I Am Safe | My Favourite Anxiety Soothing Affirmation

Hey, beautiful people.

I love an affirmation, and I’ve shared so many here on the blog and over on my Instagram before. Affirmations for soothing the heart, mind, spirit & soul, self love affirmations & manifesting money affirmations.

I believe affirmations are SO powerful.

We literally have the power to create our life with our words, the power to create magic, the power to soothe ourselves, the power to help ourselves through this wonderful journey that is life.

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I wanted to share one of my favourite affirmations with you today, which is the affirmation ‘I Am Safe’.

This is my go to affirmation when I’m feeling anxious, or when I’m in a situation which has the potential to trigger me / does actually trigger me.

If I’m freaking out about something, or in an uncomfortable situation, anytime I feel anxious I repeat the affirmation ‘I Am Safe, I Am Safe, I Am Safe’, over and over again.

This takes my focus away from whatever is causing me to feel anxious and back to a place where I feel safe, calming myself as I repeat ‘I Am Safe I Am Safe I Am Safe’. As I repeat this affirmation out loud or in my head, I feel myself calm, trust returns, and whatever it was that was causing me anxiety, soon becomes forgotten.

Most of the time when using this affirmation, I’ll repeat it until I realise I’m not even repeating it anymore, because I’m busy doing something else, I’ve moved on from the situation.

It helps prevent you from dwelling on your triggers, so what could have been 5 hours of anxiety, sadness and emotion, turns into just 5 minutes, 5 seconds…

It stops us from dwelling on what doesn’t serve us, so we can focus on the good that surrounds.

We can calm ourselves.

I Am Safe.

I Am Safe.

I Am Safe.

The minute I start to feel anxious about something- ‘I Am Safe, I Am Safe, I Am Safe’.

This takes you away from dwelling on your discomfort for any longer than you need to.

I Am Safe

I Am Safe

I Am Safe

It’s one of my go to, favourite affirmations, and always keeps me feeling safe and soothed when I need it.

Repeat it out loud, as many times as feels good-

I Am Safe

I Am Safe

I Am Safe

I Am Safe

I Am Safe

Carry this affirmation with you, knowing it is there for you whenever you need it,

and you my love, are safe.

The Universe and your Spirit Family always have your back.

I love you,



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    1. Thank you hun and I hoped it would be beneficial at this time. I’ve had this post planned to write / publish for months but I guess everything happens in divine timing so now here it is!!! Thank you so much for the love beauty ❤


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