8 Ways To Heal and Transcend When You’re Feeling Low & Tips To Consciously Shift Into A More Blissful State Of Mind

Hello beautiful, radiant, sunshine beings. How are YOU feeling today?

I hope you are feeling happy, wonderful, excited, all the good things… because you deserve it my love!

However you are feeling today, I am here to help bring YOU back into your power, so that you can consciously create happiness, bliss, joy and healing in your life. So if you’re already feeling happy and positive today then that’s absolutely wonderful of course, this is here for you as a guide for those times that you may feel slightly ‘off’, for if & when you are feeling out of alignment, stressed, disappointed, upset etc. Life is a journey and we will experience wonderful times, highs and lows, happiness and joy of course – and as much as possible of all that good stuff please, however of course as with the Yin and Yang of life, we will also experience our down days, we may feel low, out of alignment, days where we may just need a good cry and that’s totally okay, it’s all a part of this beautiful life we are so blessed to be here experiencing. Crying is healing and it’s totally okay, it’s meant for us, to experience duality and to honour our emotions and experiences. It’s all a part of life, we are Divine Spiritual beings here on Mother Earth having a human experience, that duality, it’s all a part of what we came here for. We came here to experience the magick of it all.

And as I always say – we certainly came here to experience our BEST LIVES. So even though the highs and the lows are all a part of this human experience, I am here today to help you with a few tips and tricks to shift you back into alignment on those days where you are feeling a little low, the times when maybe you are having a few problems. Remember, it’s all totally okay, we always want to honour our emotions, however you are feeling. Your feelings are valid.

This guide is to show you how you can heal, learn and grow from the lows, rather than staying stuck on autopilot and waiting for something to come along to make us feel ‘better’ or ‘happy’ again, without ever actually transcending from the ‘problem’ or healing from it properly. This guide is to hopefully inspire you to intentionally create how you feel, to guide you into consciously stepping into your power and choosing to feel happy, grateful and excited, by choosing to honour our emotions, learn from them, heal and transcend.

So let’s get into my favourite ways to consciously step into your power, heal, transcend, and intentionally create a blissful, happy life – Let’s go!

1 – Journal

Express how you’re feeling about the situation that’s on your mind, grab your pen and let your words flow, let it all out. You can even rip this journal entry up afterwards if it feels good to you as a way to let it go. Whatever you need to release, express that in your journal and let it all out. If it helps – you could even follow some journal prompts and / or give thanks for the situation being blissfully resolved for the highest good of all, you could even script your desired outcome from the situation – for example, if you’re looking for new employment you could script ‘I am so happy, thankful and excited now that I am working at such a wonderful place of employment, where I feel joy, connection and happiness, thank you thank you thank you’ – let the scripting come from the heart in alignment with what resonates with you, what feels good when you write. This will shift you back into a place of being a powerful, conscious creator and shift you into alignment with receiving your desired outcome. Writing in the present tense as though you already have what you want will shift you into those feelings of joy at experiencing your desired outcome, raise your vibrations so you are on the receiving frequency, increase your feel good feelings, bring you into alignment with your desires, creating a calm in your heart, and feelings of being at ease trusting the Divine is taking care of everything for you and for the highest good of all.

Journaling is a great way to express your emotions, understand yourself more, gain insights into situations, release, heal, calm yourself and of course, consciously create.

Here’s a few journal prompts you could use next time you want to use this tip! –

How am I feeling right now?

Why do I feel this way?

How does this situation make me feel? Why does it make me feel this way?

What can I learn from this situation? What is this experience teaching me?

What can I do to bring joy into my life right now?

How can I grow from this situation?

What would I like the desired outcome from this situation to be?

What are three things I have to be thankful for right now?

What are three reasons I have to smile right now, what / who am I thankful for today?

2 – High Frequency Music

Listen to some high frequency music such as 432hz or 528hz to calm yourself and elevate your vibrations. I love to listen to high frequency music when I’m writing also, as I find I’m more connected to Divine Guidance, my heart centre and all those positive energies this way! I’d definitely recommend listening to high frequency music as you journal, for the reasons I just mentioned, of course it’s all about what resonates with you but for me, I personally find it helps to deepen my connection with the Divine, Lightworkers, my Higher Self, the Universe, God, my Spirit and Angel family, and my heart so I’m truly connected with Divine Guidance when I write – I often listen to high frequency music when writing blog posts too for the same reasons.

