3 Ways I’ve Positively Shifted My Energy This Month

Hello beautiful Divine being of love, I welcome you to this blog post with a heart full of love and gratitude! And I share my love with you – my heart radiates that love out to you, may you feel the beam and be the beam, let love embody you and empower you ❤️

I received this message after an amazing meditation session from George Lizos and Emma Mumford – this blog post is a copy of my Instagram caption from Friday. Normally, I would edit the caption to suit the blog, but my words are true and Divine, so I shall just share the caption tweaking only any links that I’ll add!!!

This blog post / caption is all about three of the things which have really helped shift my energy to that of something more positive, light and airy, free, loving, pure!!!

My intention with sharing these three guides is to hopefully bring you into some magick and freedom, to hopefully inspire you to bring yourself back into alignment and to feel as wonderful as I do.

I love you!

3 things that have changed my energy this month –

Working with my Elementals. Thanks to Emma Mumford’s Manifestation Membership & George Lizos, this month I have connected to and learnt about my Elementals. I have been working with my Unicorn guide to help me have more fun and let go more, and after Emma’s Manifestation Membership live last week I feel so light airy and free inside – also, I love George’s Unicorn meditation he has up on his YouTube channel – linked here! 🦄🦄🦄 I highly recommend. This is helping to open up my playful side even more, and truly allow me to let go and enjoy being more present.

Another thing is choosing trust, choosing to trust and have Faith. The Universe wants me to have everything I desire, why wouldn’t it? My Spirit Guides and Angels, my loves are here for me looking out for me, of course they want me to succeed and be my happiest self – why wouldn’t they? They LOVE me! And yours love you! So choose to believe your Spirit Team want the best for you and are going to bless you with the best for you, because that’s why they are here! Have faith, it’s magick!

And lastly committing to myself and staying in alignment. This year I have made more of an effort to commit to my rising routine. I have a tracker on my calendar which I fill out every day that I stick to my routine which is helping me to commit more because I love that motivation, and choosing to honour myself and my highest happiness feels amazing. Making the choices that are in alignment with my higher self, whether they are ‘easy’ or not. Maintaining my Spiritual routines and shifting / keeping in alignment has definitely made such a difference in my life this year! Consistency is key and the Universe rewards that consistency! I am grateful to Emma Mumford for this reminder in her book ‘Positively Wealthy’! If the Universe sees you putting in the work- you will be rewarded!!!

Do the inner work, magick will create!

Mwah ❤️

I would also like to shoutout my divine Love Spiritual teacher Leeor Alexandra!! Through her I have learnt and become so much – her Heart Chakra meditation is divine and activates that beam of love into me too! There are so many beautiful beings in this world, we are so blessed.

With so much love,


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    1. Thank you so much for your comment lovely ❤️😘 so true hun!! I’ve always been a positive person but somethings really clicked recently like – hold up – Spirit Guides Angels and the Universe are our best friends! They are here FOR us so of course they’re looking out for me! (And you too of course)!! Like literally, they’re here for us so let’s celebrate that and trust! And give thanks to of course! Lots of love xxx❤️

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  1. Beautiful reminders to just trust the universe and have faith that everything will work out for us all! I have begun reading the “the positively wealthy” guide by Emma Mumford and it really helps me to let go and just let the universe bring all the desires etc. Plus you read a chapter a day and there are challenges it’s great! ☺️

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