The Song Of Nature | Poetry

The song of nature

What an amazing sound

Birds whistling in the wind

As my alive heart pounds

Running joyfully through

Tall lush green trees

Basking in the suns glory

Welcoming the cool breeze

How I love nature

For it is my home

When I’m with nature

I’m never alone

The song of nature

It uplifts my soul

The song of nature

Reminds me I’m whole

I thank you nature

For all the good that you do

The joy you bring nature

Is one thing that’s true

I love you nature

You’re Earths greatest gift

The song of nature

Fills my soul with bliss

Take some time to honour nature today and to spend some time basking in its glory. Being out in nature enriches my soul & I feel myself flourish. Enjoy nature today & always, it’s medicine, it’s a blessing, it’s life & love.

Instagram: @50shad3s0fj4y


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