I recommend – ‘MIRACLE TONE TRANSFORMATION, 528 hz, Raise Positive Vibrations, Healing & Miracles’Jason Stephenson

‘Manifest Miracles I Attraction 432 Hz I Elevate Your Vibration’Jason Stephenson

‘HIGHER SELF ♡ 528Hz Transform Life into Miracles + 7.5Hz Inner Self Awareness ♡ 432 Hz Miracle Music’Lovemotives Meditation Music

For a guide to high frequency music – please click here and here.

Disclaimer* For safety reasons, Jason Stephenson, whose channels are linked above, advises on his videos such as the ones linked not to listen whilst driving or operating machinery, for this reason I had to share this disclaimer here as of course – your safety is paramount.

3 – Meditate

If you are feeling angry, anxious or upset, calm yourself with a meditation (although even if you’re not feeling any of those things and you’re feeling fab, meditation is still a great thing to do daily, I LOVE). Meditation is a powerful way to calm and soothe the soul, clear the mind, and helps to restore calmness, peace and faith (along with many other incredible benefits – the list of benefits when it comes to meditation goes on and on and on) and can be a powerful way to bring you back into a state of love and harmony. With meditation, you can also ask for answers, guidance and inspiration from the Divine and your Spirit and Angel family if you feel called to do so. If something is on your mind, if there’s a situation you could use some healing for, or if there’s a situation you’d like to heal or resolve, questions on your mind or feelings you would like to let go of and / or transcend from, relax into a meditation, calm your mind, return to your breath and set your intention to receive guidance, healing, love and clarity – whatever it is you want from the meditation. You will usually find that when your mind is quiet that’s when Divine inspiration, answers and guidance will flow to you.

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Some of my favourite meditation music and guided meditations –

Jason Stephenson – Guided Meditations & Jason Stephenson – Chakra Healing Music *Both of these channels from Jason Stephenson are filled with wonderful high frequency meditation music & guided meditations.

World Healing Guided Meditation With The Angels- Heal People, Animals, The Earth, Family & Yourself – Sarah Catori

Enhance Your Manifesting Abilities – Law of Attraction Hypnosis BOOSTER – Leeor Alexandra

Heart, Mind & Body Healing and Energy Balancing Meditation – Chamber of Light – Leeor Alexandra

Be sure to journal after meditating if any Divine messages, guidance, information or anything of importance comes through for you – or even just journal about how you feel afterwards!

4 – Breathwork

A powerful form of meditation, Breathwork is an incredibly powerful meditation technique that will cleanse you, heal you and have your body and soul feeling so refreshed. This is one of the most powerful ways to release built up emotions, stagnant energy in the body and ultimately heal, let go and transcend. I aim to do Breathwork at least once a week and it’s so therapeutic, I always feel Soul refreshed afterwards – it’s the most wonderful experience. It can be hard work and it can be intense, when we participate in Breathwork, a lot of healing happens and a lot of emotions can come to the surface, you may burst out into tears or scream during Breathwork (or you may even find yourself laughing joyfully), it can be intense but this is what is healing you. It’s bringing all those emotions deep from within you, moving around all that stagnant energy and helping you to heal, transcend and let go. Trust me, Breathwork is one of the most cleansing forms of meditation and will help your soul to feel so refreshed, cleansed and nourished, I just adore it. I use Leeor Alexandra’s guided Breathwork meditation which you can purchase here – it’s around 40 minutes long and has been so lovingly and beautifully put together, I highly recommend. I love Breathwork so much! You can also checkout this guided breathwork meditation from ‘Pushing Beauty’ on YouTube here.

5 – Communicate & Talk with your Spirit and Angel Family

Whatever you are feeling, if you need to vent, rant, express your emotions, just let it all out and talk to your Spirit Family, they are right by your side here with you, so if you need to let your emotions flow, just talk, address your Angel & Spirit Guides / Family, show them your appreciation that they are here with you, listening to you, being with you and if you need to ask for any help or guidance, then do so and give them thanks for assisting you. Talk to them out loud, or in your head, whichever feels best for you, just communicate with them as much as possible. Through the highs and the lows, talk to your Angels and Guides and remember to always give them thanks for loving you, and guiding you through. Let your feelings out as if you are expressing your emotions to a friend, have a conversation, your Angels are with you, and they love you deeply.

