Manifesting Money Success Story #2 | Feel Your Blessings

Hey, Earth Angels and welcome back to my blog.

How are YOU today?

It’s Law of Attraction and manifesting success story time again today, and I am bringing you a money manifesting success story which I experienced back in September, as I manifested over £1000 in less than a day! Exciting right?

My intention for sharing this story with you is to of course share my excitement and my passion, and to hopefully inspire YOU to step into the power that you have within, your own personal power, and realise that whatever you desire, for the highest good of all, is Yours.

We truly do have the power to create our own realities, and this story is another example of how we can step into our personal power, vibrate with the energy of happiness in abundance, and bring our desires into our lives through positive manifestations.

Let’s go.

Throwing it back to September, I’m going to share pictures here too so you can see my excitement with this manifestation coming into my life!

So we’re throwing it back to a Wednesday, and one thing I’ve been focusing on recently is manifesting money because money is great, having money is great, and we love love love being financially abundant.

With financial abundance we have the ability to of course look after ourselves, have fun, enjoy more adventures, treat ourselves to nice things and of course, help others.

Money is beautiful!

I’d been looking for a good money manifesting affirmation for a while, and I discovered this one here from Brian Scott which I decided to reword a little, I literally just added a couple of words that resonated more with me.

So I tweaked the affirmation originally from Brian Scott to resonate with me more,

which is ‘Large sums of money come to me easily and quickly in increasing quantities from multiple positive sources on a continuous basis for the highest good of all that I get to keep, spend and save however I so desire, thank you thank you thank you’.

The original affirmation, created by and which I take absolutely no credit for of course, comes from Brian Scott, and you can find his meditation here. For me, I just wanted to add a couple of words myself which resonate with me more than the affirmation on its own.

I decided to take this affirmation and use a voice recorder app on my phone, to record myself repeating this one affirmation over and over which I could then go on to listen to whenever I so desire. As you may know – I love an affirmation and truly believe in the power of our words, being that with what we say, we are totally casting magickal spells out into the Universe. With our words, we create, so of course repeating positive affirmations just creates positive experiences and situations!

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I was waiting for my driving instructor to turn up, and I decided to dedicate 5 minutes of time before my lesson to just affirming this money affirmation over and over, and of course, putting myself in that energy as I affirmed and recorded. I truly gave thanks for this state of being, I embodied the affirmation, I embodied that energy of continuously receiving large sums of money through positive circumstances, and I let the gratitude and joy flow through my voice and my energy as I affirmed. I put positive emotion into my words, so I really want to highlight that – to supercharge your affirmations and manifestations, put your energy and your feelings into that magick. Feel the energy and vibrations of having your desires, vibrate with the joy of having that which you are affirming, and that positive energy you’re putting into your affirmations, your life, everything, well, that energy is going to attract more and more positive energy. Your energy is magnetic, vibrate on the joy, happiness, love frequency. All those good things – I like to think of The Beach Boys and their song Good Vibrations – can I just say they know what they’re talking about? Feel those good vibrations, and life is bliss!

Moving on…

I recorded my affirmations for five minutes then it was driving lesson time (I’m totally going to start affirming some positive driving affirmations actually, I’m so ready ;)), so off I went. When I got home, I cracked on with my day and decided to write my weekly intentions. Typically, I’d do this on a Monday but honestly, by Wednesday this was my first opportunity that week to do so, so halfway through the week, I set my intentions for the next few days. One of those intentions, which I actually completely forgot about until after manifesting money that day, was to receive positive extra income – see picture below!

I set the intention for the week to receive an extra £300+ that week, and wow did I receive… read on hehe.

I intended £300+ because that’s what I felt called to write, however despite the actual number I made sure to add that + sign, because helloooooo, of course I wanted to manifest more, and as I like to let the Universe deliver in abundance, I wasn’t going to limit myself to a number, I was just going to allow the Universe to deliver, I felt called to write £300, but wanted to welcome in more for the highest good of all too!

Okay… moving on, this was a full day of money manifesting hehe because I did a looot this day,
recently, I’ve been learning about & getting into Witchcraft and casting Magickal positive spells. I’d recently read about a spell to bewitch your business and create all the magickal success, and it was advised that this spell be done at a specific time of the month / on a specific day so whilst I wasn’t planning on doing the spell that day, I wanted to prep for it.

The spell I was planning to do (which I have done since, fyi), required four silver stars, which of course you could buy online or from a craft shop but I decided I wanted to create my own, as then I would be infusing this spell with more positive energy and intention, being that I’d created the stars myself.

Basically, I just cut out star shapes on pieces of paper and coloured them in with silver (using eyeshadow and nail polish hehe). On this magickal money manifesting day, I created my beautiful stars and of course, was thinking about how this positive intention was going to create more success for me business wise, which of course, is linked to many many positive things – including income!

I made my stars, then moved on, I can’t even remember what I was planning on doing, but before going downstairs, I felt called to just delve into my magickal side even more, and repeat a money spell from one of my witchcraft spell books ‘The Witchcraft Handbook’ by Midia Star. I didn’t follow the spell exactly because it required other things, and at the time, I just wanted to repeat the mantra for some positive energy, so I did, and as I repeated the mantra and cast my spell, I really felt that energy of money coming to me in beautiful ways, and I felt my body vibrate with the energy, and BE the energy of being financially, positively abundant. I felt in my financially abundant, positive energy, and felt good. I think I may have even been holding a piece of paper which I’d created for a ‘Lottery Luck’ spell I’d learnt from the same book mentioned above, and infusing that positive money energy into that spell to create more financial abundance, more good energy.

I felt that positive energy, and let go to carry on with the rest of my day. I walked downstairs, and I saw one letter through the door. I must have known, but I remember having an instinct that this was going to be something positive for me, the money I’d been manifesting. I knew it was going to be GOOD. I opened the letter, and it was a sum of money addressed to me for over £1000 through positive sources! I felt SO excited!!! I went upstairs and danced with my Angel & Spirit Team, and felt the love for them and from them as they are by my side. Your Angels love you!

Since then, I have believed in my personal power so much, I literally manifested that money in less than 24 hours and it was so magickal, everything about it. I truly believe it came from my energy, as I was really vibrating at the frequency of financial abundance. I was feeling those manifestations, being that energy.

I believe in my own personal power, and I hope and intend that sharing this story inspires you to step into your personal power too, and know that you have the power to create your happiest reality. Go out there and live your best life. You deserve it, and it’s all within you. You are the master of your beautiful reality, I love you!

So tell me, what are you manifesting today? Go write it down in the present tense as if it’s already happened and feel the excitement, the joy for having your desires here!!

Put that positive energy, those positive vibrations and feelings into your desires, and see them come into your life beautifully all in Divine Timing.

I’m going to do it too –

*I am thankful to be having the most wonderful time in New York with my best friend, thank you thank you thank you

Happy manifesting, and if you have any beautiful manifesting success stories you would like to share in the comments, or if you want to share what you’re manifesting in the comments below then please feel free to do so if you wish! We can celebrate, manifest and create together. Let’s build momentum and create glorious positive energy, all around the globe.

Lots of love,


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