Annabelle | Poetry

Annabelle wanted

A pony for Christmas

Annabelle added

Everything to her wish list

Annabelle dreamed of

A life filled with freedom

Not another job that 

She couldn’t believe in

Annabelle craved

The city lights and the laughter

She dreamed of magick and happy ever after

Annabelle wrote sonnets about her wonderful love affairs

Hoping to manifest a man with whom life she’d share

Annabelle sprinkled kindness like confetti

Annabelle did her best but she wasn’t perfect

Annabelle knew that it’s totally okay to cry

Annabelle used her hurt to further help her get by

Annabelle wanted 

Happiness for Christmas

A life filled with love for everyone and their sisters

For the brothers the mothers the papa’s too

The grandparents

She wanted happiness for You

Annabelle asked for happiness for herself

And she prayed and prayed

Talking with the elf on her shelf

Annabelle let her heartbreak propel her

She gave herself healing, self love and self care

Annabelle talked of all the dreams she knew would come true

Annabelle’s dream is to keep supporting You

Annabelle manifested her Souls happiest desires

Each day she found herself closer to wonder and excitement

Annabelle wanted

A pony for Christmas

With love and Faith

She got everything on her wish list

She walked with gratitude

With belief God was on her side

And with her love

Annabelle manifested her best life

May you all have a blessed Christmas and a magickal 2021, sending lots of love,


For more of my poetry please click here.

Instagram: @50shad3s0fj4y


    1. Best compliment ever 😍😍😍😍 thank you Goddess! I LOVE Taylor Swift so she is definitely a huge inspiration for me. – she could be the best lyricist of all time hehe sooo… I aspire to be as good as her 😍😍😍 maybe one day I’ll learn to sing and play the piano or something – or someone can sing my songs hehe! Merry Christmas gorgeous lady I hope all your wishes come true! I’m sure they will because you SO deserve it ❤️


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