I believe I first got the inspiration for this, openly chatting with my Angels and communicating with them out loud from this video from ActivationVibration on YouTube.

Watch – Clarity~ Angel Messages

6 – Walk

Get out into nature, release any stagnant energy you may have inside of you, breathe in that soul nourishing fresh air and take a refreshing stroll. I love taking walks, personally for me I find it such a great way to refresh myself and my mind, and I always feel SO good for it. That movement is great for the body, physically, energetically and mentally.

7 – Talk

If there’s something on your mind, something that’s bringing you down, I always find a good talk about it with someone who I love and trust is so beneficial. Just releasing and letting go of what’s on my mind, opening up to someone and talking through what’s on my mind is always a release for me. It may not always solve the problem, but it’s a release, and that in itself is beneficial. Of course, sometimes talking about what’s on your mind does guide you into solving things too, as it may bring you some sense of clarity on the situation, who you’re talking to could offer some golden advice / a different perspective that helps you to see things from another point of view which can also be beautiful. I also personally find talking to my Spiritual Counsellor about things to be an absolute God send – so on a deeper level, please know that it’s totally okay to open up, seek help through therapy and talking to others.

Remember, my comments are always open for you to reach out to me if you need someone to talk to. I’ve got you (if you don’t feel comfortable reaching out publicly through comments, you can always DM me on Instagram too which is linked here and at the end of this post).

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8 – Gratitude

Last but not least – GRATITUDE. As they say, gratitude is the key to abundance and a sure fire way to shifting your emotions to feeling happy, positive and joyful. Sit down and write yourself out a gratitude list, list a number of things you have to feel grateful for, write down 5 reasons you have to be thankful, 10, 20 reasons, however many you want to. This is going to raise your vibrations so much and remind you of all the beauty there is in YOUR life and all you have to celebrate – therefore, you will go about your day feeling much happier and much more appreciative, allowing more and more blessings and happy circumstances to magnetise to you! Go, write a list of 5 things you’re thankful for now, I bet you’ll feel sooo much happier (even if you’re already feeling great) afterwards! Here, I’ll do it too!

  • I am so thankful to have wonderful people in my life who I can open up to and talk to, who help me, guide me and love me, who I can share my life with, all the beautiful aspects of it. I am so thankful to have wonderful friends and family in my life. Thank you thank you thank you!
  • I am thankful for beautiful nature which is Soul refreshing, I love walking out in nature, breathing in the fresh air and feeling the healing properties of Mama Earth. Thank you thank you thank you for nourishing fresh air and nature!
  • I am thankful for wonderful Netflix shows which I enjoy watching – I’ve just started watching ‘The Good Witch’ and I am loving it so far. I am so thankful to have Netflix and to be able to enjoy watching great Netflix / tv shows. Thank you thank you thank you.
  • I am always thankful for my friends and family, my loved ones who enrich my life and bring me so much joy. Thank you thank you thank you.
  • I am thankful for my Spirit and Angel family, who lovingly guide me, support me and help me always. Thank you thank you thank you

I hope you have enjoyed this post and found value and bliss in the tips I have shared with you! Remember, however you are feeling, it’s totally okay, your feelings are always valid, and you deserve to honour your emotions however feels right to you.

This is simply my loving guide filled with the techniques I personally use to lift my emotions, raise my vibrations, shift into a happier, calmer, more joyful state, and of course heal and transcend.

You deserve to be happy,

Lots of love,


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For more on Spirituality, please click here.

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  1. Ahhhh I absolutely adore you so much and the content you put out radiates so much love and positivity. I used to journal a lot and I’m guilty of not doing as much these days, I definitely need to get back into the routine of writing my feelings down. Thank you so much for sharing! I never knew about listening to high frequency music so that’s so so interesting xxxx


  2. You are such a Goddess and so full of light And YOU deserve happiness as well sweets! Thank you for sharing this beauty! Such great advice especially as we approach a New Year! Cleanse all the 2020ness and let 2021 shine! Sending you so much love and light! ❤


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