My Funny Outtakes | Behind The ‘Gram | Part One

Hi, Angels.

How are you today?

Recently, I felt inspired to share some outtakes here on the blog, of the pictures that don’t quite make the ‘gram… the pictures that I don’t expect to EVER make the ‘gram lol. These are the outtakes from my ‘ootd’ photoshoots and pictures in general really, somehow, I always end up with some funny photos when shooting. I’m sure my Mum likes to capture my off moments on purpose…

Anyway, I thought it’d be funny to share these photos as some of them are quite amusing, so without further ado, please enjoy these oh so gorgeous photos of yours truly…


Remember when I shared the post ‘An honest chat on feeling guilty, learning from my mistakes, & life in general (kind of)’, the above photo was taken on that day!!! I was feeling soooo miserable… which makes the photo that made the ‘gram quite funny because obvs, in that photo, I’m smiling, and it’s actually a photo which my friend said she loved a lot – interesting considering I really wasn’t feeling it that day. I’ve posted photos of myself which I like much more yet, the one that I just think ‘oh that’ll do’ to is one that got so much love. It be like that sometimes… anyway, I’m pretty sure when this photo was taken I was mid sentence saying ‘I just want to go now’, I was so over taking the pics lol. It’s so funny because the more I look at the photo the more feeling I see in it, I look like I’m about to cry omg.

Here’s the actual photos which made the ‘gram…

Much better right?


I do NOT look my best in this photo, I look angry hahahah… I was probably telling my Mum to use her eyes when taking the photo – my idea of how to guide someone to take a good pic loool ‘use your eyes’. I’ve actually had to check myself big time with this because hello? I love my Mum and she deserves better than the attitude I’ve been known to give her in the past when it comes to my photoshoots… Honestly I feel like if I was a supermodel or something this photo would be used in the magazines with the headline grabber ‘Jennie the diva demon’ LOOOL along with some side story about how I’m hard to work with. This pic just gives me those vibes. I’m sorry Mum. I promise I’m so much more patient now haha.

Honestly some of the funniest photos from my trip to Las Vegas in March. I am CRYING. The first one I think I’m fuming because there’s people walking about in the background, I mean, HEAVEN FORBID there’s actual tourists in a tourist spot… then I don’t even know what’s going on in the following two… what is that pose in the third pic please? WHAT AM I DOING!!!!!!!!!? There’s so many more funny photos from this specific moment, I’ll be sure to find them and share them in future posts 😉


Last but not least, this goldie… I was feeling so grumpy with how these pictures were turning out, but it’s funny, because I’ll probably look at the photos in a few months time and think ‘hey, I love those why wasn’t I keen?’, I find that’s the way sometimes, I take photos then in months to come I look back and I’m like oooooooh, why haven’t I posted that yet haha / something along those lines.


The pic which made the ‘gram!

Anyway, there’s definitely more where these came from and I’ll be sure to share more posts in this series. I just think it’s good to show behind the scenes of photos, as a reminder that the ‘gram is great but it isn’t everything. There’s feelings, a person, and a story behind the pictures. I like to keep it real, hehe.

IF,after seeing these funny outtakes you’d like to follow me on Insta for the more Insta-worthy photos, then be sure to follow me here @50shad3s0fj4y

Which photo do you think is the funniest? Do you have any funny ‘behind the ‘gram’ photos / stories to share? Be sure to let me know all your thoughts in the comments below.

As always thank you so much for reading,

with lots of love and sunshine,



  1. I like this post, it’s funny. There are lots of funny pictures of me lol, there are pictures of me, where I look grumpy because I hate getting my photo taken and I wasn’t really happy anyway lol.


  2. Ahh, I love how you’re sharing the pictures that go on the ‘gram versus the ones that don’t because they’re things you don’t see but you know they exist! ♡ The angry looking one made me chuckle — and that’s caption worthy of something to say 😂 and I love your bright personality so much. Thanks for sharing, Jenna! It’s so nice catching up with you!


  3. I love your sense of humor in this. Girl, I literally have to take 50 shots to get one good one. But i feel you some days aren’t the best days and its hard to put on a smiling face but at the same time you just want the shot lol the struggle. The amount of outtakes I have makes for a ton of funny content lol there’s something so lighthearted and fun about being about to laugh at ourselves sometimes. Also the “use your eyes” comment is SO funny to me because my mom is actually the one that tells me that and I really can’t help but to LOL because true!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehe thanks hun and omg for real! It’s like you’re in a bad mood but also you don’t want to wait another week for the opportunity to take the photo again or whatever 😂 so funny! All for the gram 😭 what are we like haha! Omg really!! There certainly is for sure lol let me know if you ever decide to share your outtakes I bet they’re great!!! And omg no way I love your mum! Feels so weird saying mum when you say mom but also don’t want to just look like I’m copying you hahahaha omg anyway LOVE her! It is true though I don’t understand like… just use your eyes you can see if something looks good or not 😂😂😂 so funny!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. girl yassss! I adore this post so much! I take SO many pictures and the outtakes are so funny! I m always wondering what the heck I am doing! Also you look gorgeous even in your outtakes! ❤


  5. this is such a cute post!!! i love seeing behind the scenes kind of things, especially with photos and these are wonderful! 😀 you look amazing in all of them, i must admit the vegas ones are some of my favorite outtakes too!


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