4 Ways I’m Detoxifying My Body For A Better State Of Mind | 1 Year (& 3 months) On

Hello, my loves.

Wow, I’m doing a year on style post, gosh, it feels a little weird.

It’s more actually a ‘year and three months’ on, because today I’m going to be reflecting on a blog post I shared on March 1st, 2019. WOW.

Read: ‘4 Ways I’m Detoxifying My Body For A Better State Of Mind’

Phew. When I wrote that post, I wasn’t in the best place mentally. And I am in such amazement when looking back, how much a year changes things. How different I feel. How much happier I am, how I’m in a better place. It’s so crazy isn’t it? Life is such a magical roller-coaster, and I seriously can’t believe how much growth I have experienced over the past year. It feels so so good.

REMINDER – If you’re not feeling so great right now, it does get better. I’m proof right?

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Anyway, being that on 1st March 2019 my Mental Health was not feeling fabulous, I wanted to have a little detox, hence why I wrote the post ‘4 Ways I’m Detoxifying My Body For A Better State Of Mind’.

I felt inspired to talk a little about this post today, and where I am now. If I stuck to my goals etc etc, so let’s go.

RIGHT. So the first thing on the detox list was cutting out meat, which here I am today, still a vegetarian and I can’t see myself ever going back, if only going forward to the day where I have more and more vegan days. I don’t know if I’ll ever be fully vegan, it’s something that a part of me, my highest self maybe, would like to achieve, but also, I LOVE chocolate, and I’m not at that stage yet where I’m ready to give that part of me up. Though I do love a vegan day here and there, I did quite well last month really but I haven’t had a vegan day in probably a few weeks now, so that’s definitely on the cards to happen again soon. I’ll put it in the diary haha.

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Vegan treat recommendations – NOMO Creamy Chocolate Bar, Tesco Free From Chocolate, Ben & Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie Vegan Ice Cream, Tortilla Crisps, Eat Real Lentil Chips & Veggie Straws.

Anyway, the same month I started this detox I ate meat maybe once or twice due to circumstances however this only proved to me how much personally, meat is not good for me. For my own mental health, cutting out meat has made such a difference and on my conscience, I feel so much clearer for being a vegetarian.

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I love being vegetarian and believe it’s only a positive growth for me from here, being vegetarian makes me feel more connected to nature and Mother Earth’s babies, as I feel my beautiful loving bond deepen with the beautiful animals of this world! I am so grateful to be veggie, and this is definitely a step I’m glad I’ve finally, after so many years of consideration and attempts, committed to!

Am I gonna say it again? Yes- I love being a vegetarian!

Okay. Now on to number 2. Drink. Alcohol. This is not something I have cut out, and since writing the original post I had a horrendous experience of being so drunk, I felt the worst I’ve ever felt the following day. It wasn’t nice. That was in April last year, and after that night I decided to not drink again. Or at least not get drunk. I didn’t drink for a while, but then I started a little with some alcohol with the intent to only drink, but not get drunk. Maybe to loosen up a little and to relax, but not to take it too far to the point where I felt so bad, with beer fear and whatnot going on. This lasted pretty well, though I did get drunk in December and I definitely started drinking more between the months of Christmas up until March (well, I did go to Vegas LOL). This hasn’t affected my mental health, though I’ve still definitely done funny silly things under the influence of alcohol since drinking again, you know, just the usual drunk texting hahaha. These things happen! However, since being in lockdown, I haven’t really drunk too much. I’ve had about two kopparberg’s and a couple of mouthfuls of prosecco. I love not drinking and not having to worry about the effects of alcohol, and of course the perks of no hangovers etc, and going forward I intend to only drink in celebration and to cheers to life, but to know my limits and only have a couple of drinks so I still remain sober / if not just a little more relaxed. Nothing too much at all.

Now, number 3. The pill.

