Valentines Day Look Book 2020

Hola beautiful people! Welcome back to my blog, how are you today?

Recently, I shared my ‘Galentines Outfit Of The Day’ and today it’s time for another fashion post, this one being my Valentines Look Book. I’ve been planning this since Christmas Day (roll on Christmas 2020, I’m excited), and now it’s finally here.

This Look Book will feature a few outfits I’ve put together suitable for various different Valentines dates, hopefully giving you some outfit inspiration for what you might wear when celebrating the day of love, be that with your special someone, your friends and family, or just yourself if you’re having a ‘self love’ ‘me day’. I’m totally for celebrating all forms of love on Valentines Day, and all year round of course!


Valentines Day Look Book 2020

Netflix and Chill

The perfect outfit for the ‘Netflix and Chill’ date, these pyjamas are so cute. Of course, I had to opt for a red shade since it is Valentines Day, and I just think this is the cutest and comfiest little outfit. Netflix and Chill with snacks and pizza is always a good call, what’s your go to film?

PyjamasPretty Little Thing *Exact item linked

The teddy bear I’m posing with is a gift I bought myself for Valentines Day last year… Self love ftw!

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Dinner Date

I bought this red dress from ‘I Saw It First’ and thought it was perfect for a Valentines dinner date. The colour and the sleeves are so sassy, bright and vibrant! I styled this dress with tights, as being that I’m here in the UK, February is a cold month so tights are preferable if possible. Of course I paired this dress with my go to Burberry boots and accessorised with a black clutch, a pretty red headband and my Alchemy By LA Amulets.

I wore a faux leather jacket with this dress, to style it up and keep me ever so slightly more warm when walking to and from the car etc.

DressI Saw It First *Exact item linked

JacketPrimark *Exact item not linked but I have linked similar here

BootsBurberry *Exact item linked

HeadbandMulberry & Grand *Exact item linked 

AmuletsAlchemy By La *Cosmic Love linked here *Balancing linked here

Clutch Bag New Look *Exact item not linked but I have linked similar here

Date Night Out

This is the perfect outfit for a date night out with your boo, it’s sassy yet cute with the bodysuit emblazoned with the words ‘Baby girl’, which is perfect for date night with your boo! The red pants are super sassy and glam, and of course being that they’re red, they are very well suited for a Valentines night out. I love this outfit!

Bodysuit I Saw It First *Exact item linked

Trousers ASOS *Exact item linked

HeelsTopshop *Exact item not linked but I have linked similar here

Romantic Wanders

I believe a walk is such a wonderful idea for a date, and such a beautiful way to spend quality time with your loved ones, whoever they may be. I always find a walk to be so refreshing and so great for mental health, when I’m out walking in the fresh air I am pulled into the present moment, fully enjoying my surroundings and immersing myself into wonderful conversations and blissful moments with whoever I am with. I decided to put together an outfit perfect for a Valentines stroll, and it’s definitely something you could wear whilst out walking. You could even add a picnic into the mix for that extra burst of excitement during your walk! I decided to style up my cute pink and brown striped jumper my Grandparents bought me for Christmas (cuties) for this look with my go to denim blue culottes from Quiz, and a pair of casual, comfy trainers which are black with a hint of pink, to go with the jumper of course. I also wore a white vest top underneath the jumper, as it’s best to be prepared for all occasions and who knows? Even in February, a long walk could result in you being too hot for your jumper!

JumperDebenhams *Exact item linked

CulottesQuiz *Exact item linked

TrainersAdidas Gazelle *Exact item not linked but I have linked to the Adidas Gazelle page here

BagUnknown *Exact item not linked but I have linked similar here

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Valentines Day Look Book, I really enjoyed putting these outfits together and adding some super cute pieces to my wardrobe which I just love!

Which look is your favourite? How are you spending Valentines Day this year? What’s your dream date? Be sure to let me know all your thoughts in the comments below.

As always thank you so much for reading,

happy (early) Valentines Day, I hope your month is filled with all the love!

Lots of love,



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    1. THANK you Queen ❤ so so much love to you! I love the red dress the sleeves are amazing and yas the pj's are so cute and comfy too. Thanks so much beauty, I hope you're Valentines Day was filled with all the love and bliss, you deserve it ❤


    1. THANK YOU. I love them so much I’m desperate to wear them properly lol I’ve only worn them to the pub once and then for this photo!! I’m just so excited to go out in them properly because they’re so amaze haha thank you hun ❤ lots of love!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Oh my goodness I’m loving all these photos!!! And I love that three out of four are red outfits. Honestly red suits you so well!! You looking hot!!
    I cannot even begin to choose my favorite outfit because I think all of them are phenomenal!!


  2. Ahhh you are absolutely slaying, like I cant even!!!!! I am so guilty of wearing ugly pyjamas, like when started dating harry all the cute pjs were out but now I opt for ugly oversized tshirts haha, your cute pj set has encouraged me to treat myself to silky pjs!! Also that red dress is so freaking gorgeous, so obsessed!! I hope you had a fabulous V day!!!xxxx


  3. Yessss, girl!!! These outfits are all SO cute. The first one looks extremely cozy & the red shade is just perfect. I LOVE the polka-dotted headband & the sleeves of the dress in #2!! Those red pants are definitely sassy. I need a pair & the “baby girl” on the bodysuit is such a nice touch!

    Hope you had a lovely holiday, Jennie! ♡


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