You Are A Goddess

Breathe in


Your magickal body

Take this moment

To appreciate

You are a Goddess

Your love

Your magick

You are Divinity

You are creation in action

Your Divine Energy

Open your eyes

Reach your hand to your soul

Feel your skin feel your body

Appreciate your home

How each little finger

And each little bone

Is here for a reason

Taking care of your soul

You’re a vessel of love

A vessel of creation

You’re here and you’re worthy

Of love and devotion

From the world from your family

Your lover your friends

From yourself

Find deep self love within

Because you come from The Universe

That’s who you are

You’re the same energy

As the strong

Glowing stars

Your veins course with magick

And baby that’s true

Awaken to the beauty

That’s always been You

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