My Favourite Blog Posts | Spring 2020

Hello everybody, how are you today?

We are over a week into Summer and I’m enjoying the season so far, and I am so looking forward to the further blessings I have coming my way. This Summer truly will be the best, I just know it.

Being that we are now over a week into Summer, I think it’s about time that I share my favourite blog posts of Spring right?

This is a little series I started this year where I share my favourite blog posts that I’ve read each season.

Throughout Spring this year, I discovered a lot of amazingly written, powerful, insightful and inspiring blog posts, plus a lot of fun ones, ones which I’ve learned from, ones which I think are SUCH important reads. This list is quite a long one, so sit back and enjoy, because there’s plenty of content here for you to really get stuck into.

Let’s jump in!

bby grl | Kiya @flawed_silence

Honestly I am obsessed with this girls writing & poetry, and this beautiful poem I found to be so powerful. As I mentioned when I commented, I think if I had read this poem early last year, it would of resonated with me so much and filled me with so much hope. It’s a powerful reminder that even in our dark days, it’s okay to feel down but it DOES get better, there are always brighter days coming and you will be okay again. LOVE!

A Winter Wonderland | @SaaniaSparkle

This poem was written so beautifully and it’s very atmospheric, I love the feelings & how the words totally encapsulate you and bring you into the poem, as though you are there in the Winter Wonderland yourself. Perfect.

Thoughts To Ponder | @anavenblogs

This is a really beautiful reminder about life which I think is so important, it’s a short but sweet post with a great message. Enjoy.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons – REVIEW! | Mia

Be careful guys – If you haven’t already got Animal Crossing then this review is totally going to make you want to treat. This was such a well written, fun and informative review, which has definitely sparked my interest in purchasing the game. I just really love how enjoyable this post was to read, I had to give Mia’s post a shout out here.

Influenster — Love Beauty and Planet Sea Salt and Bergamot Body Lotion Review | Rossy @ayrgalaxy

Rossy’s blog posts are always so professional, beautifully written with fantastic photos and I just loved this review post. As always it was in depth and informative, with plenty of information on the products and the brand itself. This post introduced me to the ‘Love Beauty and Planet’ brand so I definitely want to get my hands on some of their stuff and also, I love how Rossy coloured some of her sentences in blue. So calming and in fitting with the whole theme of the blog post, I LOVE the attention to detail.

Happy Earth Day 2020! | Kate @liveinthenautical

Yay Earth Day! This post from Kate was inspiring as always, and a great reminder to treat this Earth with all the love and respect, plus it included some great tips on how we can do better to ensure we’re looking after our home. Thanks Kate!

Why It’s OK To Gain Weight In Lockdown | Chloe @ChloeBurford

Chloe, what a relatable honest and open Queen!! I loved this blog post so much, it was a healthy reminder that it’s okay to be REAL. Especially in times like this when life is so different right now (especially at the time this post was published when lockdown was even more intense), I’m sure so many would find this post from Chloe so comforting and relatable, I am so glad she shared this as keeping it real and sharing reminders that life isn’t about being perfect – it’s okay to lose weight gain weight WHATEVER, is so so important. Chloe should be VERY proud of herself for writing and sharing this blog post!

Pre-Quarantine HAUL — Clothing Try-On + Beauty Products & Miscellaneous | Rossy @ayrgalaxy

Another wonderful post from my girl Rossy, if you love a haul then you’ll love this one! Rossy shares lots of fun purchases from beauty products to clothes and more. Enjoy!

LOOKBOOK — 5 Looks Using Beautycounter Velvet Eyeshadow Palette | Rossy @ayrgalaxy

Am I Rossy’s biggest fan? Yes, yes I am. First of all, I always look forward to Rossy’s makeup lookbooks, she is just one seriously talented Queen and the looks she creates are always inspiring and GORGEOUS! This lookbook was especially fun and special to read as Rossy went all out, not only including fantastic looks as always, but she shared really cool fun facts relating to the eyeshadow palette / shade names / look names throughout. I also learnt the term / name of a specific eyeliner style which I love – ‘Arabian Liner’ – from this post. Rossy is the best!

I Stand With You, Always. | Xandria

A beautifully written post in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, standing in solidarity with the black community. This is something that we must continue to talk about & we must continue to do better, be better & make a positive change. I am so thankful Xandria shared this post, it is so SO important we come together right now, and even for those of us who may not understand, we must still stand and use our voices to make this world a safe and happy place for everyone, and we must continue to stand in solidarity with the black community, allow their voices to be heard, because Black Lives Matter, yesterday, today, tomorrow and always.

