Autumnal Vibes with Katch Me Clothing

Hello my loves,


So… I know technically it feels like Winter (I’m sat here – still cold after being outside probably over an hour ago now), with a blanket on my lap… and I’m about to share a mini Autumn Lookbook, because as I said, whilst it may feel like Winter… we are still only in Autumn!

A couple of weeks ago, the team at Katch Me clothing reached out to me to send me some items from their collection – as you may know, I love fashion, so naturally I said yes! The items featured in this post are kindly gifted – and you can shop Katch Me clothing here at

I was fortunate enough to pick out three lovely items from their range, and I’m excited to share with you the items I chose here in this Lookbook.

Let’s jump in!

Outfit One


This super cute lounge set was a must for me the moment I saw it, not only is it totally chic but it’s also super comfy. This outfit gives off effortlessly cool, chic, fashionista vibes – am I right? I have to say one thing I was really impressed with when my clothes arrived was the sizing, everything fit pretty much perfectly – I ordered this set in a size small and I would normally wear a 10 when it comes to my clothing, size small is equivalent to a size 8/10 in this item. The trouser length does work out to be slightly longer than my legs so it dusts the floor a little – I’m not exactly sure on my height but I think I’m about 5’4 – just a heads up in terms of sizing. Not too long though, and it just adds to those chic sassy vibes ;).

I love this loungewear set, it’s so cool and I’m excited to wear it more in the future and to feel chic and fabulous!

Shop the set here.

Shop Katch Me’s Loungewear collection here.

Outfit Two

Oh how cute is this dress – though worn with tights here because it’s Autumn, I’m super excited to wear this dress in the Summer too when it’s warmer. I think it will look so good with my white boots (as seen in this post).

I wore this dress all day on the day I took these photos, and I did find towards the end of the day where the sleeve comes in at the bottom, my arm did feel a little irritated but I think that could have been where I’d been lounging in the dress and it had gone a little bunched up or whatever – I straightened it out then I can’t fully remember whether it made a difference or not – Either way, I just like to give everyone the full deets haha – I think this dress is super cute – it’s going to look so good in the Summer I just know it!

Shop the dress here.

Shop Katch Me’s Dress collection here.

Outfit Three

For my final item I decided to go for this jumper, as it’s perfect for all those Taylor Swift ‘Red’ vibes – LOL. A true Swiftie over here ;). I love the sleeves on this jumper as it spices things up a little and gives a little something extra to the look, perfect for those stylish vibes. I also love the colour – very Autumnal. I do find this jumper to be a little itchy sometimes but other than that, it’s a great little number. I paired this jumper with black shorts and tights for these photos for more dressy vibes, but as I write this I’m sat with this jumper on along with a pair of black faux leather style joggers – comfy!

Shop the jumper here.

Shop Katch Me’s Knitwear collection here.

I hope you enjoyed this post & gained some style inspo! My favourite outfit from this Lookbook is definitely the chic loungewear set – and I’m really looking forward to rocking that green polka dot dress more with my white boots once the warmer weather comes around, it’s going to be perfect.

A big thank you of course goes to Katch Me for sending me these lovely items, I am so blessed!

Of course, thank you to YOU for reading as well – please be sure to let me know your thoughts on this post in the comments – I’d love to know which look is your favourite from this Lookbook and what type of outfits you’re rocking this season, I can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

As always,

lots of love and an abundance of blessings sent to you,


For more of my fashion posts please click here.

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  1. Girl you are STUNNING!!!! I am obsessed with these looks and you rock them! I adore the sleeves on that lounge set, but that green dress is so cute! Also where you take your pictures is stunning! LOVE those horses in the background! Seriously this whole post is dreamy! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. KATE! Here you are again brightening my life as always! I love you!!! The lounge set I am in love with!!! And the green dress I’m super excited to rock in the Summer! Oh thank you so much sweet, that inspires me hehe to take even more lush pictures. Love you! ❤


  2. This is so exciting that they reached out to you and gifted these items (its always so exciting when a brand approaches you). I adore the loungewear so much, I definitely need to treat myself to a nice loungewear set, especially as were spending more time than normal at home! You look incredible!! xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah I love you Chloe! It really is isn’t it 😍 love it!! The loungewear is my faveeee, I love it! Yes so true!! It’s just so chic too! Thanks for commenting gorgeous lady ❤️xxxx


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