The Manifesting Travel Tag

Hey gorgeous loves and welcome back to my blog – today we have my very own tag that I have created myself – The Manifesting Travel tag, combining two of my favourite loves travel and the law of attraction – woohoo! This whole ‘combining two of my favourite loves’ must have flown from Isabel Palacios’, as she recently shared the first in her series for ‘beauty & wisdom’ combining two of her passions! I’ve had the idea for this manifesting travel tag written in my notes for so long, but now I finally feel it’s time for me to write and share!

As you know, I’m a big believer and follower of the Law Of Attraction. Spirituality, manifesting, it’s who I am. I wouldn’t even say I am a ‘believer’ anymore, it’s literally… me. It’s who I am. Being that I adore the Law of Attraction and believe that what we talk about, we bring about – for the highest good of all, and as Tony Robbins says ‘energy flows where attention goes’, I thought it would be great to create a tag which focuses on all things travel, for those who love travel so much! 

As we talk about our love for travel, we will bring more of those wonderful exciting travel experiences into our life! So let’s talk about what we love, to be thankful for what we love, and to bring about more of what we love,

Let’s go!

The Manifesting Travel Tag Questions

  1. Where’s your favourite place that you’ve ever visited?
  2. Where would you most like to go on holiday next?
  3. Tell me 4 places on your travel bucket list! Where do you want to go? What do you want to see and do whilst you’re there? Talk about your experiences that you’re going to have in these wonderful places!
  4. What’s the best holiday that you’ve ever been on?
  5. Have you ever been on a cruise? If no, would you like to? If yes – where have you been?
  6. Have you ever lived abroad? If so, where?
  7. Would you like to move abroad? If so, where?
  8. What’s your favourite thing about travelling / going on holiday?
  9. Share one (or more) of your favourite travel photos!
  10. Tell me about the last vacation you went on – where did you go? What did you do? What did you love from the trip?
  11. Where is your dream travel destination?
  12. Which holiday / travel destination do YOU recommend for others?
  13. Share a travel blog post that you’ve written! I’d love to read about your travels!
  14. What’s been the funniest experience you’ve had whilst travelling / on holiday?
  15. Tell me about the people you’ve met on your travels – who have you connected with? Who have you made friends with?
  16. What holiday memories bring you joy? Tell me about them…
  17. Where do you look forward to visiting in the future?
  18. Tell me about your favourite holiday destination. What about it do you love?
  19. What’s your favourite thing to do whilst travelling / on holiday?

Okay, I realised I have definitely done a travel tag before here on the blog that I didn’t create, but hey, it is what it is – I’ll link that here – but this tag I’ve just written has all come from me and probably some inspiration taken subconsciously from the tag I did before / journals I have etc… hey, there’s enough joy for everyone and we all have our inspo!

*I realised I never tagged the creator of the original travel tag I did here on my blog, if you know who it is / if it was you – please let me know so I can credit!

Anyway, that’s me wrapping up the questions for this tag – of course, I haven’t answered the questions myself, I’ll be doing that in a future post to manifest all the travel 😉

Happy manifesting!

Lots of love,


If you decide to join in and answer the questions to this tag, please let me know! I’ll be tagging people when I share my answers. ❤️❤️❤️

My subconscious most likely took inspiration from these journals too – I’m going to fill them out today for all the manifesting vibes!!! *Photo edited on Whitagram

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