Vegas, Baby! | Part 5 | The Strat, Fremont Street, Girls Night Out & More

Hello Angels & welcome back to my blog & my Vegas recap.

It’s been a while since my most recent Vegas post, and I’m here today with the last recap of the trip!

Vegas bby I miss you.

So the last recap saw me signing off after talking about my night out to ‘see’ Steve Aoki, well of course, after the night out Emily and I headed to bed, and the following day was our last full day in Las Vegas and we still had lots planned. YAY!

On our last full day in Las Vegas, we woke up and headed on down to IHOP, located near The Strat. Bare in mind this was a different IHOP to the one we had been to at the beginning of our trip, and when we went in, there was a weird vibe. The staff were being super helpful and friendly, and basically asked to take Emily’s mobile number so she’d receive an alert when there was a table ready for us, which is great, except for the fact the place was empty. Why were we being sat down to wait for a table when the whole place was swarmed with empty tables, and there were more staff than customers? Two seconds later, we were taken to our table to discover that this was a brand new IHOP which hadn’t officially opened yet, we’d come on a training day therefore OUR WHOLE MEAL would be free. This would explain the super helpful and keen staff, right?

Because it was a training day, there was a limited menu which meant I couldn’t get my favourite chocolate pancakes, though luckily I was still able to get chocolate chip. I mean, these were still yummy and when they’re free? Well that makes them taste even better right? I also got eggs & toast and of course, the glorious hash brown. IHOP’s hash browns are something else I swear, I love them so much. And along with all this food, they also brought Emily and I out an extra stack of pancakes, I believe the buttermilk ones. I don’t think I even tried these in the end, I was so full up from all the food and drinks I’d already ordered, and the fact we didn’t even have to pay, wow, we sure got lucky that morning. Of course we left a generous tip, and after enjoying a very yummy breakfast, we headed on over to The Strat.

The Strat is the highest building in Las Vegas, with rides at the very top, one of which Emily and I were brave enough to enjoy!

With three rides at the top of the tower, including ‘Big Shot’, ‘Insanity’ and ‘X-Scream’, as well as a Sky Jump experience, there is plenty here for you if you are a thrill seeker.

Before visiting The Strat the ride I had most wanted to go on was ‘Insanity’, which dangles you off the side of the tower. I don’t know what I was thinking when I convinced myself beforehand that this wouldn’t be a scary ride, but once I was up there… oops. There was no way you would be getting me on that ride. Technically, I feel like I shouldn’t be that scared, because if the ride was at Thorpe Park for example and not hanging off a building, and maybe not so high, then I wouldn’t be so freaked out, so what difference is there really? It may be hanging off a building, but either way, I’ve been on rides that throw you up in the air, with nothing underneath you, so why is it that because it’s hanging off a building it’s scarier? There’s no difference really, right?

Anyway, I really was NOT feeling ‘Insanity’ once we were up at the top of The Strat, not this time, oh no. Instead, we decided to go on ‘Big Shot’ which seemed like the least scary of the three. ‘Big Shot’ is a ride which shoots you up into the air and back down again, kind of like a drop tower and being that this one doesn’t hang you from the edge of the building, we opted to go for it!

I was still freaking out though, we were so high up. I know there’s nothing to be scared of really, but still. It’s more the fear I’m afraid of than the actual ride. Anyway, once we were seated and strapped in, I had my eyes shut so tight the ride attendant had to ask me if I was okay. I replied as convinvingly as I could that I was fine, but it was obvious I was scared.

Next thing I know, we were being shot up into the air and everything was dandy, I opened my eyes and the views were fantastic, and the ride didn’t even seem to be going that fast, it wasn’t scary at all, just a little wild.

I loved the ride so much, I’d 100% do it again and I’m so so glad I did it, so worth being scared for a few moments, hehe.

When we went to collect our ride photo, we could hear the attendant laughing. I looked SO scared in one of the photos I could not buy it. Worst photo of me ever, the guy selling them was laughing so much at me, we heard him before we even saw him.

I got this one instead, where I look less freaked out and more happy, LOL.

The views at The Strat are so phenomenal, even if you don’t want to go on any of the rides or sky jump off from it, it’s definitely worth a trip up. Emily and I could of sat there all day, admiring the views and watching people ‘skydiving’. So cool. Maybe I’ll do that next time, or maybe I’ll try another one of the rides, just to ease me in a little.


After we’d spent some quality time at The Strat, we headed on over to Fremont Street to watch the lights show, ride the Zip Line and of course, have a gamble.

Everyone says that Fremont Street is the best place to go for the slots, as they are much looser there apparantly, and whilst I did win around 40 dollars on the slots, in the end I decided to just play it back in the machines, in the hopes I’d win even more.

