Manifesting Money Success Story #1

Hello my loves and welcome back to my blog, eek! Today we have a money manifesting success story which is so exciting, as we all love money right? Well, I know I do!!

Money is so good, it enables us to buy food, to eat, to live the life of our dreams travelling, or doing whatever it is we want to do, and to help out others and buy gifts for our loved ones too. Money really is awesome!

Today I wanted to share a manifesting success story all about how I manifested £719 whilst I was away on holiday last year… pretty awesome, huh?

At the beginning of October last year, I visited New York with my best friend Emily and as you can imagine, I was loving the city and of course, fell in love with the borough of Manhattan (not to mention Brooklyn too, though I only crossed the bridge and stopped there briefly). Being in New York had me feeling some type of way and the vibes of the city helped put me into alignment of feeling a lil’ bit rich.

Being that I am totally in love with New York City, whilst I was there I was obviously keen to ensure I’d be visiting again and again, as often as possible, and I’ve even set the intention with the Universe to visit New York at least once a year from now on for as long as I want to, so this will definitely be fun to watch play out…

Anyway, as I strolled around New York, I just kept feeling these feelings of being wealthy. I thought positive thoughts about returning to New York, knowing I could return whenever I wanted because I’m rich, I’m a billionaire, so of course I can afford to visit my favourite city whenever!

Throughout my time in NYC, I just kept thinking to myself, telling myself ‘I am a billionaire, I am a billionaire’. I walked like a billionaire, I thought like a billionaire. I strolled around designer stores like Tissot and knew I could afford the watches I liked whenever I wanted them, and that I could come back to purchase them whenever.

I had the feelings, attitude, mindset and positivity of a billionaire, and I vibrated that out into the Universe.

The next thing I know, towards the end of my trip, I decided to have a brief check of my email after keeping off social media all week and what do I see? Manifested money! Awesome!

I opened my emails to see an unexpected payslip from a previous job had come through, due to be deposited into my bank account the following day, exciting! I’d literally just text my parents that day too asking if they could transfer me some money but turns out I didn’t need it after all, and I believe that’s down to my faith that the Universe always provides for me. I’d been walking around all week feeling like a wealthy billionaire, and the Universe delivered!

The Universe delivers in more ways than one (of course), as not only did I manifest an unexpected paycheck but within the same week or so (I can’t remember the exact dates but it was around the same time), I received notification that I was due a tax refund… AMAZING! I claimed that money back as soon as possible, and within around a week or so the money was sitting pretty in my bank account. Manifesting at its finest.

Therefore, altogether within the duration of me being in New York strutting round and feeling like a billionaire I had manifested two forms of unexpected income equating to £719, I think that’s pretty amazing.

I adore manifesting money, and naturally the more money we manifest, the better we feel about money, therefore making it even easier to manifest money so every time you manifest money in any form, be that finding 1p on the floor or being gifted money in a birthday card feel grateful, celebrate, say ‘thank u next blessing Universe’ with joy and cheer and manifest all that financial abundance your way. Every penny is a penny closer to a billion (or however much money you want to manifest).

I am currently enjoying manifesting full financial freedom which is so much fun! I have very much been inspired by Jen Sincero’s book ‘You Are A Badass’ which I highly recommend and Isabel Palacios podcast episode #5 from her ‘Taking Back Your Power’ series entitled ‘Changing Your Money Mindset & Attracting Abundance’ which I highly recommend, I found this podcast highly motivating and exciting and it also inspired me to buy Jen Sincero’s ‘You Are A Badass’ follow up book ‘You Are A Badass At Making Money’. I’m two chapters in so far and I’m really loving it, it’s exciting and motivating and just great, really and I’ve definitely experienced some pretty cool manifesting money successes since reading. Yesterday I went to cash in a scratchcard I’d won £5 on only to find out there was actually £10 worth of winnings on there, pretty cool huh? 

I have so many more awesome money manifesting success stories I’m so excited to share with you here on the blog coming in the next few months, and I’m looking forward to manifesting even more money continuously everyday so I can share my success stories with you and therefore inspire you, motivate you and help you succeed in manifesting financial abundance of your own.

These success stories are proof that not only is manifesting money possible, but it can be so easy, wonderful and fun.

Feel the feelings of being rich, and you shall have it all!

Be sure to check out Emma Mumford’s Instagram too where she recently shared a snippet of her article from ‘The Sun’ where she shares some of her money tips, I found this really useful and beneficial.

What are you manifesting today / this week / this year? Do you have any recent manifestation success stories? If someone dropped £10,000 into your bank account today, what would you spend it on?

Be sure to let me know all your thoughts and manifesting success stories in the comments below,

we are the powerful creators of our lives, and we are magic.

With all my love to you,


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  1. This is a beautiful manifestation story,i love reading this posts and if someone dropped that money in my bank account i would definitely go shopping for stuffs for my podcast I’ve been dreaming of starting one for a while,travel and shopping.
    What would be yours ?


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