We Are Eternal Love

My love,

if you ever feel alone,

take this moment, breathe in deep now, and remember the love that surrounds you, the love that is within you. The love that’s who you are.

You are eternal love,

and love is infinite, there is always love, everywhere,



see the beauty and love around you,

when you feel you need to,

remember the love you have received in your life,

and the love that you will continue to receive.

Appreciate the good,

look for the good,

and the more good you’ll find.


Love is You.

That’s who we are.

We are a loving species.

We are made of love.

I want you to remember this,

You have Guardian Angels

loving you and protecting you.

They’re with you right now,

and remember,

when you feel alone,

remember the times in which you’ve felt loved,

call upon those times to remind you,

that just because you ‘feel’ alone,


it doesn’t mean you are.

Remember the times

a loved one has reached out

You’ve received a message that has brightened your day,

you’ve laughed with friends and family

You’ve spontaneously said yes to adventures you had never even foreseen,

and more of these beautiful moments are still to come,

let life positively surprise you,

let the moments of bliss and joy,

come to you,

welcome them in,

know they are here,

on the way to you,

and they are here in this moment.

Breathe in,

to the love that you are.

Remember the memories,

feel joy,

feel excitement

all the wonderful loving moments that you’ve enjoyed,

that’s all part of your future too.

One day,

you’ll be laughing with your friends,

feeling loved,

feeling excited,

treasure the moments you feel that way,

and know,

more of those moments are on the way to you.

You are welcoming in more love
more happiness
more bliss now


and feel your heart

expand and radiate with love.

Do you feel excited?

Feel excited

because some of the best days of your life

haven’t even happened yet

and that in itself is something to feel excited about

to know

of all the wonderful adventures you are going to experience


We are blessed

feel that

call those blessings in now

and give thanks for it all.

I love you,


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    1. This is beautiful I am so thankful for your kindness love and support. You are an inspiration for me so thank YOU! I am so thankful you find joy in my writing. So much love to you ❤️❤️❤️


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