Summer 2020 Reading List | Xandria

I really enjoyed reading about what’s on Xandria’s reading list, this was such an enjoyable read and filled with lots of books that intrigued me, I’m definitely looking forward to buying a book or two from this list. With lots of variety and books across multiple genres, if you’re looking for some more books to add to your ‘tbr’ then this is the list for you. Enjoy!

Here Ends The First Lesson. | Ellen

A short but powerful and important blog post, using a prompt to tell a short story on justice for all. This is highly an important read and I love how Ellen said ‘I believe tackling justice for all #BlackLivesMatter needs to begin at the knee of families. My response is, to show how we all can nurture our young to become a better race.’ Change starts from within, and at home. Please read!

Blogging 101: How To Grow Your Blog | Xandria

A helpful post from Xandria with tips / guidelines & advice on how to grow YOUR blog. I especially loved her ‘Six Figure Attitude’ tip, such a fantastic approach. Thanks for sharing Xandria.

The Candace Owens Video | Benjamin Lee

Honestly, I am just going to let this post speak for itself but I urge you to read. I could highlight every single word, it’s just so well written and hits the nail on the head. Every sentence I read in this post I’m just thinking ‘YES’, I really hope more people read this blog post as it’s so important, like I said, I’ll let the post speak for itself because Benjamin has written it perfectly.

The Real Answer to “How Are You?” | Kate @liveinthenautical

Once again another wonderful post from Kate. I simply adore what Kate writes about, her blog posts are always so… meaningful. She truly writes from the heart and has such a power to her words, she is an incredible writer and this post is so important, inspiring, encouraging and real. Thank you Kate.

Why I think The Entertainment Industry Needs To Change | Xandria

Oh this post just hits the nail on the head. Again, another post I will let speak for itself but I truly think that this is such an important and insightful read, eye opening and hopefully change invoking, the entertainment industry NEEDS more diversity, it simply must start now and there’s no excuse for it not to. Thanks for sharing Xandria.

Scent of a flower | @violetonlineisonline

I thought this was a truly beautiful post with a gorgeous message, I’m sure you’ll love it too.

How I Manage Working with Migraines | Hayley @lifeofhayley

This was a really insightful post and I am so happy Hayley has been discussing migraines over the past few weeks on her blog and raising awareness on the subject. As someone who doesn’t suffer from migraines I have found Hayley’s posts so informative, giving me a greater understanding of how people who suffer from migraines feel and experience day to day life which I think is SO important, as even though I don’t suffer from them it’s important I (and others) understand just how they can affect others so we can be more understanding, compassionate and empathic, hopefully meaning that we can help more. This is a super insightful and beneficial post which I think would really be great for other people to read, thanks again Hayley for sharing.

I truly hope this post has helped you to discover some more amazing blog posts and bloggers, I really think the blogosphere has been absolutely treated to some amazing content over the past couple of months, and these bloggers are all so phenomenal.

I’m so excited to see what I discover on the blogosphere this Summer.

What’s been the best blog post you’ve read recently?

Which bloggers do you recommend I follow?

What’s YOUR favourite blog post that you published throughout Spring?

Be sure to let me know all your thoughts in the comments below,

as always thank you so much for reading,

lots of love and light,


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  1. Oh my gosh thank you so so so much for the shout out and your kind words – I am honestly so blown away. Your kind words have made my day, wait no scrap that, my whole week!! Hearing such amazing feedback on my posts makes this all worthwhile and I am beyond blessed to have you as a friend, so thank you! I will definitely go and check out the other recommendations as they all sound such fab bloggers xxx


  2. LOL at Animal Crossing. I don’t have a switch (they’re literally always sold out) so I made do with the Pocket Camp on my phone 🙂 it’s so stinking cute!

    I might have seen the “Why it’s okay to gain weight” and I thought it was lovely to write about that. A lot of people found motivation to keep going with their workouts but I’ve had such a tough year when it comes to working out.

    love that you’ve included both poetry and posts of people speaking out for BLM. 🙂 i do agree that change starts at home too, racism isn’t inherited, it’s learned.

    thanks so much for including several of my posts here you’re the best! honestly yeah, you are truly one of my #1 fans ! love ya doll! ❤

    the best blog post I've read recently, I haven't gotten there yet as I haven't read in quite a while haha, i'm about to catch up at least a week 🙂

    i am pretty sure all the bloggers i follow, you already follow 🙂

    my fave blog post i published in spring? good question, i have posted a few i'm very proud of, but i would have to look through my blog haha hold on, brb….
    definitely all the Sailor Moon reviews because those are my top reviews and i'm very proud of them and how i wrote them as well as the photos 🙂 and i think i'll have to include the beautycounter lookbook too 🙂


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