Welcome To My Bookshelf | What I’ve Read April 2020 + Currently Reading

Hi honey, honey’s (LOL Abba / Mamma Mia vibes going on here right?)

It’s BOOK TIME, one of my favourite times of the month hehe,

so today I will be sharing with you everything I read this month (April), and what I’m currently reading.

I’m actually pretty pleased with my reading accomplishments this month, I’ve finished a few books so I feel very successful, and I’m excited to read more and more in the future.

I love a good book, and at the beginning of this month I treated myself to a few new ones and being that it’s payday today (hurrah), I’m going to buy a few more.

The books I bought on my most recent haul are Nine Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty, I Heart Forever by Lindsey Kelk & Our Stop by Laura Jane Williams.

‘I Heart Forever’ is one of the books that I started (and finished) reading this month so without further ado, let’s get into my ‘What I’ve Read April’.


*potential spoilers throughout*

The Secret – Rhonda Byrne


I can’t remember if this is my second or third re-read of this book, or even fourth, who knows but either way I am so happy I re-read this book and gave myself a refresher on the Law Of Attraction. There is so much more to this book than I remember, yes, it’s the perfect introduction to the Law Of Attraction but it also features so many important points on the LOA, I simply forgot how beneficial and in depth this book is.

It easily explains the Law Of Attraction and is definitely a great introductory book but I believe it is one that is still really beneficial to read even if you already know about the LOA. It brings the reader great tips and reminders, and is definitely such an important book to read.

I’m so grateful I read this book again, and I think I’ve fallen just a little bit more in love with it after this time of reading.

5/5 – I 100% recommend!

The Night Circus – Erin Morgenstern


What a remarkable, masterpiece of a novel. The talent it requires to write a book so incredible is phenomenal. Erin Morgenstern has knocked it out of the park. What a writer!

The Night Circus is a completely magical, enchanting tale, one which I already miss immersing myself in just 10 minutes after putting the book down. The characters, the descriptions, the settings, this is definitely a book to get lost in.

I loved reading The Night Circus for all its magic and of course, romance!!! This is more than just a romance, it’s pure magic, and my first thought when reading was ‘why haven’t they made a film adaption of this already?’ And if they do, ‘can I play Celia please?’. I would love to see this enchanting tale taken to screen, with the right producers and directors, they could truly create an iconic movie masterpiece, one of the best movies ever made, if they were to turn this book into a film and do it right.

Celia would be my dream character to play, magic and romance? Honestly, what role could be more perfect for me!? I mean, I know I’m not an actress, but who knows what the future holds. As the story reminds us throughout ‘nothing is impossible’.

My one and only issue with this book is the time differences. Often through the chapters it will jump back and forth through different time periods, so I kept having to go back and check the previous chapter to remind myself where I was at. This is a minor issue though, for it’s pretty easy to go back and check the timestamps right? I know it was done for a reason, and I can’t imagine the book any other way.

Overall I would give this book a 5/5. Originally I was going to give it a 4.5/5 because of the time changes, but putting into perspective this book truly is a unique masterpiece, so it fully deserves that 5/5 and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a dose of magic, this will truly exceed your expectations!

I Heart Forever – Lindsey Kelk


I’ve been a fan of the ‘I Heart’ series for the past year or so now, and I only have one book left to go. I Heart Forever was a fun read, which I finished in just a few days. I love the characters in this series, and the friendships are so warm and fuzzy (I especially adore Jenny and Angela’s friendship) I found this story to be very cute.

Reading this book I experienced some joyful moments as it was amusing and sweet throughout, I folded over some pages so I could share with you a few of my favourite extracts from the book:

‘Coughing, I straightened my jacket and lowered my head to avoid sharing my victorious grin with my fellow passengers, assorted commuters, students and, for some reason, a man dressed as a clown. Face paint, curly wig, giant shoes, the whole shebang. I tried not to stare. New Yorkers don’t stare and they don’t smile in public. The last thing I wanted was for the clown to think I was a weirdo.’

‘The venue is all confirmed and I’ll have the quote from the security firm by the end of the day. We have three different Snapchat geofilters and a dedicated Instagram sticker, Selena confirmed, and Justin declined so that all works out. The only issue right now is the drinks sponsor.’

‘You’re having a baby!’ Jenny squealed, her entire being exploding with joy. ‘Get me off this goddamn bike, my best friend is having a baby!’

‘I need to talk to you about the Generation Gloss party,’ she said, following me into my office. ‘I can get both Gigi and Bella if we drop the costumes. They won’t dress up.’

‘New York emptied out for the holidays: it was like Jenny always said, not many people were from New York, they came here to become someone new. At Christmas, they all went back to wherever they came from, either to play at being their old selves for a few days or to show everyone at home how much they’d changed, because that was a certainty. Everyone who came to New York changed, one way or another.’

4/5, I of course recommend the ‘I Heart’ series.

Currently Reading

The Complete Book Of US Presidents – Bill Yenne


I think this will be on my ‘currently reading’ for a while, haha!

Think and Grow Rich – Napoleon Hill | Revised and expanded by Arthur R.Pell

A3C42C73-48D3-4113-9152-23A17B3D3082I think this is roughly my third attempt at reading this book and I have to say, I’ve come the farthest I’ve ever been having just reached Chapter 4. I think I only just made the second chapter on my previous attempts.

I have to say, this is my most successful read of the book so far, I’ve been inspired and motivated by reading this book and definitely found it to be beneficial. It’s quite a slow read and doesn’t grab me, so it’s more of an effort to read this book, I don’t reach out for it with joy but I read it because I know it’s powerful. Everyone recommends ‘Think and Grow Rich’ and whilst it’s not my most favourite read I am still looking forward to delving into it a little more so I can gain incredible knowledge and become my wealthiest self. YAY!

Have you read any of these books?

What are YOU currently reading?

What books would you recommend?

Which books have you enjoyed reading more than once?

Please be sure to let me know all your thoughts in the comments below,

as always thank you so much for reading,

with lots of love,


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  1. I’m currently reading The Starless Sea which is Morgenstern’s second novel and I’m loving it so far so I’m definitely going to be reading The Night Circus afterwards, so glad you loved it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I just ordered The Starless Sea yesterday! After reading TNC I looked up to see if she had any other books and I was so excited to see she had this one! Ahh love that you’re reading it also, how freakin’ cool!!!! 😍 hope you enjoy The Night Circus lovely!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love that you’ve read the secret many times. I’ve not done that with a single book just yet and I’m kind of wanting to lol
    I’ll have to add night circus and I heart forever.
    I go over what I’ve been reading in my life blog tomorrow morning. 🤗🤗 hopefully WP doesn’t give me any problems like it did this morning loo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you hun, it’s definitely a bible to me for sure. I hope you find your go to re read soon, what do you think it’ll be?
      Eek do it! The Night Circus is wonderful and the I heart series is just so joyful, I hope you enjoy.
      Ah yay I need to check it out NOW. Can’t wait to read oh no, I hope it all worked okay xx

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I have read so many rave reviews on the Night Circus! It sounds like such an interesting book but, I tried to get into it once & just couldn’t. I do hope they turn it into a movie someday! I’d definitely watch. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your lovely reviews, Jennie! ❤


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