All The Colours Of The Rainbow | Rainbow Makeup Look Book

Hey boo’s, how are you doing?

As some of you may know, I am a makeup artist, I work on a makeup / skincare counter, & I have a qualification in makeup artistry. Woo.

Recently I’ve been really getting into creating more and more makeup looks & Look Books, and being that I LOVE all things bright and colourful, I felt inspired to create a Makeup Look Book featuring all the colours of the rainbow.

I’ve got Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo & Violet makeup looks, and of course, a whole rainbow inspired look too.

Side note: Does anyone else use the phrase ‘Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain’ to go through the colours of the rainbow, or is that just me? 😉

I’ve created lots of colourful looks over the past few weeks, which I will be sharing with you here on the blogosphere today.

I hope all these colours brighten up your day!



Definitely one of my favourite looks from this Look Book, this is for sure a makeup look I will be rocking out and about in the future. I love it, and the whole aesthetic of this look, rocking together my red makeup, red dress and red headband. So cute! The gold glitter in the inner corner of the eye really makes this look too, I love.


So I actually created three orange makeup looks. Pictured above is the first one I created, which I like more now than I did at the time of doing the look and taking these photos.

I decided to try again because I wasn’t feeling this look so much at the time (though now I quite like how the look and the photos turned out), so I created a second orange makeup look and then after creating that one, I found my orange lipstick so, I created a third look with the orange lipstick because of course, I couldn’t not. The theme was orange after all!

Look Two – I love the nude lip!


The final orange makeup look for this Look Book. Which orange look is your fave?


Yellow is a happy colour right? I love this simple, beach-y look.



This is one of my favourite looks and some of my favourite selfies ever hehe. I’m loving the blue and I love the blue sparkles added onto the lip. I also love the whole blue aesthetic going on here, with the cute blue tee and the headband, such a favourite look!


Okay so I’ll be honest when it came to this Look Book I was thinking, ‘what on Earth is Indigo?’, I had to google this colour, LOL. Anyway, turns out it’s a darker shade of blue, so I just created another blue themed look, but different. I added gems which look so cute, and I’m loving the lip I created. This is definitely another of my favourite looks from this Look Book.

A closer look at the eyes.


I wanted to get creative with this look and use some more of my skills, hehe, so I created this groovy, multi toned cut crease kind of look and I’m really happy with how it turned out. I’m loving the nude lippie to go with, too.


All the colours of the rainbow + rainbow freckles. Cute!

I had SO much fun creating these looks, playing with makeup and bright colours.

I’m so excited to create & share with you some more makeup looks soon.

Which look is your favourite from this Look Book?

What kind of makeup looks would you like to see me create? I’d love some inspiration & ideas for future looks, please!

What’s your go to makeup look? Go to lipstick colour? Go to eyeshadow?

Please do let me know all your thoughts in the comments below.

As always thank you so much for reading,

with lots of love and light,


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Instagram: @50shad3s0fj4y


  1. All absolutely stunning! I’m amazed how you make every single color and tone highlight your features- it’s just gorgeous. I am particularly obsessed with the rainbow freckles- soooo fun!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww you make my day Mack!! So much love to you ❤️ I am so grateful! Hehe I couldn’t resist a rainbow freckle, thought it was perfect for the look! Thanks so much for your lovely comment Mack, it means the world! ❤️


  2. WOW, I have never heard of that rainbow phrase HAHA! My gosh, your orange look is really beautiful your blush and highlight is killer omg, you are making me miss makeup so much! And I don’t even like orange! I love how the yellow makes you look so different? It makes you look so light and fairy-ish! May I know which palette or product is the yellow shadow from? I can’t stop staring, it looks phenomenal!!!


    1. Omg haha!! It’s my go to 😂😂 thank you soo much I’m obsessed with blusher! Love it! Seriously I haven’t done my makeup now for a while well actually I did it today but that was the first time pretty much for days lol and it wasn’t full glam! I can’t wait to go out and get dressed up! Omg wow thats amazing haha!! Aww thank you so much hun I get what you mean it’s such a soft look! Of course hun I used the yellow from the Morphe palette one sec I’ll send a pic over Insta! Thank you so so much beautiful! Xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I miss makeup alot too but my skin is just looking wrecked recently so I don’t want to put anything either.


  3. I am obsessed! You are SO talented beauty! I love seeing your make-up looks! You nailed these! The red and indigo especially are STUNNING! AND the rainbow look is so much fun! Girl you and your skills need to be on the cover of a magazine! You are gorgeous and so talented AND the sweetest! SO much love to you! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you hun!!!!! Yes I think those two are two of my faves!! Eeek you always make my day Kate you are simply the best, thanks for being so supportive and such an amazing friend!!!! ❤ So much love right back at ya!


  4. Oh my gosh!! All throughout this post I was like ‘Oh that’s my favourite, no no that’s my favourite one too’ and now I cant even chose which was my fav because they are all so freaking beautiful!!! What an absolute angel – please can you do my makeup for me?!?! I so need to expand my makeup creativity and use a bit of colour, I am so basic with my eyeshadow! I loved this so much!xxx


  5. Oh my gosh, I LOVE THIS!! What a fun idea. I’ve actually never heard the ‘Rich of York’ thing to remember the colors of the rainbow but, I probably should because I have no idea the correct order, really. 😛

    I LOVE the red look, all of it is amazing!! & the highlight of the first Orange look is GORGEOUS. I also am digging that nude lip on you in the second orange look!! ❤ The blue look is breathtaking, too. My gosh, the sparkles on your dark lips & the light blue top you're wearing… perfect!!


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