Free Yourself To Free The World

Free Yourself To Free The World

Self Love is Liberation

Hello my loves,

following on from my recent blog post ‘An Open Love Letter To My Body’ I really wanted to delve more into these other topics – ‘Free Yourself to free the world’, and ‘self love is liberation!

I genuinely feel like I have so much to talk about right now – even about perfectionism and everything – oooh, potentially some juicy blog posts coming soon but no pressure, we go with the flow. We vibe, we vibe.

SO what do I mean when I say, ‘free yourself to free the world’ for me, I feel, when we free ourselves to be ourselves, unapologetically, fearlessly, when we just step into who we are and liberate ourselves to just BE who we are meant to be, when we free ourselves to live and to love and to enjoy, we free others. And, when we free ourselves to make mistakes also. When we free ourselves to just be happy, we inspire the world, we make it okay for others to step into their own personal power and to be happy, we raise a wave – a positively powerful wave that when we let go of caring about the opinions of others, we can just be free to live and enjoy life in the best way for us, and by doing so, we set others free. We do. When you see someone living their truth, being authentically THEM, that gives inspiration. If someone else can be free, why can’t I? Right? Dance wildly, live authentically and BE FREE my love – the more we free ourselves, the more we give ourselves permission to just be ourselves, the more we inspire others to do the same, and that is beautiful.

Share your gifts, trust yourself, believe that you are meant to be here enjoying life, happy, happy, free, because you are. Life is for living, my love, enjoy!

*Self love is liberation post should hopefully be coming soon – I’m going with the flow here, it will come when it’s meant however, it’s true – self love is liberation, when we love ourselves fully, we free ourselves. and that, in turn, frees the world.

Love you!

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