We did the SlotZilla zip line at Fremont and this one was so much fun, one of the best experiences and such a special time with my best friend. Zip Lines are so much fun, they give me such a sense of fun and adventure and I really hope to enjoy more of them with my loved ones in the future. Bring it on.


Afterwards, we watched the light show then headed on back to the hotel to get changed, ready for the evening as we had plans for a girls night, meeting up with two of my blogging best friends Hunida and Rossy!


This was our first time meeting Hunida and Rossy in real life and I have to say I was blown away by their beauty, they are both so gorgeous, radiant and beautiful inside and out, it was so amazing to meet them finally.


Hunida & Rossy are two of my closest friends from the blogosphere and honestly, getting to spend time with them irl are memories I will cherish forever, I feel so lucky!

We met for dinner at the ‘Il Fornaio’ restaurant located in the New York, New York hotel. With a gorgeous Italian menu, I was spoilt for choice with options for dinner but in the end I decided to go for the yummy gnocchi which is always a win from me. I have pasta more than I have gnocchi, so I think that’s what settled my decision. I wanted to go for something I don’t often have and I’m so glad I did. My meal was yummy! We also had some bread come out as an appetiser / starter, and Emily and I decided to treat ourselves to dessert too.


After our yummy dinner, Rossy and I decided we’d like to ride the New York, New York rollercoaster. Having been on it a few days prior, I mentally prepared myself for the rickety ride whilst feeling excited to have this experience with Rossy, but once I was on there I wondered what I’d even been preparing for. This time round, the ride was completely different. The first time I rode it was rickety and aggressive, giving me a headache, this time, the restraints had been lowered down nearer to our shoulders as opposed to our heads, making for a much smoother ride. Even though I was still screaming like crazy, I had so much fun riding the coaster and I am so grateful Rossy and I shared this experience together. Such a blessing!

Afterwards, we all headed on over to the shops to have a browse, with our main destination choice being Morphe, where I drooled and heart eyed all over the Jeffree Star Cosmetics. I NEED to get me some of that!

We then went over and watched the fountains at the Bellagio, before grabbing some drinks at the Rooftop Beer Park Garden located right next to the Paris hotel, where Emily and I were staying. We chilled here for a little while, enjoying a drink and some chats, and then it was time to say goodnight. Emily and I headed off back to our hotel, ready to get some sleep in before our last day in Vegas.

I had such a fantastic night with three of my favourite girls, I am so blessed to have the best friends and I am so grateful to be surrounded by the best people. I feel so grateful for Emily, Hunida and Rossy. Each of these ladies means such a lot to me, and their friendships I consider very special.


On mine and Emily’s final day in Vegas, before checking out of the hotel, we headed to the pool to chill for a bit and take some photos. I really wish I’d made more of an effort this day, because my pics did not come out the way I had hoped, haha. I should have taken them on the first full day, when my hair and makeup was done all cute. Never mind. Not all photos are supposed to make the ‘gram, LOL. Who knows, maybe one day they will.

We didn’t chill at the pool for very long because it wasn’t that warm, the set up is gorgeous though. With views of the replica Eiffel Tower, the Paris Hotel is surely a great place to sunbathe and have some fun.

We spent the rest of our day mooching around the Strip, I spent a lot of time playing the Britney Spears themed slots at the Cosmopolitan hotel, which was so much fun to the point it was almost addictive. I’ll leave a link to a video of the Britney slots here, so you can see why I loved it so much.

After I spent far too long playing Britney, we got up and one of the workers asked me ‘did you win big on Britney, bitch’? Which was so funny. I just laughed, I didn’t want to tell her that instead of winning big on ‘Britney, bitch’ I spent all my money instead. Well, we were going home that day, what else was I going to do with my dollars!

We headed back to the Morphe store, where I found one of my dream eyeshadow palettes at an amazing discounted price (well I say I found it, Emily is the one who heroically pointed it out to me, I swear she always finds me the best makeup, she did it when we were in Paris as well).

The rest of the day, like I said, we mooched around, I found this sign which said ‘stupididiotic’, which I think was the name of a shop we’d just been in, so of course I had to take a funny photo with it!

Then, it was time to head on over to the airport, ready to catch our flight back home.

I miss Las Vegas so much, and I miss being on holiday with my best friend.

I am so grateful for this trip Emily and I shared together, and I am so so excited for many more adventures in the future.

I hope you all enjoyed my Vegas blog posts,

they were so much fun to write and I’m so excited to have more wonderful tales to tell in the future.

Where’s next on YOUR travel bucket list?

What’s the best trip YOU’VE ever been on?

