Welcome To My Bookshelf | What I’ve Read January 2020 + Currently Reading

Hey loves, I hope everyone’s well! Today we have a post for the book lovers, as I’m wrapping up the books I’ve read this month (January 2020) with my thoughts and ratings for each one, along with what I’m currently reading. Although I’ve only read three books this month, two out of three of those have actually received 5 star ratings so I’d say I’ve had some great bookish experiences this month.

Read on to find out which books I’ve been reading this month, my thoughts and what I’m currently reading.


Side note: As opposed to reviews, I have just written my initial thoughts and feelings on each book which I wrote in the notes section of my phone shortly after reading each book! Some are a little more in depth than others!

Ghosted – Rosie Walsh. *This book is published in the UK under the title ‘The Man Who Didn’t Call’ I just happened to buy my edition in the US.


5 out of 5. Suspenseful and gripping. Romance chick lit with an edge. Moving, had me in tears. Emotional and exciting. Connect with the characters. Surprising plot twists, had me thinking I knew what was going to happen but then I’d be completely in awe when I realised it wasn’t what I was thinking at all. Lovely settings. Interesting back stories. Well written. Told from two points of view with three different parts. One of the best books I’ve read in a long time. Don’t want to put it down when reading, gripping. 100% recommend!

Rating – 5/5

The Tattooist Of Auschwitz – Heather Morris


I can’t rate this book, simply because it wouldn’t be fair. Did I like this book? No. The true stories told are horrific, and it’s absolutely shocking to me that these things ever happened, that these things were allowed to happen. This book made me cry more than a few times, but what stands out to me is the clear message of love and friendship. Gita and her friendship with the girls, Lale and his love for Gita, and his dedication and compassion towards helping as many people in the camp as possible. The Tattooist of Auschwitz is not something I would read if it was a work of fiction, but unfortunately, being that it’s a novel based on a true story I felt compelled to read this, and I am grateful that I did. This book has taught me more love, more compassion. It has served as a reminder to me that we all have the choice to be kind, for we are all one and we cannot and should not be divided, for our skin, race, hair, sexuality, whatever. We are one, and we must love one another. We must care for one another, and we must each do our bit every single day to ensure we are giving nothing but goodness to the world. We cannot change the past, but we can ensure we create a brighter future, for everyone.

‘The Tattooist of Auschwitz’ is beyond moving, and whilst of course it isn’t the most pleasant read, how could it be? It’s a story that needed to be, and deserved to be told. Thank you, Lale, for sharing your story, and thank you, Heather Morris, for putting it into this book for us.

I would recommend others to read this book, as I think it’s so important that the world hears this story, and hopefully, it teaches us all more compassion, and teaches us to love so much more than before.

I hope my review has done this book, and Lale’s story, as much justice possible under the circumstances.

You Are A Badass – Jen Sincero


I’ve been reading this book for the past couple of months (at least) and I finally finished it! Oh my, what a book!!! ‘You are a Badass’ is one of the most empowering, motivational and awesomest books I have ever read and it has swiftly become a book I will highly highly recommend, along with my favourite book that I recommend always ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho, ‘You are a Badass’ has joined this league.

‘You Are A Badass’ is an awesome read, and I’ve folded over almost every single page where I’ve just been in awe at what I’m reading. ‘Yes’, ‘yes’ and ‘yes’ again are words that kept running through my mind as I read this, and before even being close to finishing this book I was telling people how amazing it is, how it’s a must read. This book will empower you SO much, it will show you different perspectives, the best perspectives in my opinion. This life is yours for the taking, own your awesomeness and LIVE IT.

Please read this book, you will LOVE it.

Rating – 5/5

Currently Reading

You Are A Badass At Making Money – Jen Sincero: I’m reading this on the Books app on my phone so no photo, but I am loving it so far. I’m around three chapters in, and I love the exercises it has with each chapter which inspire me to pick up my pen and write, manifesting and attracting more and more money. I aim to read a chapter of this everyday, and complete the exercises daily also, whether that be the same day or the following day depending on what time I’m reading (morning or night). I’m so looking forward to reading more of this, and manifesting all that financial freedom.

