The Weekend | Poetry | Aug 2020 Thoughts & Life Learning | I’m Already Good Enough (and so are you!)

This could be my downfall or this could be my making

This is just a wake up call for my decision making

I’ve been doing so well now I feel 10 steps behind

I’ve always known alcohol’s bad for my state of mind

Waking up not knowing what I said what I did

Feeling shame regret,

I feel embarrassed


I let the people I love down

This is a strong message to turn it all around

A lesson is a blessing and this is just a push

Love my truth do my best

There’s so much for me to do

6 months from now you’ll see me

You’ll notice how I’ve bloomed

Focus and dedication

I’m good

My best life I claim as my truth


Hey, beautiful people. I hope this post sees you well. Just my reminder for you today that you are special, loved, worthy and good enough already as you are, you don’t have to be anyone but YOURSELF!!! Okay… you’re beautiful and I love you!

I wanted to follow on from this post with a few words, I have a lot I’d like to say at the moment… a lot on my mind, so expect more personal blog posts coming soon, maybe? We’ll see… no pressure or anything.

I want to talk about something I learnt yesterday, well, a couple of things really. Firstly, I wrote this poem in the midst of a shitty weekend. Since a bad night out on Friday (though forever grateful for my loving, supportive, wonderful friends who truly do have my back), my mental health has taken a plummet. Though I feel okay with this, because I already feel on the road to recovery. The tools and methods I have learnt over the past year and a half have really helped me, so even though I have been feeling a little bit rough, my mindset is more powerful now. I know I have the power to take control of my life, my reality. To find my happiness, to be happy.

And all I really need to do to find that happiness and be happy, is to be here now, to be grateful for this moment God has blessed me with. Because nothing in this life should ever be taken for granted, not ever. We are luckier than we even realise. To be able to sit here and write this blog post, I am SO BLESSED. I am so blessed, I am so blessed. That I’m healthy, that I have a healthy mindset, that I am in control, even on the days where I feel low, it’s always going to be okay, and I have so much to be thankful for. As they say ‘this too shall pass’.

so the bad times aren’t forever, I promise, appreciate the ‘little’ things, they are so much more magical than, well, than I’ve given them credit for. I aspire to travel, to adventure, to do all these wonderful things and I can and I will do these things, but I need to be grateful for the here and now, the things that come in between the big things. Life is what we make it after all, if I can’t appreciate this moment here and now for the blessing that it is, how on Earth am I going to be able to appreciate any other moments, big or small? Life is here now, every moment is precious and worthy of the utmost gratitude. Magic is here, now, and I am everything I need to be, I have everything I need. What I have is enough, I am already blessed, and I am already good enough.

When I say I’m already good enough, I mean it in terms of personality aspirations, becoming my best self right? I have goals, I say in the poem I want to bloom, and I will, I so will. But look how far I’ve already bloomed. Look at where I’m at now. We are not our best days or our worst days, we just are. And here as I am right now, I am so good enough. I really am!!!!! Even if I see myself as someone who is super tidy and organised, if my vision of my best self is someone who makes her bed everyday, never complains, yaddaayaddayadda, well, even on the days where I skip making my bed, the days when I do have a moan or complain about something, I am still good enough on those days too!

Life is a variation of thoughts, emotions and feelings. We go with the flow, we be. We are nature. And just like nature, we go through seasons. And I’m just going to leave you with this quote – ‘The moon is a reminder that no matter what phase I am in, I’m still whole’. I don’t know who said this, but the words are true, and they resonate with me today.

May YOU forever know, that whatever stage you’re at right now, you’re doing great, you’re already good enough. You are worthy of love, happiness and joy. You are doing the best you can.

Repeat after me –

❤️I am whole

❤️I am beautiful

❤️I am ALREADY good enough

❤️I am worthy of love happiness joy and respect, simply for being me

❤️I deserve to be happy

❤️I am doing the best I can

❤️I love myself unconditionally

❤️I accept myself unconditionally

With all my love and light, you beautiful human,



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  1. It sucks that you had a rough weekend but your positive affirmations here are all true!! Magic is everywhere, and I believe everything happens for a reason. ❤ Life is weird, but wonderful and everyday we are alive is truly a gift where something amazing can happen at any moment! I love your positive attitude and I'm sending good vibes your way ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ Here's to a better week!!!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much gorgeous your message means so much ❤️❤️ Truly it does thank you! And yes yes yes love what you’ve said hun!! Something amazing can happen at any moment, it really can! Sending love and light hope you have a great week too! Xxx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I absolutely adore and love you beauty! It seems to be a season of struggle, but all seasons pass and this will to. Something that always gets me through is to remember that after the storms the sun comes out, the flowers bloom and you just might catch sight of a rainbow. We are human and love and friendship aren’t there just during our “perfect” moments but even our imperfect ones. Hang in there sweet lady! I love you and am SO grateful for you and your gorgeous soul in my life ❤


  3. I’m so sorry to hear you had a tough weekend and are struggling, but I am pleased to hear you are healing yourself. You are such a strong beautiful spirit and I adore the poem you wrote as it resonates with me a lot. If you ever need someone to talk to, please remember my inbox is always open! Sending you all of the positive thought and love, there are better times ahead I promise you. xxxx


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