The Trees Who Fell In Love | Poetry

The trees who fell in love
Whispered softly to one another
Pinky promises to protect
The mysterious secret lovers
Deep within the hills
Sixpence wishes made with smiles
The trees who fell in love
Grew tall to keep the lovers wild
The leaves they multiplied
Branches intertwining
To keep the stories hidden
Shielding eyes not meant for prying
The trees who fell in love
Held the lovers stories close
Kept them safe deep within their roots
And from keeping pretty promises
Deep in love they grew
The trees who fell in love
Smiled down at the two lovers
For where they chose to share their story
Is what drew them to each other

Inspired by one of my favourite places, the beautiful St Ann’s Hill. ♥

Image courtesy of my beautiful soul sister Vikki.

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  1. This poem, That pic, Absolutely stunning beautY! You are such a gorgeous poet! I am not only in awe, but feel your words every time I read your poetry! Thank you for sharing your gift with us! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AH I love you so much, comments like this just make my day and I am always so thankful for you Kate!!! ❤ thank you thank you thank you, so grateful you enjoyed and took the time out to comment. Love you ❤


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