Magic Cookies | Poetry

Magic cookies

I remember desperately wishing for you

Eating magic cookies,

Praying my dreams would come true

In a hotel room

I had my second taste of you

Your kisses lingered on my lips

I thought

There’s no getting over you

One year and 6 months on now

We’ve spoken here and there

But what I never imagined

Was there’d come a day I didn’t care

Of course I hope you’re happy

I wish you all the best

But the love I once held for you

Has disappeared into the wilderness

I no longer shed a tear

For the one who got away

I no longer have regrets

For the words I didn’t say

So those magic cookie wishes

I guess they never came true

But I know that’s for a reason

Because my destiny was never You


All the best, ❤️

Instagram: @50shad3s0fj4y

*Disclaimer, the line ‘one year and 6 months on now’ is relative to when I wrote one of the first few drafts of this poem. It’s not relative to the date of this poem being published! ❤️


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