What I Eat In A Day | Vegan Edition #5

Hello, my sweet darling Earth Angels – how are you today?

It’s one of my favourite times here on the blog today – vegan food diary time – yippee. This food diary, I will be sharing with you my ‘what I eat in a day’ from a few weeks ago – I’m only just getting round to writing this post up and I’m so excited. I love talking about all things Vegan.

Without further ado, let’s dive straight in…

What I Eat In A Day | Vegan Edition #5


Tesco Free From Choco Snaps & Tesco Free From Rice Snaps Cereals with plant based milk

Is it really a what I eat in a day if I don’t share these choco snaps from Tesco? I swear, this is such a go to for me. I decided to spice things up a little and add some free from Rice Snaps to my breakfast, as I find combining the two cereals really brings out more flavour. I can’t remember what milk I had with my cereal on this day but it would have either been Unsweetened Almond milk or Coconut milk.


Chicken Flavour Instant Noodles from Sainsbury’s

Oh, these are glorious. My mouth is watering just thinking about these instant noodles and honestly, I have been craving them for the past couple of weeks since trying these for the first time. So so good. The fact that these are vegan and they taste pretty much exactly the same as any other instant noodles that I’ve tried, well, you’re on to a winner here!!!!! This is such an amazing vegan treat because I adore my instant noodles. They were perhaps a bit water-y, but then again, that could totally come down to me not measuring my water out probably – I mean, surely that’s what it is – either way, the flavour is fabulous and these noodles are glorious – I NEED more asap!!!

Sidenote: After eating a couple of mouthfuls of these noodles I remembered something I loved to do back in the day – add sweetcorn to my instant noodles. So for that extra nutrition, I decided to add some sweetcorn before I continued eating – this is soooooo yummy and glorious oh my gosh, I just love this lunch.


Pukka Vegan Mince Steak & Onion Pie with Alphabet Potato Shapes, Vegetables & Vegan Gravy

Since trying this vegan pie at the start of this month, this has become such a go to for me and I’ve already eaten three of these vegan pies this month. Well done Pukka. From my first time trying this pie, I was really impressed – this pie strikes the perfect balance between being a meat alternative and not being too ‘meaty’. So perfect. The pastry is glorious and I enjoy this a lot, it’s the perfect vegan pie for a hearty vegan dinner. I enjoyed this with alphabet potato shapes (yum), and of course vegetables & vegan gravy. So amazing!


The Conscious Candy Pick and Mix

I’ve spoken about this pick and mix before in this post, and I highly recommend (though do be aware, I do find some of the sweets can be quite chewy, so you may have to work those mouth muscles LOL). I’m on my third bag already since December and it’s so fun to enjoy some good vegan sweets – yummy. My favourites are the fizzy cola bottles (which I also have a separate bag of) and the Strawberries are yummy too!

Kettle Vegan Sheese & Red Onion Crisps

Oh these are so good – I’m impressed. I love how much flavour these crisps pack and they’re so tasty – I need to purchase some moreeeee asap!!! These crisps are so delicious, occasionally you can notice a slightly strong aftertaste but honestly, not too much to be a bother. I really enjoy these crisps and I look forward to purchasing them again.


One of my five a day, healthy hun!

Oggs Victoria Sponge Cake

Oh goodness – I mentioned these yummy cakes in this blog post and I have to say, I love. I love Oggs as a brand – I actually baked some vegan cookies with the help of their recipe at the weekend, and I’m so excited to bake more – I’ll be trying out making this Victoria sponge recipe for myself soon. Anyway, yes Oggs, so grateful for this brand. These Victoria Sponge cakes are gorgeous!

Gü Free From Chocolate & Vanilla Cheesecake

Another beauty I’ve spoken about here on the blog before, this chocolate and vanilla cheesecake is yummy. I love the texture, it’s crunchy and creamy and just perfection. After my first time trying this, I was actually craving more over the next couple of days which really impressed me being that it’s vegan, this was one of the first vegan desserts I’d tried that I actually thoroughly enjoyed and wanted more of. So good!



Coke Zero

So there you have my fifth vegan what I eat in a day – you know how much I love writing about all things Vegan, so I am so excited to share more with you very soon.

Thank you so much for reading!

What’s your favourite vegan dessert?

Have you tried any of the meals / food I’ve mentioned in this blog post?

What vegan meal / treat / food do you recommend I try next?

I’d love to know your thoughts!

With so much love,


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  1. you’re making me so hungry and its the middle of the night 😭 i love the little vegan words, they’re so freaking cute. i love how people are vegan, it’s so hard to give up meat. I could go vegan, but I feel like the only thing holding me back is having to give up eggs, and I don’t think I can ever do that. loved this post!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha I make myself hungry writing these posts 😅 they are adorable aren’t they hehe it wasn’t me who did that but I had to take a pic 😅 are you vegetarian? Ooh I was thinking about scrambled egg yesterday – I know there’s an egg alternative which you can cook scrambled ‘egg’ with so I really want to try that!! I know exactly what you mean I said the same before myself!! There were things that I couldn’t imagine giving up but I do find sometimes, for me at least, the less I had something the less I even wanted it! But you know what is best for you and you deserve to do what makes you happy!!!! Thanks so much for commenting ❤️


  2. I think What I Eat In A Day posts and videos are one of my favs because I am always in need of inspiration and also because I am just a bit nosey haha!! I have been trying to swap out meat in my diet for veggie alternatives so I think I will defo try that pie, it sounds amazing. Every since pregnancy I have really gone off meat so this post came at the right time. Thank you for sharing lovely xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah they are so much fun to read aren’t they? I loved your supermarket post where you bought the cheapest items that was really fun! I agree with you actually What I Eat videos & blog posts are some of the best! 🤩 ah that’s so exciting hun!!! Of course – the pie is so delicious I’m craving it now, I hope you enjoy it hun!! I love it!! Oh wow that’s so interesting! You’re welcome thank YOU so much for commenting! Xxx


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