I originally planned to stop taking my birth control pill as part of my detox because, I just didn’t want to put it in my body anymore. I wanted to feel more natural, you know? Have natural periods and just, no unnecessary chemicals or whatever in me. All part of the detox. Anyway, after a couple of weeks I remembered why I went on the pill in the first place – to help with my mood swings. I went on the pill around aged 15 because I was such a stroppy teenager, this was supposed to help all that and make me feel better. Because of this I decided to go back on the pill, as my mental health wasn’t great I thought gosh, I don’t want to do anything to make it worse i.e. mood swings etc. Now remember, I am no doctor or expert, I am only speaking from my own experiences here! So please don’t take my word as gospel and always seek medical advice etc etc if you’re thinking of going on the pill, or have your own queries, and do what is best for you. I can only listen to my body but please seek medical advice if you have any queries etc of your own!!!

Anyway, I started taking the pill again but for a long time, I’ve been conflicted. Should I come off? I’m not sure it’s right for me etc etc… I’m not great with the pill, I’m irresponsible, I forget to take it or I take it too many days in a row, it’s just a nightmare having to deal with it if I’m honest, you know, I don’t have time for it. Travelling on holidays etc etc puts me out of routine, I might oversleep, or go to bed early, I just don’t like the pill and finally after my trip to Vegas I knew in my body it was right to finally stop taking the pill and I haven’t looked back. I’m currently on my second natural period since coming off the pill so it hasn’t been too long, but I’m so happy to not be taking it anymore. It’s just an overwhelming feeling of ‘this is right for me’, you know? I’ve been debating coming off for so long, I knew it was the right decision and I feel so much clearer for it.

I mean, I don’t know what I’m going to do when I get a fella because you know, I don’t want a baby yet but all I know for sure is, natural periods are the way forward. I’ve learnt a little about Spirituality and Moontime (periods) recently, how it’s all linked etc so this makes me so keen to just, be one with my body and bleed naturally you know, with nothing in my body to affect or change that. I know there’s an app you can use which tracks your fertility etc, so I might have to look into that. I’m unsure why I’m talking about it right now though because hello, ya girl is SINGLE but we’ve got to look to the future and we must have hope that I will meet my dream man. LOL. But anyway again what I’m saying, natural hormones and periods are for me, yayayayayay.

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Watch: ‘The Significance Of Moon Cycle Menstruation – Divine Feminine Rituals For Your Period!’ (Bridget Nielson)

Okay then lastly on the list, no meaningless sex. I mean, I haven’t even been able to have meaningless sex if I wanted to this last year LOL. I’ve never felt so single. After August Boy, I went on ONE date throughout the whole of 2020 which clearly, didn’t work out! And, really, there just hasn’t been such an opportunity. I don’t know why, I’ve often met people in clubs before but I guess the Universe just helped me out with this one and it’s been the right thing for me, I haven’t been given any opportunity to have meaningless sex and it’s GOOD. I am glad. I plan on sticking to it!

What I know is now, probably a little inspired by Jane The Virgin (yes I’m obsessed), is that I really want to just, take things slow. I don’t know, dating’s a complicated game, I want to do the right thing, and I want to be sure of what I want. In my first Breathwork session, I wrote ‘I will never give my body to someone who doesn’t deserve it again’ and I must honour this, so yeah. I guess, through circumstances, the Universe has helped me and I haven’t had any meaningless sex. Hurrah!

I don’t know what the future holds, I’m not about to sit here and promise I’ll never have a one night stand or a random hook up again because never say never, but I know I don’t want to just have meaningless sex anymore, especially with people who treat me badly. I guess it doesn’t even come down to meaningless sex, if someone treats me badly, then they shouldn’t be in my life anyway and I need to honour that and set proper boundaries now, which I definitely have been doing. If you read my January reflections from this year then you’ll know that a guy messed me about a tiny bit (I say tiny bit because we’d not actually met – Online dating tings etc), long story short we arranged a date, he said he was excited then went really cold and bailed on the date last minute, only to pop up again a few days later asking if we could rearrange. Your girl said no, hehe! So I’m definitely knowing my worth and setting my boundaries!

