5 Years Ago | Poetry

5 years ago

I felt broken and bruised

My sacred body

I gave up to be used

In the name of love

I let you have it all

Thinking you’d choose me

If I kept sharing my soul

I begged and I pleaded

I cried and I broke

Another drunk girl

Crying on her way home

Every night ended 

With tears and disaster

My friends always there

To guide me through after

The six hundredth break up

The times you would ghost

The heartbreak I felt

When you left me alone

My mother understood

You were the love of my life

At the time

Now I look back

And I don’t even cry

I wish you the best now

I know we both tried

We were both doing

What we thought was right

We just really

Were not meant to be

And 5 years ago

That thought broke me

And as I’d cry on my mattress

Every single day

I never would believe

I’d stop wishing your name

That pretty girl

With mascara stained cheeks

If I told her

She’d move on

She wouldn’t believe

5 years ago

I was broken inside

I never imagined

A life without 

You by my side

But 5 years later

And I continue to thrive

I’m healthy

I’m happy

Moved on with my life

I know you’re doing good

And you deserve 

Your life

To be sweet

I know 

You’re a good person

Learning and healing

Like me

But this isn’t about you

This is about me

A girl once so broken

Who found her happy

5 years later

I’m living free

Discovered the love

That lives within me

For anyone reading

Who feels they’re alone

I was that girl once 

5 years ago

You will get better

Your life will shine

Tap into the energy

Of love that’s Divine

Trust in yourself

Your family

Your friends

God wants you to be happy

You’ll find love again

I found love within me

You’ll find that too

Believe in your beauty

Believe in You

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  1. Oh my gosh beauty! This poem took me on a journey! It is heartbreaking and beautiful at once! I also totally read it like a song. You have such a gift with words! Thank you for sharing this! SO much love to you! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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