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Hello my sweet, beautiful Earth Angels.

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As always I am sending so much love and so many blessings your way. Remember your power today, remember your beauty inside and out, and remember you are so worthy of love, happiness and all the good life has to offer. You are doing your best, and you are doing marvellous. You so deserve joy, bliss, all the good things. Please remember this today, and always.

With Christmas literally just around the corner, the time of giving is upon us so I wanted to talk a little today about food banks, and how they are such an important, caring way to give back, not just at Christmas, but year round.

By donating food or monetary donations to a food bank, you are providing someone who otherwise may have gone hungry with a meal, comfort and love. Each item purchased, is another donation to help someone who otherwise may have gone hungry, get the food they need.

With most supermarkets having a food bank collection point, donating and picking up some items to add to the food bank is such a positive thing to do when you’re out on your weekly / fortnightly / however often you go shop. A great thing to do before doing your shopping is to pick up a list of the most urgently needed items for the food bank, so you can take that into consideration when doing your shopping. You can typically find this list at the food bank collection point in your local supermarket – just ask a customer adviser for its location if you’re not sure! Alternatively, you don’t have to pick up the ‘urgent items’ list – you can just add any non perishable food of your choosing (thank you to for the information on what sort of food to donate), as an example, the types of food I typically donate are cans of tinned spaghetti, rice pudding, long life juice etc etc… I ideally like to donate food that I would enjoy eating myself, although admittedly last time I did donate rice pudding and I’ve never actually tried that – I figured though, even though I’ve personally never tried it – people do actually like rice pudding. We all have different taste buds after all!

Once you’ve paid for your shopping, all you have to do is add the items you’ve purchased for the food bank to the food bank collection point (I believe this is usually found on your way out of the supermarket / near the exit however if you’re not sure, please do check with a customer advisor – again you may need to visit here first if you want to pick up an ‘urgent items’ list). Once dropped into the collection point, your food donations will be sorted into a food parcel and donated to the people who need it! (again – thank you for this information – I’m looking on their website to ensure I share the correct information).

Donating to your local food bank / any food bank is such a positive and necessary thing to do, not just at Christmas but all year round, and as I said above, each donation made contributes to another person who gets to eat.

Please consider purchasing some items for your local food bank on your next supermarket shop, it makes such a difference!

I would also suggest giving @thinkfoodbank a follow on Insta – they are a great team who encourage / remind others to ‘think food bank’ when out shopping as it’s such an important thing to remember, even if you just donate one item, it still makes a positive difference. Thank you in advance!!!!

UPDATE: My friend over at SeriouslySeekingAnswers has also highlighted the importance of making monetary donations to food banks online, this helps food banks purchase much needed items that may have not been donated / that they may not have received enough of through donations. Making a financial donation is also a great way to help food banks out too if you’re not personally visiting a supermarket and you’re doing your grocery shopping online, this is a great way to help out from home! Thank you Debi for suggesting this! To make a financial donation online you can search up your local food banks or donate through The Trussel Trust by clicking here.

You can also donate via post, phone & text – and for a more thorough guide on how to help out and donate to food banks, please click here.

Lots of love,

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  1. Food banks love financial contributions as well, which allow them to fill in their inventories with food items that haven’t been donated in sufficient quantities. This is a good option for those of us who are quarantined in our homes right now and can’t go to the grocery store.

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  2. Love this! At work this year we all donated to a food bank and it was so lovely, everyone was so generous. We had an entire van full of stuff that we dropped off last Friday and The Trussell Trust was over the moon with it! It’s so important to give back .xx

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  3. I LOVE that you shared this! Food Banks ESPECIALLY this year are so important, as is donating them since any places that would run drives could’t because of cover. Thank you so much fr sharing this beauty and always being such a light! ❤

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    1. 1000%!!!!! I truly hope that everyone can live in Harmony going forward and people get the nourishment the love and the food they deserve ❤️❤️❤️ thank you for commenting ❤️


  4. Ahhh you are such a kind human and this post is spreading so much awareness!! Food banks are so important and it makes my heart so happy when I see them in supermarkets full up. Thank you for producing such positive and helpful content lovely!! xxx

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    1. Earth Angel ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I hope so! Me too – a few days or so ago I saw whole shopping bags had been donated! So wonderful!! Thanks for reading beautiful you’re amazing xxx


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