Let’s Talk About Food Banks

Let’s talk about food banks

Food banks and raising awareness about them is something I feel strongly about, hence why I am sharing this post

Food banks are an important way to give back if you are financially able to do so, and even if you aren’t in a financial position to make donations even just by sharing this post, learning about food banks and raising awareness, that’s still something beautiful.

Food banks are SO important as they help people who otherwise may not have the means to eat, get the food and nourishment they so desire, need & deserve.

Food is part of our daily lives, it provides us with nourishment, comfort and pleasure, and it’s a basic gift of life that we all deserve however, some people are not in the position to get the meals they do need and deserve.

Because of homelessness, financial situations and many other reasons, unfortunately not everyone has access to basic nourishment and food in their home life, this is where food banks come in.

Food banks provide vulnerable people who need them with food parcels filled with non perishable food items such as tinned spaghetti, long life milk, rice pudding and so on. These food parcels provide people who receive them with the care, comfort and nourishment they are so so worthy of. We all deserve this safety. We all deserve to eat a good meal.

*For more guidance on what to donate, please click here and be sure to check out @thinkfoodbank on Instagram for more guidance & reminders.*

By donating to a food bank, you are helping those people who need this support and care get the nourishment and the food they require. Each donation made is another person who gets to eat, another person who gets to feel the warmth of a meal and I hope, the love of knowing that they are cared for. By donating to food banks, this helps people in incredible ways.

There are so many ways you can donate to a food bank –

  • you can make an online donation, which is perfect if you want to donate from the comfort of your own home. You can visit the Trussell trust to make an online donation, or google / research your local food bank to make a donation. This helps food banks purchase the food / items they need to help others, and also ensure they are stocked up evenly with all the items they need. You could make a one off donation, or set up a regular standing order, making a monthly donation to the food bank.
  • supermarket collection points! One of the best ways to donate to food banks and one I use a lot is by adding items to the food bank collection point when I go to the supermarket. Most big supermarkets will have a food bank collection point, so when you do your weekly food shop you can grab a few items for the food bank, pay for them with your regular shop and add them to the collection point on your way out. These will then get distributed to the food banks and made up into parcels for the recipients. This is such a great way to donate and something that can be easily done whilst on your regular food shop, even if you just grabbed one can of spaghetti or some yummy chocolate biscuits (because treats are great & important to donate too), that’s an amazing donation.
  • Donating to the food bank itself – you can also purchase items, make a hamper, or just take a few items yourself to the food bank – you can google your local food bank and the donation point and deliver the goods yourself, where again, they’ll take your donation and set them up into parcels for those to receive.
    These are just a few of the ways you can donate to food banks but check out the Trussell trust here to find out more ways in which you can donate.

Donating to food banks is so so important and truly, I think by raising awareness and spreading the word, hopefully food banks will receive more and more donations and more people will get to eat.

I hope and pray one day that everyone can live a life where food isn’t a worry, it’s something we work towards and something we pray for – to help make this goal a reality please join the campaign here, subscribe for updates & find out more information here. Keep donating and spreading awareness, and I pray this world fills with more love each day.

IF YOU NEED A FOOD BANK – If you are in need of help from a Food Bank yourself, please click here and here for more information on where you can find your local food bank (in the UK), reach out to others, and if you’re not in the UK – I would suggest researching online where you can find a food bank that’s local to you, or contacting your local council if you can. If you type in ‘where to go if you need a food bank’ or ‘food banks local to – your area -‘ on google, you should find directions & guidance for help suitable for you. Please remember that you are loved & safe, and that if you need anything, my comments are always open!

Thank you so much for reading,

Lots of love,


Read: ‘Giving Back | Food Banks’

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