Self Love Affirmations + Implementing Self Love Into Your Daily Life

Hello my loves and welcome back to my blog!

These past few weeks, I have of course been celebrating love month, with my Galentines outfit of the day, my Valentines makeup of the day, my Valentines look book and of course, my Happy (Belated) Valentines Day post. Exciting!

Today of course we are still celebrating all things love, with a post dedicated to self love and self love affirmations.

I am such an advocate for self love. I think it is one of the most important things we can have, to be completely in love with ourselves raises our vibrations, helps us feel so good, allows us to enjoy life to the max and manifest so many wonderful things which we know we are so worthy and deserving of. With self love, we have so much love in our cup to share so we can therefore add so much love to the lives of others, and bring all the joy and love to the world. Self love protects us, as it amplifies our self respect therefore we don’t tolerate any crap from anyone, ensuring we have the best people for us in our lives, as how we treat ourselves sets the bar for how we allow others to treat us. After all, we can’t control how people treat us, but we can control what we allow and who we allow to stay. With self love, we attract only the best, and we give them the best back!

Sidenote: though we can’t control how people treat us necessarily, when we are vibrating on such a high level of self love, the people who aren’t so great for us can’t really reach us or affect us anyway. 😉

Anyway, being that I am such an advocate for self love, I wanted to share some self love affirmations with you here today that you can start using in your daily life to implement, amplify and maximise your self love cup so you are radiating with that self love glow. These affirmations are so vibe raising, and you can implement these into your life by repeating them out loud whilst looking at yourself in the mirror (or just out loud whilst you’re cleaning, getting ready, doing your thing etc etc), recording them and making your own self love affirmations track you can listen to at night / in the morning / whenever, and / or writing them down over and over. Whatever floats your boat. I will share these self love affirmations with you now and afterwards, I shall give you some more tips and advice on how you can spice up your life with more self love, and I will talk a little about how I implement self love into my life also.

Self Love Affirmations

💖🌻I am thankful to be me

💖🌻I love myself

💖🌻I am loved

💖🌻I love being me

💖🌻I am love

💖🌻I am worthy of love

💖🌻I deserve to be happy

💖🌻I am more than good enough

💖🌻I am worthy and deserving of love, happiness and all the joy life has to offer

💖🌻I respect myself

💖🌻I honour myself

💖🌻I am love I am loved I am loving

💖🌻I love me

💖🌻I take care of me

💖🌻I am beautiful, inside and out

💖🌻I love myself

💖🌻I trust myself

💖🌻I am safe

💖🌻I am good

💖🌻I am pure

💖🌻I am thankful to be me

💖🌻I am pure divine radiant love

💖🌻I love myself

💖🌻I am loved in abundance

I have created some photos using some of these affirmations (and a few more) which you can save to use as a screensaver or wallpaper for your phone, or to use however you so desire and if you so desire.















One of my favourite ways to use these affirmations is to speak or sing them to myself whilst looking in the mirror, (usually as I hold my rose quartz crystal) also known as mirror work. This really raises my vibrations and helps me to connect to myself and fall in love with myself more, as I’m looking into my very own eyes whilst repeating these affirmations saying ‘I love you I love you I love you’ or ‘I love me I love me I love me’ etc. I sometimes record these affirmations whilst I’m doing my mirror work using a voice recorder app on my phone (you can download this on the app store simply by searching ‘voice recorder’), and this is handy to listen to whilst falling asleep at night or waking up in the morning / whenever you fancy (I’ve actually only listened to my own recordings once or twice, barely even a handful of times that I can think of, but it’s definitely something I want to implement more of into my life and do more often). I think the fact you’re hearing yourself repeating these affirmations is awesome, and really helps to connect yourself to all that self love.

Similar to listening to your own voice recordings, you can also listen to guided self love meditations and self love affirmations on Youtube. Agnes Vivarelli is my go to person for self love affirmations and meditations and I highly recommend her channel. For her self love meditation and affirmations playlist, please click here.

Journaling, writing, and expanding your knowledge and awareness about yourself and your life are also great ways to implement self love into your life. If I’m upset or anxious about something, sometimes, I will journal my feelings. This helps to calm me down and let go, putting my faith back into the Universe which I think is so important. Taking the time out of your day to focus on yourself and bettering your life, bettering your mental health and following your passions and bliss, they’re all acts of self love.

Taking time out for yourself, having ‘me days’ where you just chill out, watch your favourite TV show and eat yummy treat food, go for a walk, do whatever it is you’re craving. Taking the time out to rest, recharge and do whatever you need / want to do, it’s all self love.

Committing to your goals, committing to achieving them and being dedicated, that is self love. It’s about knowing when to rest but also telling yourself ‘no, you can do this, this is your goal and you’re going to smash it because you freakin’ deserve it’, when you’re 15 minutes deep into your gym session and ready to quit before you’ve smashed out that half an hour you’d challenged yourself to. It’s about not giving up on yourself, it’s about committing to you and everything you wish to achieve. It’s about not giving up because you love yourself enough to follow your souls truest, highest desires.

It’s about believing in yourself because you can and will do anything you set your mind to, anything you wish, my love.

Watch – ‘How To Be A HIGH VALUE Woman | Isabel Palacios’ 

It’s about taking time out for yourself. Saying yes to the things that bring you joy, and being strong enough to walk away from the things that no longer serve you.

It’s about forgiving yourself.

Watch – ‘Sacral Chakra Meditation: Forgive Yourself & Others; Cleanse, Clear and Activate Your SACRAL Chakra’ | Leeor Alexandra

Self love is power. Self love will change your life for the better!

There are so many ways to implement self love into your daily life, however you choose to do so, just make sure you are loving yourself beauty, because you truly do deserve it and all the happiness that comes along with it.

I would definitely recommend using rose quartz crystals whilst doing your self love rituals, whether you hold them whilst you meditate, surround yourself with them whilst you meditate and / or when you’re repeating your affirmations, keep them with you throughout the day. Keep rose quartz decorated around your house and carry rose quartz with you wherever you go, to amplify all those self love vibes!

Have a great day,

thank you for reading,

Love yourself! You truly do deserve it.

Lots of love to you,




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  1. I love this and thanks for providing us with some affirmations. My focus word for the year is “love” and that of course included self love, mainly. But also love towards my family and friends.


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