‘Be The Sunshine’ Makeup & Sunday Inspiration

Hey beautiful people.

Todays reminder – you are a Spiritual being having a human experience! Life is just a party, the greatest party on Earth! Don’t take it so seriously, simply have some fun. ❤️💫

So, I wanted to share a little makeup look I created recently inspired by the saying ‘when you can’t find the light, be the light’ / ‘when you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine’. And I have to say, I do love these sayings!

because it’s true, when you can’t find the light, become the light, and I’m sure you’ll feel better.

So I drew a sunflower on my face to symbolise this saying…

Hope you love!

How will you be the light today?

Sending lots of love your way,

enjoy life my loves!

Lots of love,



Instagram: @50shad3s0fj4y


    1. Aww Rossy thank you so much hun! I know your sunflower would be amazing as you are one talented Queen when it comes to makeup and I look at your work and consider your looks goals!! So I know you’d be so amazing!!! Ilysm ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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      1. Nah I doubt it 🤣 I’m not as artistic as I look lol
        And thanks!! You’ve honestly been an inspiration to me to! Seen you create during this lockdown has made me want to create too, so thanks to you and your amazing poetry, I’ve started! 🙂

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