Little Ways To Make The World A Kinder Place | #1

Hello, my beautiful beautiful wonderful Earth Angels,

how are YOU today?

Today’s post is all about kindness, to hopefully add some love to this world, inspire more kindness in others and create a world filled with so much love, compassion and care –

in this post I will be sharing with you a few little ways to make the world a kinder place – most of these, I am so sure you already do because it’s natural human nature, kindness is who we are – but the hope is that by sharing this post, it will act as a little reminder and inspiration to ramp up the kindness (this is definitely a great reminder for me too), so we can go about our day sharing all the love & sweet energy.


So here are a few ways we could all make the world a kinder place –

1 – SMILE. Let’s smile at others more, admittedly, at the moment masks are a thing, although, when your smile reaches your eyes, people can see – even just a nod in someone’s direction, a friendly nod to connect, is something. I wrote a poem last year about ‘the gift of a smile’ which you can read here, and it tells the story of how when I was out for a walk one day, I walked past a guy and smiled at him, he smiled back brilliantly, like a proper beam and I thought ‘wow’, that’s joy. It felt so amazing to connect with this guy with a simple smile, and it made me feel SO GOOD that he smiled back, so brightly, I just wanted to share more and more of those smiles. A smile can create a ripple effect, it connects us to one another, when we look each other in the eyes and smile, it turns a ‘stranger’ to a friend, bringing Unity, brightening someone’s day, filling someone else up with joy, in turn, allowing them to add more joy to others lives. The more joy we feel, the more joy we have to give. Let it flow in abundance, smile at someone today – and let it create positive waves all around this world!

2 – Be patient – with yourself and with others. Be patient, be compassionate. Understand that we are all on our own journeys and we are all doing the best we can with what we know, we all have good intentions, we all come from love and above all we are love, so be patient with yourself and others, let’s allow ourselves to just be.

3 – Take time out for self care. You know I love my self love and I advocate for its importance a lot. Self love is absolutely necessary, being kind to yourself = being kind to the world. When you honour yourself and your needs, you fill your own cup, you’re taking the time for yourself to give yourself what you need, to slow down, to enjoy life, to do what’s for your highest good and that in turn, allows you to have more to give. You can’t pour from an empty cup, when you love yourself, and take that time out for yourself to focus on your self care, to look after you, you feel lighter, happier, calmer and more peaceful. With that positive, loving energy, you have more to give. You have more patience, and when you fill your own cup up with love, you feel so much love, that you just naturally want to share it. Love yourself, love the world.

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4 – Compliments compliments compliments. Let’s share the love and sprinkle compliments around like confetti!!!! Be generous with your compliments, be kind with your compliments, if you see someone wearing a cute jacket, let them know, if you are impressed with someone’s work, let them know. A compliment can really make someone’s day, so let us compliment more, and spread the love!!

5 – Gratitude gratitude gratitude. This is such a beautiful way to make the world a kinder place and such an uplifting way too, it makes YOU feel good, and creates more good in the world. I like to keep a daily gratitude journal, which I typically write in everyday, mostly in the rising as part of my Grand Rising routine. When I write out what I’m thankful for and feel that gratitude, again, like with a smile, it creates a ripple effect. The more I give thanks, the more I find I have to be thankful for. In the evening, before bed, I’ve been getting into the habit of writing three things I’m grateful for, to raise my vibrations before going to sleep so I feel really good at the end of my day, this technique does feel so good, but I find too, that although my goal is to just write three things I’m thankful for, as I write, I’m reminded of so much more that I have to be thankful for, and I end up feeling filled with love and gratitude as the more I give thanks, the more I have to feel thankful for. I also find gratitude to be an amazing way to inspire you to make the world a kinder place, as I know for me when I write my gratitude’s, I feel so much love, and so much thanks that I just want to give back. I have so much, and I want others to experience this joy too. I share the love more, I have so much more love inside of me so I radiate and share that, and I realise just how blessed I am. There is SO much to be thankful for, and when we realise that, we have so much more love & blessings to give.

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So that’s just 5 of my ways to make this world a kinder place. This is SO important to me, to spread kindness and to spread love, writing this post has even inspired me to do so much more so, for that, I am thankful and excited to share the love!!!!

I hope this post has brought you some joy & inspiration, and that we all go out into this world and make it even more beautiful.

Remember, the more you look for the good, the more good you find. So let’s focus on all that good stuff, be kind, share love, love yourself, love one another.

It’s all love,

thank you so much for reading,

lots of love,


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Instagram: @50shad3s0fj4y

*Sprinkle compliments like confetti words inspired by Bob Goff’s ‘Throw Kindness Around Like Confetti’ and of course the popular saying ‘Sprinkle kindness like confetti’, I’m not sure who originally shared this quote!

*’You can’t pour from an empty cup’ – Norm Kelly *first person quoted when searching for the original person who shared this quote!


  1. This is so beautiful, you are such a ray of sunshine and we all need to be more like you!! I love all of these tips, especially being patient as it is one thing I am AWFUL at doing. I always beat myself up when something I do isn’t perfect or resolved straight away so thank you for sharing. This post has come at a perfect time! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love you Earth Angel! Thank YOU for being YOU! Oh bless you lovely, so grateful for you and you are wonderful just as you are Chloe, you are doing amazing, you’re such a lovely genuine girl so believe in yourself hun ❤️ we all love you! ❤️❤️❤️❤️


  2. LOVE this post and YOU! I especially love how you put smile as the first one! I am actually pretty shy, and smiling has always been my go to to break the ice. It is so hard now where we are all wearing masks, but hopefully some day int he near future we can let our smiles shone again! Thanks for sharing sweets! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOVE YOU!! Yes I think smiling is such a simple yet effective way to share love and connect with one another, it is SO positive and beautiful!!! Awwww BABE! Well anyone who sees you would instantly smile because you are sunshine personified and so beautiful!! But yes it’s such a great way to break the ice too ❤️ I know! Can you believe I actually wrote the first ‘draft’ / edit of this poem like years ago before Covid was even a thing?? But I only just got round to re-writing / sharing!!! I do hope soo for sure, they are so beautiful! Thank you my love! So much love for you ❤️


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