E Is For Edinburgh

Oh hi my loves, how you doin’? I always think of Friends when I say ‘How you doin” even though I hardly ever watch Friends, and I’m definitely not an expert on the show, LOL. but anyway, how are YOU doing? Talk to me, open up, I’m always here, whether you want to talk and express emotions, if you’re feeling a lil’ funky, or if you’re feeling excited and happy and elated. Talk to me, I AM HERE!!!!!!!

Anyway, today I’m here with a travel blog post, in my A-Z of travel series which I haven’t participated in for a little while, oh well, I’m here now right?

Today it’s E for Edinburgh, and I’ll be sharing with you a little of my trip to Edinburgh which I took last December as a fun Christmas break with Emily. This was my first time visiting Edinburgh and I truly loved it, what a wonderful city, definitely a perfect destination for a Christmas trip. Emily and I had such a laugh together, we actually got a noise complaint from our apartment neighbours where we stayed, mostly due to the outrageous sound of my laughter. Well, I like to let it out, if somethings funny I’ve got to laugh. Laughter is the best medicine after all. Also in fairness, we were only laughing for half an hour AND it wasn’t late, it was around 9pm soooooo… fair enough if we were laughing loudly non stop into the early AM, but it was not that bad. I think the neighbours were definitely just jealous to be missing out on the giggles, 100%.

Anyway, Edinburgh. Like I said we visited at Christmas so there were lots of Christmass-y vibes going on. Of course there was the Christmas markets with the fun rides and cute little stalls, which we visited everyday. Such a pretty place, perfect for all the festive vibes!

We actually stayed a little way out from central Edinburgh, unintentionally, it’s just where we booked but in all honesty the location was perfect, it was right on the edge I’m guessing by the sea, so lovely and fresh, and it was only a short bus ride into central Edinburgh where everything was going on. I couldn’t fault the location, the busses were frequent so, it didn’t really feel like we were too far out of the way!


We stayed in Ocean Apartments, and I would definitely stay there again & for sure recommend, so long as you don’t mind taking the bus to get into town.


Emily and I spent three days in Edinburgh, arriving on the Sunday and leaving on the Tuesday evening, this was a great length of time and we enjoyed a lot of activities, though next time I think I’d like to do four days, and hopefully get the opportunity to hike Arthur’s Seat.

Whilst in Edinburgh we visited the castle, which was really cool and educational, and naturally, filled with a lot of history. I learnt about Conscientious Objection, which is where a person aims to opt out of military service or as wikipedia says ‘a conscientious objector is an individual who has claimed the right to refuse to perform military service on the grounds of freedom of thought, conscience, or religion’ – that sums it up better than I can hehe.



We enjoyed a ride at the Christmas markets, ate dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe (of course), and enjoyed the views and experience of Calton Hill.

Wow. What a place is Calton Hill. Here you will enjoy stunning views of Edinburgh, the bliss of being outdoors, and marvellous monuments which will have you looking in awe.


For a long time I had the Dugald Stewart Monument on my vision board (it’s still on there because I’d love to revisit), so of course I had to get my picture with this monument in the background. Manifesting at it’s finest.

We explored the shops, I ate a good few vegan sausage rolls from Greggs and we even tried a fried Mars bar, Scottish delicacy. I was nervous to try this at first, goodness knows why, but it was actually really nice, from what I remember almost like – well – a melted mars bar haha so nice and gooey. Not photogenic, but tasty all the same.


I enjoyed my trip to Edinburgh so much, and I hope that I get the opportunity to return soon. I’d love to visit again this Christmas, for another festive trip with my loved ones! Let the manifesting commence hehe, and here’s to many more adventures.

I had such a giggle with Emily in Edinburgh, I’m so excited to take many more fun trips with her in the future!

Have you ever been to Edinburgh?

Where’s your favourite place to visit at Christmas?

Where’s next on your travel bucket list?

Be sure to let me know all your thoughts in the comments below!

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As always thank you so much for reading,

with lots of love,



    1. It’s such a lovely place Edinburgh, I’d love to go back and I’m so sorry that your trip before got cancelled, but there will totally be another time and you will get to visit this gorgeous city! Fried mars bar is good, I’d love to try it with ice cream too! xx

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  1. LOL I’m definitely not an expert on the show FRIENDS but I do know that, that phrase also always reminds me of the show-Joey! You talking about Christmas lights and Christmas vibes just gave me a jolt of excitement for Christmas time. Crazy that we’re not even that far off, 5 months away?! Wait also, your tie dye pants literally match the sky in that same photo!! Did you plan that ahead of time 😉 lol I think i’d love the castle tour I love a good old medieval aesthetic, even down to the signage. I randomly love that stuff. Love you!!! xo

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    1. Yes!!! It’s just a classic quote that everyone knows even if you haven’t seen Friends! Omg for real it’s so weird talking about Christmas stuff in the Summer but I didn’t want to wait and I know, this year has really flown by?!?! I can’t believe it’s only 5 months away ah! So exciting though, I love Christmas 😍 omg hehe they do don’t they and for once it actually wasn’t planned (unlike me though 😂)! Omg the Castle is so cool hun and if you’re a fan of castles you would LOVE Windsor Castle it’s beautiful!! Okay when you come to England twinnie I am taking you there!!! Ah so exciting!! Hehe love that! Thanks so much for commenting twinnie!! Love ya ❤️❤️❤️

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