the bag before, I knew the manifestation was already in place. I wasn’t obsessing over it, I was manifesting and letting go simultaneously. I never obsessed, and I think that’s key. I trusted in my manifestation processes, and knew my holiday to Barcelona would come into fruition, all in divine timing.

I wrote a poem, which you can read here, and a blog post. I listened to Ed Sheeran’s ‘Barcelona’, and George Ezra’s track of the same name.

I set a photo of Park Güell as the background on my phone, my twitter header, and placed pictures on my vision board. I was relaxed. I saw these pictures and I just knew that I’d be visiting Barcelona, all in divine timing.

Eventually, it got closer and closer to the dates we had originally been planning to visit Barca, and we decided it wouldn’t be best for us to visit at that time. It would be rushed, unplanned and simply, not right for us. We decided to change the dates we had planned to a later date in 2019, but to cut a long story short, those dates didn’t end up being right for us either. I was content in the knowledge that though those dates hadn’t been right for us, an even better time, the perfect time for us to visit Barcelona would manifest, and it did.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I’ve been keen to travel abroad with my parents for my birthday for so long now, and knowing this, that’s when I had the perfect idea. Why not go to Barcelona for my birthday? We’ve been planning to go, and we’re trusting in divine timing, I want to go away for my birthday… Barcelona is the perfect place. It all made sense. It aligned perfectly.

I trusted in divine timing, and manifested the perfect dates for my trip to Barcelona with my parents, my 25th birthday.

It couldn’t have worked out better!!!

I knew this trip would come into fruition in divine timing, because I was manifesting it with positive feelings, joy, excitement and trust.

The key is letting go.

Set your intentions in place, actively manifest and then, let go.

Do what you need to do to set the intentions.

Do what you need to do to manifest.

Let go and carry on with your life, trusting the manifestation will come, trusting in divine timing, following your instincts and believing.

You’ve placed your order with the Universe, now allow it to manifest.

What are you manifesting today?

What manifestation success stories have you had recently?

I’m currently manifesting financial freedom, and the other day whilst I was at the cinema I was given my packet of chocolate buttons free of charge, woop woop!! I genuinely believe it’s because I didn’t even look at the price when I picked them up to purchase, nor did I complain about the price when someone else did, I just knew I could afford them and wasn’t even bothered, why would I complain about the price when I’ve got the money anyway? And low and behold, I was then gifted them for free…

Manifesting at its finest. Let it all go and trust, things just flow to you!

I’m also manifesting many, many more holidays, Barcelona for my birthday next year and of course, taking my parents on a luxury trip to New York, and of course all the adventures with my friends. Basically, just all the holidays, with all my loved ones. Bring it on!

I hope you all have a wonderful day today,

have fun manifesting,

share your success stories below,

and with all my love, hugs and positive vibes,

I shall see (Speak to?) you in my next post,


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The two blog posts I wrote when manifesting Barcelona: B Is For Barcelona / Barcelona

Instagram: @50shad3s0fj4y


  1. I love that you were able to manifest it and that you took it several steps further by setting a schedule for it and by packing. I think setting intentions by acting like you’re going to do it, is the ultimate way of setting intentions. I will have to do this for March in Vegas. Lol.
    Also, speaking of Vegas, if you still plan on that trip, let me know the actual dates. Idk if I’m going alone or if my boys are coming with me yet because it depends on the actual days lol.


  2. Love love love how you said “not obsessing” is key! That’s so true. Part of manifestation is believing it will happen & letting it do so naturally. ♡ Amazing how Barcelona worked out perfectly & you went at the right time for you. The free chocolate was just such another good example, too!! Thank you for sharing your positive vibes with us all the time, babe. ♡♡♡


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