Winter Bucket List Ticks (2019-2020)

Hey, beauties!

How are you today? It’s officially Spring, and has been for a lil’ while now (over a week actually), so it’s safe to say I may be a little late with this post but, it is what it is…

As you can probably tell from the name of this post, today I am recapping on my Winter 2019-2020 Bucket List! What I’ve achieved, what I’m still working on, etc etc.

So without further ado, let’s see how I got on…


Winter Bucket List Ticks (2019-2020)

*things in bold are what I’ve ticked off*

•book at least another 4 holidays

•travel to Athens

•have the most magical time celebrating my birthday with my loved ones – YES! I celebrated my birthday in Barcelona with my parents, then with my best friends a week later in Manchester

•have at least 1 vegan day per week – Nope. I do love eating vegan, but I just wasn’t enjoying the pressure of eating vegan one day per week, if I want to eat vegan, I want to do it because I’m enjoying it, not because I’m setting myself a rule. It makes it seem like a chore then, as opposed to something that’s good for me, the environment and nature. I want to do it so long as it feels good. I’m sure going forward, I will have more vegan days, so long as they feel natural and positive for me.

•become the ultimate manifesting and Spiritual Queen

•practice Spirituality everyday – In the process of, enjoying it!

•spend lots of quality time with my family and friends – Done & always doing!

•see my grandparents and my brother and his family as much as possible – I was only able to see my grandparents once over Winter and the same with my brother and his family, I’m hoping that in the not so distant future, I can finally start seeing them and spending time with them all so much more.

•become fluent in Spanish (finally)

•improve my dancing skills and flexibility

•be present, in flow and in alignment

•love myself fully

•donate to charity as much as possible – Over Winter, I didn’t donate as much as I’d liked to have done, however reading this has reminded me of my intention. I donated a very small amount (literally £3) to a charity close to my heart the other day after going through this Bucket List, and as I am paid tomorrow, I intend on donating to the NHS, and hopefully many other charities going forward.

*Donate to meals for the NHS here

•visit London with my best friend

•have lots of fun adventures with my besties – Done!

•Spend so much quality time with my best ones – Done!

•Spend so much quality time with my family – Done!

•be the best Auntie ever to my wonderful nieces and nephews – In the process of, hehe

•manifest a family reunion with my nieces

•catch up with Dannii

•live life by my own terms – I mean, I left a job I absolutely hated, so that was me living life on my own terms. Still in the process of, though.

•laugh in abundance, every single day

•read at least 6 new books – I think I’ve read about 3! *Read about what I read in January here

•write high quality blog posts and be consistent with my blog – I like to think I’m in the process of, hehe, let me share three of my favourite posts from Winter that I wrote:

*Valentines Day Look Book 2020

*January Reflections & Behind The Scenes 2020 | Friendship, Family, Trusting Myself & Love Life Rambles

*Less Thinking, More Manifesting

+ a bonus one for luck *My Current Skincare Collection | January 2020

•grow my blog

•go on a date

•become more Spiritual – It’s a constant journey, but I didn’t grow my Spirituality as much as I’d have liked to during Winter, but I think I’m achieving this so far this Spring, YAY!

•finally meet Hunida – DONE! and I was lucky enough to meet the beautiful Rossy also. I’ll be writing about this in a future blog post, so stay tuned. It was such a blessing to finally meet two of my favourite people, and to spend the most blissful evening with three of my bestest, closest friends who mean so much to me! Thank you, Universe.


•go horse riding in Nevada

•enjoy exploring Barcelona with my parents

•book a trip to a continent I haven’t been to before

•have fun exploring Park Güell


•become my highest self

•enjoy life – In the process of

•help others – In the process of

•be more positive

•become my kindest self

•manifest financial freedom and become a billionaire (totally speaking it into existence okay)

•buy my dream home (or one of them at least)

•grow my hair and keep it healthy

•manifest 10000 Instagram followers and create my perfect Insta feed

•begin to write my first ever poetry book ready to be published – In the process of

•meditate daily

•eat healthier, exercise more and achieve my perfect body – in the process of

•visit Avebury

•visit my Spiritual Counsellor once a month

•plan the most awesome hen do for my sister

•celebrate my Mum on her birthday and make her feel more special than ever – Done! I loved singing happy birthday to her, such a special moment!

•be a source of love, light and joy in this world and to all who I connect with

•be a great friend – I hope I’m doing so, hehe – You’ll have to check with my girls!

•be a wonderful daughter to my parents – Again, I hope! I’m always trying to better myself, and be better and better everyday

•love love love – Always

•spend lots of happy quality time with my Soul Sister

•manifest inner peace and happiness

•work my dream job and get paid for doing what I love

•meet new people and make new friends

•adventure in abundance

•spend lots of quality time with my sister and her family 

•have lots of fun family game nights 

•stay sober

•enjoy a weekend in Manchester with my best friends 

•meditate and practice gratitude every day – in the process of

•go ice skating

•have the best Winter ever (so far) – So far so good, I had some great adventures this Winter, now let’s see what Spring has to offer…

I am so blessed to have had such a fantastic Winter, two countries, lots of adventures with my friends and family, lots of quality time with the people I love the most.

Whilst Spring this year will be a little different to usual, for everyone, I’m still determined to make it the best so far, and I’ll definitely be back soon with my Spring Bucket List 2020, I expect it will include lots of Spirituality related goals, and lots of personal growth and development.

Bring it on!

What did you achieve this Winter?