Which ride would you dare to ride at The Stratosphere?

Please do let me know all your thoughts in the comments below.

As always thank you so much for reading,

with lots of love and light,



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Instagram: @50shad3s0fj4y


  1. I love seeing how much you got to do on your trip to Vegas; you really know how to plan and conquer! I’ve never even hard of The Stratosphere but I would love to ride just about every and any ride there is! Haha. My favorite trip so far would either be going to New York or Charleston. I’m aching to get out of the apartment right now, so I’m ready to go anywhere!

    Stay healthy and safe, lovely!! ♥

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you hun! Yesss! Always want to get the most out of the trip and do everything we want to do 😍😍 omg I love that hun! You are a thrill seeker! Maybe you could inspire me to be a little braver then and go on the other rides! 😛 ah New York is THE best! I’ve never been to Charleston before, I don’t know a lot about it but I’m so glad you loved it 😍 I will have to put it on my list for sure!! Oh my goodness for sure!! Everyone’s going to be itching for a holiday once we can go out again!

      Thank you SO much beautiful, you too! Xx


    1. Thank you honey!! Omg 😂😂 it was way scarier than I thought it would be I honestly was not expecting to find it so nerve wracking but it is so high up!!! Worth it though because it is so much fun, and such amazing views!!! You don’t have to go outside- there’s an inside part too where you can still admire the views so maybe you’d feel safer there? Thank you for commenting hun ❤️❤️ Xx


  2. Aaw I love it! How great you got a free brekky! In New York I’d wanted to go Bath & Body Works for days and we never had tine, anyway we went Boxing Day and everything was on sale for a few pound I was like yes! It reminded me of that haha. X


  3. HOLY SHIT how lucky are you to get to eat everything for free HAHA! Makes up for the weird encounter at first! The Strat sounds like my kinda place! It sounds so epic!!! Gosh, your gnocchi! Everything y’all had looks so damn freaking good! You girls are all so beautiful, I’m so incredibly envious half way across the world! What a great series of posts! They were so detailed! Gosh, the best trip I’ve been on is probably my most recent one to Bali because I got to surf which is just insane for me (considering I don’t know how to swim)!


  4. Rossy and Hunida are two of my favorite bloggers! SO happy you got to meet them and hang out with them! It sounds like such an amazing night! And girl you are so brave! I hate heights and that ride sounds scary! Vegas sounds like such an amazing trip. Your recaps make me want to put it on my bucket list! I am glad you had fun! Thanks for sharing your Vegas memories and letting me travel vicariously through you especially right now! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. MINE TOOOO!!!! It was so amazing to spend time with them, definitely a dream come true! OMG the ride was amazing but definitely had to pluck up the courage to get on it, this is probably one of the highest places I’ve ever been and felt nervous. Like the Empire State Building & TOTR are high but at the same time they just feel a little more enclosed whereas the Strat is so open haha. DO it!!!! It’s on my bucket list to go again because there’s just so much to do there hehe!!! Thanks so much for reading beauty, can’t wait until we can all travel again!


  5. My fiancé is from Vegas, and we went there last year to visit his family. We stayed in the Strat, and it was so much fun! It was my first time out west. The weather was absolutely amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Wow, that’s so cool!!! So lucky you have the excuse to go there to visit his family hehe, more reason to go to Vegas!! Sounds so amazing, I’m glad you had a great time. I love the West ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Oh my gosh, the strat sounds like so much fun!!! I absolutely love rides and I am overdue a theme park day! All of your outfits are so stunning (especially the red dress, it should be a crime to look that good). I have adored reading all your vegas blog posts – the Britney themed slot machines sounds hilarious and right up my street!! Thank you for sharing your amazing trip with us!!xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You would love The Strat hun I can see you doing every ride! And beauty you are so sweet thank you honey ❤️❤️❤️ Omg the Britney slot machine is amazing I spent at least half an hour on it if not more 😂 I’ve even tried to find an online version but haven’t found one yet! They do have a Ted online slot game 😂😂 which I love too haha omg!!! So glad you enjoyed the posts hun thank you so much for the love! Xxx


  7. Vegas misses you, too, baby!! ❤

    That's so cool that you ended up going into an IHOP that was in-training & that you got your food for free!! How lucky!! I am laughing that you had your eyes shut so tight on the ride that the conductor asked if you were okay. You'd never even catch me on the ride though so I shouldn't be!! ;D Also, hilarious that you heard the guy laughing at your photo as well though.

    It was truly truly truly amazing meeting you, I can't express it enough. ❤ YOU are beautiful & I am SO grateful for YOU!! ❤ I had so much fun reading your Vegas posts. Thank you so much for writing & sharing them!! ❤


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