Positive Affirmations & Mirror Work

Hello gorgeous! How are you today? Welcome back to my blog.

I just had the beautiful, Divine Guidance, to share a lil’ blog post, all about positive affirmations and mirror work, because for me, repeating positive affirmations out loud to myself in the mirror, looking in my own eyes and being joy, it’s such a positive energy, so I wanted to share this little inspo with you today. Even if you already do this, well, we could always use a Divine reminder here and there couldn’t we? So this is your Divine Guidance to look at yourself, look your pretty eyes in the mirror and tell yourself all the positive affirmations. I love you I love you I love you.

Okay –

what more is there to say really, that first paragraph pretty much says it all. I love connecting with myself in the mirror and positively raising my vibrations, positive affirmations are a powerful way to create and be good energy, so what more is there to say?

One affirmation that came to me as I was writing my gratitude list today (literally just now – it’s what gave me the inspo to write this post) is ‘I am positively successful in all that I do, for the highest good of all’, so maybe this resonates with you today, and you can welcome that joy in.

I’ve shared many posts before all about positive affirmations, and shared some positive affirmations too – I also learnt about mirror work through the beautiful Eyvette from ‘MyWorldOfMetaphysics’ on YouTube – I believe with this video, so of course delve deeper if you fancy and check her channel / videos out.

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I also really recommend the beautiful Leeor Alexandra, her latest video about manifestation is a great one, and she shares all that good Law Of Attraction energy, so feel free to check her out too.

Read: ‘Let’s Talk About My Favourite Youtuber – Leeor Alexandra’

Okay, so I’m going to leave you with a few positive affirmations you can take with you today, and of course you can create / choose / find your own as well! Be sure to drop your favourite positive affirmations in the comments below too, if you feel called!

Thank you soul much for reading,

lots of love,



I love myself

I trust myself

I believe in me

I am a positive money magnet, for the highest good of all*

I am joy

I am surrounded by and filled with so much love

I am the happiest, healthiest version of myself, physically, mentally, Spiritually, emotionally

I am thankful to be me

Sidenote: Mirror Work & positive self love affirmations are a great way to connect and deepen your self love, creating a better relationship with YOU, more self love and more self trust, allowing you to be free, happier and healthier. A life filled with joy is your birthright, claim it!

Read: ‘Self Love Affirmations + Implementing Self Love Into Your Daily Life’

*Money affirmation inspired by Emma Mumford’s Positively Wealthy book 🙂

with love always, for the highest good of all, thank you thank you thank you. Mwah!

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thank you thank you thank you


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  1. Ahhh I adore your affirmations so much, it’s so easy to fall into a negative frame of mine and giving yourself the love you need can be hard so thank you for reminding me to ground myself and pat myself on the back! You’re a stunning girl with a heart of gold xxxx

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