And as with when I meet someone who I do really like and who likes me back, I’m definitely going to try and play it differently this time. Sleeping with people straight away clearly hasn’t worked for me in the past, (not to say it never does for anyone, it’s a completely personal choice and all about what makes YOU happy), but this time I want to take things slow, and take the time to really get to know the person I’m potentially entering into a relationship with and know they truly deserve me, and that they truly respect and honour me, and I feel the same for them so that we can come together in love, union and perfect harmony with a mutual love and respect for one another. Meaningful, magical sex, hehe. ❤️

I hope you enjoyed reading this very personal & TMI detox update haha, at the very least at least it’s given you the opportunity to have a little nose – I for one know I love a good post like this.

Have you detoxed in anyway lately?

What are your thoughts on what I’ve talked about here?

And most importantly, how ARE you?

Let’s have a chat! Be sure to share all your thoughts in the comments below if you so desire!

As always thank you so much for reading,

have a blessed day,

lots of love,


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  1. Firstly, yasss girl for being so in tune with YOUR wants and needs! Personal posts like this are great to read so thank you for sharing 👏

    I feel you about the birth control dilemma situation too. I’ve had one serious relationship and was on the pill. I was only on it for about 2 years and didn’t think it affected me in a negative way and when I came off it in December 2018 I didn’t notice any major differences in myself. My cycle has always pretty regular (maybe that’s TMI lol) and stress affects mine more than anything. If I’ve been worried and upset and comfort eating it has an effect. As for what birth control to use when I next get into a relationship, I’m not sure, not against going back on the pill as you can stop straight away if there’s side effects but I always feel so awkward thinking about having to go the doctor/pharmacy and pick up that kind of medication.

    I’m so sorry you had a bad experience with a guy where he let you down and hit you up a few days later, it sucks and I’ve had that done so much so I know what it’s like. It has taught me to be tougher and what to look out for though. Life is too short to waste time on shitty people 😘😘

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    1. Thank you my love, I love writing posts like this, I just find them so much fun to write and it opens the door for discussion etc etc. People can relate or maybe they can’t but it’s just a great way to share and be involved.

      Sometimes I think it takes coming off something (like the pill) to realise how much better you feel for it. Like if I don’t have a vegan day I don’t feel bad, but then when I do have a vegan day I’m like wow, I feel so good for it. I don’t feel like I’ve been off the pill long enough to recognise how my natural periods are and how they cycle / respond to outside influences etc. So far so good though. 100%, if you like the pill and that works for you then go for it and like you say, if there are side effects you can stop. I don’t mind too much going to the doctors for it, but sometimes I have to chuckle when they make comments insinuating I’m in a relationship or something, talking about other forms of birth control and stuff. If I’m not seeing anyone at the time or whatever I’m just like LOL, I WISH! HAhahaa. I guess at least the appointment is only short, so it’s only like 5 – 10 mins of awkwardness.

      100% agreed beautiful. It’s not nice but I kind of enjoy it now LOL I know that sounds weird but I love the level of self respect that I have now, when a guy lets me down I almost enjoy it because when they come back days later out of the blue, whereas before I’d be like ‘oh yes of course I forgive you lets go get married ilysm’ even though they treat me SO SHITTY, now I’m just like ‘sorry my self respect is too high I’m not interested’ and I feel like such a boss haha. Of course not to say there aren’t times we should forgive, but I think we know when that’s right, but a guy acting shady before actually going on a date with them etc is an immediate red flag. Sorry that it’s happened to you to beauty, but like you say it’s taught you what to look out for and to always remember your worth. You deserve the best.

      Lots of love hun & thank you for commenting! xxx

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      1. You’re so right, it’s important to discuss topics like this. I haven’t talked about things like this with friends in the past because I’d feel ashamed but they’re such common things so many of us go through.

        I hate doctors so that’s why I feel scared and nervous to talk to them. I worry I’ll be judge or feel like I’ve done something wrong when really all I want is to be safe and protected haha.

