Eyes Locked Across The Room | Poetry

Eyes locked across the room

Sea green forests piercing through 

Deep into my soul

As if I’d never known true vision before

All at once he was everything

A myriad of technicolour 

The stars that were written shined brighter


My heart lighter

If I was the spark

He was the reason I was about to fly

And I knew

In that moment

Eyes locked across the room

My life

Was changed


For more of my poetry, please click here.

Instagram: @50shad3s0fj4y


    1. Thank you so much hun it means a lot! And omg no way? I haven’t read / heard of that series but I TRUST you haha so thank you! I’m going to check the series out now! Thanks so much lovely ❤️❤️


  1. You are so beautifully creative twinnie!!! I’m touched. Do you have a poetry book that you write all your stuff in? Please keep sharing more of your writings, they’re so lovely ❤ Ps that lip color in your photo is amazing on you!!! 😍


  2. I adore this! Beauty you have such a gift and a way with words. You are able to invoke so much emotion and thought. It is such a gift! Also I am one hundred and ten percent here for it! I love the journey you take us on! sending you so much love! ❤

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