Use Your Voice | Black Lives Matter

Tell me why

You’re not willing to share

‘Black lives matter’

Because it’s a little bit controversial

‘I’ll sign the petition but I don’t want to post, it’s way too political’

What’s so political

About equal human rights

Where’s the controversy

In making sure everyone’s alright?

Happy to share

Posts for everything else

Protesting littering, covid, mental health

But when it comes to Black Lives Matter

To equal human rights

Suddenly you want to shy away

For fear of not looking ‘right’

Afraid to challenge

Someone else’s opinion

Scared of offending ‘one’,

By not sticking up for millions

It’s not political

To want what is JUST

Equal human rights

Should include all of US

Not just

The rights which suit you

Say ‘people are too sensitive’

Until it happens to you

Take a step back

How would you feel?

What would you do?

If people refused to stand

When rising for you

This is for all of us

It’s important to me

For the human race

To be treated equally

If you don’t understand

Start somewhere today

Read, watch movies,

Take time to educate

Because your voice matters

So use it wisely

Be brave and courageous

It’s just simple kindness


I hope this poem pushes you to dig a little deeper, to educate yourself, to keep learning, and to ultimately use your voice to stand up for what is right & what is just, both online and off.

Please check out the links below. ❤️

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Lots of love.



  1. so beautifully written!
    i do hate it when people use the “political” excuse. shut them down immediately with “its a human right issue, not a political issue” ❤


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