Summer Nights At The Moonlight Hotel – Jane Costello: This is one of my favourite chick lit books though I’ve only read it the once a few years ago, I instantly fell in love with it. As my Mum bought me a copy of this book so thoughtfully for Christmas, I decided now would be the perfect time to pick it up and read it again. I’ve just reached Chapter 7 and I can’t wait to continue reading. I love Jane Costello as an author too, she’s one of the best for chick lits!


Have you read any of the books I’ve mentioned in this post? What are you currently reading? What’s the best book you’ve read recently? Be sure to let me know all your thoughts in the comments below.

As always thank you so much for reading,

have a beautiful day,

with lots of love,



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  1. Omg the first three are all books I read and totally loved. The Man That Never Called was totally different to what I thought and I read it so fast!😊 The Tattooist of Auschwitz is heartbreaking but I saw some tender moments like him, Gita and the girls. It just makes me sad to see the hate people could have and how they could treat others so badly. Jen Sincero’s book is great. I felt awesome reading it especially as I was leaving my job and felt a bit lost. I need to read her financial freedom book😊 x


  2. I’ve heard so many things about Ghosted but I haven’t taken the initiative to read it. I’ve also wanted to read The Tattooist Of Auschwitz. I’ve always been intrigued by the event, and as heartbreakingly sad that it was once a reality, I feel so much more compassion for people and it breaks my heart at how that was life at one point.

    Thanks for sharing what you’re reading! ♡ I wish I would get back into reading more to share what’s on my bookshelf too because I have so many books, and I love seeing what other people have been reading!


  3. Books!! Ooh okay, here we go!! Lol.

    I already like the sound of Ghosted and I think its interesting that it has another title in the UK.

    I think I’ve heard of the Tattooist of Auschwitz. And I cannot help but think of another book I read while in high school, “Night” by Elie Weisel. So so horrifying. Part of that book stayed with me for a while.

    I’m currently reading a book called “Looking for Alaska” by John Green. I saw that Hulu put a show based on the book so I wanted to read it first before watching lol.
    I also have two other books I would like to start hopefully this week, I might end up doing a post on it on my new blog, just going over what I’ve already read etc. I plan on reading 60 books this year, I’m well ahead of the game I think, so it might be possible so long as i read every day lol.


  4. Woah, all the reviews for these are absolutely fantastic! what a knockout month you’ve had with such wonderful books! I’ve never tried a romance novel ever because I always feel like I’m too emotional for it, ARGH I wanna get over that block! I also love how diversified your choice of reads are, with no particular focus on a genre! What a great post! I’m looking forward to Feb’s reviews! Hehe! 😁😘


  5. I have Ghosted on my TBR & will definitely read it soon. It sounds really right up my alley. 🙂 I understand how Tattooist was a tough one to read, it’s always heartbreaking reading what people have gone through but, the stories do deserve to be told. ❤

    The Summer Nights book has such a cute cover!

    Thanks for sharing what you've been reading with us. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YES I’m so excited for your thoughts on the book, eek! I really think you’ll enjoy it, I so hope you do! Absolutely, the stories 1 million percent deserve to be told, and we can’t ignore the reality of what has happened, we can only hope that now and in the future, the reality we live in will be one of kindness, love and compassion. Though we never forget, and we can’t change the past and we will always remember and honour those who suffered, fought for us and pay our respects, we can change the future by creating a world filled with so much love and compassion, we can make the world a better place ❤

      It's so cute, isn't it!?

      You're welcome hun, thanks for commenting! ❤ Xxx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ll definitely write a review whenever I read it & tag your blog. 😊

        You have such a pure & beautiful soul, Jennie. We totally can change the future & we will. ♡♡♡


  6. The Man Who Didn’t Call is actually on my bookshelf waiting to be read so I am so thrilled to hear that it is a good read!! I also really want to read the tattooist of auschwitz but as you said, I can imagine needing lots of tissues to get through it! Thank you for sharing such fab recommendations!xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Eek that’s so exciting!! I am so excited to hear what you think of it once you read, I really hope you enjoy it!!! Oh gosh, it’s a hard read that’s for sure, definitely keep a box of tissues with you and don’t push too much when reading it, if you need a break, do so. It’s a hard read, but I just hope it inspires compassion in the world and for whoever reading, hopefully creating a better world so we can live somewhere brighter, and we never forget, but we never go back to that dark time. We can be the light ❤ thanks so much for commenting my love, lots of love to you ❤ xxx


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