        Whilst at times there’s nothing more I’d love than to be in a relationship and I feel like I’m missing out as I don’t have much experience when it comes to guys I know that I’m a good person and I’ll meet someone when I’m meant to. All this waiting is preparing me for how to be even more appreciative when I do get into a relationship again and the kind of person I’m looking for and want to be 🙂


  2. I’m glad to see you being so honest about navigating your detoxing ways instead of just being like I DID THIS I FEEL GREAT YAY. The journey to self-improvement is a tricky and messy one. I had no idea the pill can help with mood swings! And I think no meaningless sex is a good one because it can feel so empty afterwards, at the very least I think being intimate with someone whom you share a modicum of connection would make it so much better! I haven’t detoxed in anyway personally because I don’t know what I should either!

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    1. YES. so true. It’s not just, oh I did this now I’m feeling great. We have ups and downs, to quote, life is a rollercoaster. and things change, you know, life is a journey. Yes that’s originally why I went on it. But honestly now I’m older I’m so grateful, coming off the pill has affected me only in a positive way. So the mood swings that once were are no longer – just another example of how we grow and change. YES. that empty feelings is not nice at all, I never ever want to feel that way again. Like literally I can recall a certain time when I had that particular feeling and it’s just not nice. Of course, sometimes you can have meaningless sex and then move on and it’s fine, but I think it just depends on who it’s with etc. Like meaningless sex with someone who makes you feel bad is not the one, but I guess if it’s just someone you’re friendly with and want to have a fwb situation then it would be okay, because you still have that mutual respect for one another. I agree, it doesn’t have to be your soulmate, but if you have a connection and a respect for one another, then that’s so much better. Ah well lovely, I’m sure you don’t need a detox right now ❤ these type of things just flow all in divine timing ❤ thanks so much for your amazing comment xxx

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      1. Exactly! Things change and you change along with it too, whatever is right for you now not 10 years ago! And yes totally! 😁😍😘


  3. Aaw hun you’ve done so great! I agree when you’re not eating meat it feels so much better to not eat death if that makes senses. I feel you on drink. I like the odd cocktail but I’m not bothered by it. And birth control sucks. I had such erratic painful periods I went on the injection which I still have. Partly for stopping periods, partly contraceptive but I know it’s not good for you x

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    1. Thank you beaut! YES exactly. As they say ‘you are what you eat’ right?! So of course you want to eat food that makes you feel good and like you say ‘death’ is exactly what eating meat is… I know I still have cheese and dairy etc, but there’s a part of me that would love to breakaway from that for these same reasons but we’ll see we’ll see. Either way, I’m so glad to be vegetarian!!! 100%, a cocktail or too is perfect! Aww bless you hun, well at the end of the day, you’re doing it because it’s right for you. If it works for you that’s all that matters hun ❤ thank you for commenting xx

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  4. I’m so glad to hear this is going well for you and your mental health is improving! I’ve cut out alcohol completely and it’s not made a massive difference on my mental health either, but I definitely don’t miss the hangovers!

    As for the pill – you absolutely don’t need to start taking it again for any boy! I’m not able to take it because I get migraines with aura and me and my boyfriend work just fine with condoms (sorry if thats tmi lol). It’s actually crazy that women are expected to ingest something that fucks with your hormones and stops your body from behaving naturally just so that men don’t have to wear a rubber. Obviously if your body takes to it well and it helps other areas like mood swings and periods, that’s fab – but if you prefer to not take it, I don’t think anyone should expect you to xx

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    1. Thank you so much my love! ❤ Yes, I think where it was bad for my mental health was when I was drinking too much and getting drunk. I'd end up feeling awful and having regrets, instead of looking back on the night fondly. So a little drink here and there is okay of course, but I want to avoid getting terribly drunk at all costs. Like I said, I don't mind having a drink or two and relaxing a little, but I want to stay ultimately sober and in control.

      And no, hangovers are NOT missed, haha.

      No way! I wouldn't start taking the pill again for anyone but myself, thanks hun ❤ and I'm glad you stopped taking your pill too if it was giving you migraines, good for you hun for looking after yourself. and not tmi at all!!! This post is an honest open and safe discussion / place!!

      I guess I'll just have to see how I feel when I actually do get a boyfriend, haha! Can make a decision from there but I really can't imagine wanting to take the pill or using any other method which involves anything like that, like the implant or whatever. It'll have to be condoms or the app I guess. I don't know about the coil actually, I may have to do some more research LOL. Clearly, I know the pill and that's it haha.

