Let’s Talk About My Favourite YouTuber – Leeor Alexandra

Let’s talk about my favourite YouTuber…

Hey guys and dolls, how are YOU today?

Today I’m here with a post dedicated to one of my all time favourite YouTuber’s, Leeor Alexandra. If you know me, or if you’ve followed my blog for a while then you will have definitely heard Leeor’s name mentioned at least a few times, I love her videos and all that she does, which is why I wanted to share a little about her channel with you today.

Leeor is a Spiritual / LOA YouTuber who I’ve followed for around a couple of years now, and her videos have been such a blessing to my life.

Before we get into the post, delving a little more into why I love Leeor and sharing some of my favourite videos from her, I have to highlight an important video she has recently uploaded. Leeor has just uploaded a ‘World Peace & Unity Meditation in Solidarity & Divine Connection’, which is an amazing meditation originally uploaded as a live meditation for people to gather all around the world to do at the same time. The video is still on YouTube of course and I did the meditation a few days ago, so even though it isn’t ‘live’, I truly think taking part in this meditation whatever time or day will be beneficial to both yourself and the world. I highly recommend and hope you all check this meditation out!

To participate in the meditation please click here.

I can’t remember how I found Leeor’s channel, but I am beyond grateful that I did. For I have learnt so much from her, as she has brought me such joy and comfort throughout my journey, even down to a response to my question on one of her Instagram live’s, which was something along the lines of ‘Is it possible to escape dark thoughts?’, which she replied to with an uplifting and positive response which truly made me feel better. Leeor blessed me with hope, light and comfort in those moments, and she continues to do so.

She is my go to YouTuber, and I love her videos, so I wanted to pass on some of those amazing, beneficial videos with you today.

Firstly, Leeor shares a lot of meditations on her YouTube channel, which are some of my absolute go-to’s. These meditations have blessed me with wonderful experiences, her Sacral Chakra guided meditation being one of the most healing meditations I have ever done. I’ve recommended this one to friends in the past, and I’ve also mentioned it in my ‘Sacral Chakra Look Book’. This meditation is so powerful, and I am so grateful to know it’s always there for me to heal and release. Watch here.

In April, I really enjoyed Leeor’s ‘Move On From An Ex’ meditation / hypnosis which I found to be beneficial, and one of my absolute favourite meditations of hers is the wonderful ‘Enhance Your Manifesting Abilities’ hypnosis booster, which is phenomenal. Watch & do the ‘Enhance Your Manifesting Abilities hypnosis booster’ here.

I also love Leeor’s ‘Chamber of Light’ meditation, and a couple I’d like to do more of are the healing ones, and her ‘Choose Your Optimal Timeline’ meditation.

Another meditation which I have done fairly often from Leeor is her meditation for the Root Chakra, which is powerful, energy boosting and fun. Watch here.

If you want to try out some effective and powerful meditations, then Leeor’s your girl.

Of course, Leeor isn’t only about meditations, in fact, she has way more videos to do with the Law Of Attraction / Spirituality etc etc than she does meditations, however her meditations are some of my favourite content of hers, hence why I talk so passionately about them, but let’s get into the videos and some of my favourites & recommendations.

‘Thoughtforms & Egregores: The “Beings” We Unconsciously Create and Nurture’

‘How Your Zodiac Sign Reveals Your Life’s Purpose’

‘Self Care For YOUR Moon Sign | What SELF-LOVE Methods Are Best FOR YOU’

‘Why You Need To Stop Living Through Your Ego & HOW to Live From Your Heart’


‘Claim It As YOURS | Manifestation Monday + Soundbath Exercise April 20 2020’

‘Listen EVERY NIGHT for Peaceful Sleep, Insightful Dreams, and Rejuvenation’

‘What Society Doesn’t Want You To Know’

‘Only Good Things Can Manifest Here.’

Feel free to have a scroll through that list and click on any of the video titles which resonate with you. I hope you enjoy!

Moving a little on from Leeor’s YouTube channel, where she posts so many amazing videos, I also recently purchased her ‘Breathwork’ meditation, (to find out more please click here.) which I have done once so far and it felt like a fantastic experience, it takes me a while to get into things and I do struggle committing to a 40 minute meditation, especially one so intense as Breathwork, but I really want to continue with this Breathwork journey because I know I can gain so much from it. The first session is only the beginning.

Of course, I follow Leeor on Instagram and Facebook (I’m a member of her Baby Elephant Community which is a private group, but I believe if you’d like to join search the group on Facebook and you can request), here on the Baby Elephant LOA group people share LOA success stories and all things good vibes, love, kindness, support and spirituality.

I also own three items from Leeor’s high vibe jewellery line ‘Alchemy BY LA’, including the Cosmic Love amulet, the Balancing amulet and the Bliss amulet earrings (the earrings I actually won in one of Leeor’s / Alchemy’s Giveaways!). These are some of my favourite jewellery pieces, I always feel good when wearing them and they remind me of my intentions!

*Wearing Alchemy By LA*

To shop Alchemy By LA please click here.

To follow Alchemy By LA on Instagram please click here.

I absolutely love Leeor’s YouTube videos and I’m so excited, as there are still a lot that I haven’t watched yet. Especially some of her newer ones as I haven’t been on YouTube much recently, I’m hoping to spend some time in the coming days and weeks really getting involved and watching more. YAY!

Do you follow Leeor on YouTube / Social media?

Who’s YOUR favourite YouTuber?

Be sure to let me know all your thoughts in the comments below.

As always thank you so much for reading,

lots of love and light,



Instagram: @50shad3s0fj4y


    1. Hehe thanks gorgeous ❤️❤️ She is incredible babe truly amazing! Seriously, LOA is like daily routine mandatory for me haha 😂😂 If you ever want a fun LOA chat please message me I’m all for them hehe xxx

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  1. She sounds like such an amazing and influential woman!!! I have been on the look about for a new youtuber to watch so I will defo check her channel out, thank you for the recommendation. Your makeup looks so so angelic!! Xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. She truly is!!! I hope you love her youtube just as much as I do Chloe, she truly is fantastic!! And thank you hun, it means a lot you are always so lovely ❤ lots of love beaut xxx


  2. i absolutely loved the lookbooks you created from inspo you got 😀 they were amazing 🙂
    i am so glad all of this is working out so well for you 🙂 i am not too into this whole LOA thing, however, i do believe in it and perhaps i should practice some things a bit more 🙂 thanks for sharing 🙂 i will have to check her out sometime 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you hun! I’ve got another coming soon 😀 thank you so much!! Well it’s up to you hun! Maybe just start with one or two things a day like a gratitude list or a weekly manifesting goal, like this week I’ll manifest a free drink or something!! No problem beauty ❤️❤️❤️ Thanks for commenting!

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