What were your favourite moments from Winter just gone?

What are your hopes and goals for Spring?

Let me know in the comments below,

as always,

thank you so much for reading,

I love you,

with lots of hugs and good vibes,



Instagram: @50shad3s0fj4y


  1. Ahhh I LOVED reading this post! You accomplished so much! I LOVE that you got to meet both Rossy AND Hunida!!! I can not wait to read about those meet-ups! And girl I am loving your blog! You are killing the blog game, with your amazing content! And honestly you are such a light always! Thank you for being you! I hope you are hanging in there and have an amazing Spring! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah thank you so much Queen!!! I know I am so freakin’ lucky to have got to meet them, it was a blessed night!! And thank you so much hun I appreciate YOU so much ❤ thanks lovely and the same to you too, love ya thanks for always making my day xxx


  2. Aaaaaahhhhh finally! I read a lot of posts this morning just so I could catch up to this one lol.

    I love that you got to celebrate your bday outside of your home country AND with your parents. to top it off, you got another little celebration with your girls. Yaassss!!
    I love the posts you’ve been posting. I feel inspired and in a good mood after reading your posts. Keep them coming I love them!
    Yassss glad I got to meet you too! I recently crossed off some items in my 2020 BL and meeting you was one. So glad I could cross off that item!
    I cannot wait to read all about your week in Vegas. Especially horse riding,.sounds so much fun! We should do that together next time.
    I don’t think I achieved much this winter lol. It seemed fairly short? Weirdly? Maybe I was just on my head for so long I took my days for granted. Lol.
    Anyway, spring will definitely be different, for sure, but I am hopeful that soon this will all be over.


    1. Yay! Hehe I love it!

      I am so lucky to have celebrated my birthday the way I did! So fortunate and blessed! Hopefully my next birthday I’ll be just as lucky 😋 I’m just grateful to have the best people to celebrate with ❤️

      And that means so much to me!! I’m trying to post as much beneficial and positive content because I definitely want to bring something good with my posts, I’m so glad to hear you feel in a good mood after reading them. Thank YOU! ❤️

      Yes omg me too! Honestly one of the best nights!! I’m so glad I got to meet you and I can’t WAIT for next time!! So glad we both got to tick that one off ❤️

      I know ahha I need to write those posts this week! I’ve been so busy straight back to work when I was back and then really I’ve been focusing a lot on makeup as opposed to writing post, so it’s my goal this / next week to spend a little more time on blogging! Horse riding was amazing and such a beautiful, peaceful experience. I definitely recommend and yes please, if you’d like to do that next time then I am SO in!!

      Oh bless you hun ❤️ Well I hope your Spring feels a bit more ‘present’, hope you’re okay!?!? Sending lots of love to you ❤️❤️

      Agreed! I just want the world and the people to be in good health ❤️

      Thanks for commenting Rossy ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

      1. you really do have the best people on your side! ❤
        awh please continue to do so! ❤ it totally reminds me to stay in the moment 🙂 but of course, if you are not feeling as positive on a certain day, that is totally okay, and it;s okay for you to post when you're feeling down. don't force yourself too much okay? 🙂
        i haven't written the rest of my posts either (still) it has been over a week since my last update but lately i'm not really feeling it so i'm just writing smaller reviews instead of my longer usual ones. hopefully i can catch up soon whenever i feel in the mood.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I am so blessed ❤ thank you hun!!! & I will! It's my intention soooo I'mma do it hehe. I wanna add positive content and thank you hun!!! Well, I had my fair share of posting my sad posts last year which I think is good- because it shows people they're not alone etc, and now it shows looking back how far I've come, so even when I was down fast forward to another year of posting and it's all positive soo 🙂 it shows there's always a bright light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you so much Rossy, you are SO thoughtful and caring. I miss you 😥
        Oh yeah that's fair hun, I know what you mean, sometimes I have a few days off writing blog posts or whatever then when I get back into it I'm so happy to be writing again! Sometimes, we just need to take a break!!! I'm sure you'll feel in the right mood soon when you're supposed to ❤

        Liked by 1 person

      3. very true, we are all growing and learning and becoming stronger from hard times xx ❤ 🙂
        i miss you lots too! ❤ 🙂 but I am glad that there are ways for us to keep in touch 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Aaw you did great hun, especially because you set yourself so many goals and big achievements. Always better to aim high! Plus we totally would have met next week if coronavirus wasn’t a thing! X

    Liked by 1 person

  4. My god, you have achieved so much in the Winter! I’m so happy to see you have done so much! My favourite moment hmm maybe helping my friend with her business and my goals for spring gosh I have no idea yet! I hope your spring will be amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you beautiful! I had such a great Winter! Ah that sounds amazing, helping a friend is always a wonderful thing to do 😍😍 incredible! Thank you Angel I hope your Spring is a blessed, healthy, happy and safe one! Lots of love xx

      Liked by 1 person

  5. I think that not setting a vegan diet as a rule & instead, making those decisions when they feel natural is such a good idea. ♡ I love that. & I hope you’re able to see your extended family again very soon. It must be very hard for you staying away since I know how close you all are. 🙁

    Donating to charity, no matter how much, is ALWAYS helpful. You did an amazing thing!!

    I def think you’ve been doing so well with quality content on your blog. ♡ & it was truly a blessing we all got to meet. Especially at the time that we did. I am so thankful!!! & YOU are one of my favorite people, too. ❤ Awesome job on your bucket list, babe!!!


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