      100%. If anybody expects you to do that then that's just not on and truthfully, they should be dumped LOL. You should take the pill etc for you and for you only ❤

      thanks so much for commenting lovely ❤


  5. Oh my gosh I am sooo proud of you, you have made so many amazing changes and I am so freaking proud of how far you have come. I used to be veggie then annoyingly started eating meat again and as my boyf eats meat it is just easier to cook meat, BUT I have started swapping out my meat for veggie alternatives and it is amazing!! I can so see myself being back veggie.

    At the beginning of lockdown I abused alcohol a lot as I was so bored and frustrated with Covid. It effected my mental health so much so I am so impressed and proud that you are cutting down too! I think binge drinking is so normalised but really it can effect you so much.

    Well done once again honey you absolutely smashed this and you are such an inspiration!! Lots and lots of love xxxx


    1. Ah you’re always so lovely Chloe! So much love to you ❤️❤️❤️ it’s so easy to fall back into eating meat – trust me I’ve been there hun but now I can’t imagine ever going back. You’ll be veggie if and when the time is right for you ❤️ veggie alternatives are so good and there are so many great ones out there now, it makes being veggie so much easier! What does your boyfriend think? Would he ever try veggie alternatives??

      Thank you hun!! Yeah it so it, I feel like it’s so normal to drink and have alcohol everyday. I don’t see a problem with that personally, and I don’t have an issue with alcohol as such but gosh, I literally never want to have a hangover again so I don’t plan on drinking much in the future, just a couple of drinks to chill and enjoy myself. But whereas I used to go out with the intent of getting drunk, that’s definitely changed now. I just want to have a good time, so for me that involves being sober / tipsy but in control hehe!! I hope you’re okay lovely ❤️

      Thank you so much for your lovely and supportive comment as always!!you are amazing! Xxxxxxx


  6. I am so proud of you and how far you have come! It is so beautiful to reflect and embrace yourself (lord knows I was doing that alot the last couple weeks lol) and girl you should be so proud of yourself, because you are a true light in this world, and are so beautiful inside and out. Thank you for being you! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It feels so good to reflect doesn’t it, especially when you notice such a positive difference. It feels so rewarding ❤ Hope you've enjoyed reflecting too ❤ I LOVE YOU! Thank YOU for being you, always so grateful Kate. xxxxx


  7. i love how far you’ve come this past year! i totally remember reading that post a year ago and looking back, you have grown so much! i am so proud of you 🙂

    i think it’s amazing you’ve decided to cut out meat, i haven’t cut it out of my diet completely but when we eat out, if the menu has vegan options i definitely make it a thing to eat that instead 😉 remember our Vegas dinner? yup, that pasta was vegan and it was delicious! i technically only eat chicken turkey and seafood/fish, but have pretty much almost completely cut out red meat, because it doesn’t make me feel good. same with dairy. i love summers because i tend to eat more vegetarian and pescatarian meals though 😀

    i think it’s great you’ve stopped drinking to get drunk as well. i was in that phase as well in my teen years and the older i got the less i cared for it, but maybe that’s because i saw many people around me get drunk and make so many mistakes that for me it kind of sunk in fast like, no i don’t want that, you know? hanging with the wrong crowd made me make better decisions in the end LOL i have decreased my alcohol intake too, and i do feel really good about that 🙂 it all started with sober october last year 😉 i no longer feel the need to drink every weekend haha, i see it as a treat when i do have it 🙂

    i’ve never been on the pill so i can’t comment on that haha. i never wanted to take anything that would mess with my hormones because all the girls i knew who did take it had irregular periods so the pill essentially made their periods more “regular” so in my case, i didn’t feel like i need it because i can pretty much predict mine and get it right on the money, i’ve been more in tune with my body after my son was born than ever before. i can now tell when i’m days away or when mother nature is about to arrive, day of, no joke, sorry TMI xD
    anyway, yes, listen to your body! it’s up to you what you decide to do with it 🙂


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