Self Love Mirror Work Chats | IGTV Script #1

Hello beautiful, how are YOU today? I hope you’re feeling beautiful, happy, sunshine, joy and all that good energy. That is my wish for you, I’m sending you all the beautiful energy as you read this, my love!

Todays blog post is something I originally wrote as a script for an IGTV video, as this is something I’m venturing into the world of – I posted my first IGTV guided meditation on Instagram yesterday, which you can find on my Instagram IGTV page here. I shared a snippet of the video I filmed for the IGTV that the below script was written for over there too, but to be honest, I really love what I’ve written here in this script and wanted to convey that in a blog post, so I figured, why not lovingly raise peoples vibrations and share a beautiful self love blog post, mostly talking about mirror work & self love!

You know I love my self love, and my mission with this blog post (originally an IGTV script) is for you to feel BEAUTIFUL, and to welcome you further into the world of self love. Even if self love is something you already practice, take this time today to take it even further, I’m going to write down three things I love about ME after sharing this blog post (something I leave as a little ‘exercise’ for you to do also at the end of this blog post), as self love is fantastic. So please, sit back and enjoy this blog post, and may you feel all the loving energy and go ahead with the weekend / week / month / year / FOREVER loving you always, you so deserve it.


Lets talk about self love, positive affirmations & mirror work – specifically, learning to trust yourself.

Hello beautiful loved one, how are you today?

In today’s IGTV I really wanted to talk about something that is so important to me, and something that truly makes a positive difference in my life and that is positive self love affirmations & mirror work!

I love standing in front of the mirror, looking at myself and repeating positive self love and self belief affirmations, looking into my own eyes and smiling, feeling the joy of being successful, happy, and trusting myself.

When we trust ourselves, we can achieve SO much because we are free to just be & do what our heart desires. I’ve had to increase my self trust over the past few weeks and ultimately that’s what has led me here to making this video, when we love and trust ourselves, we are free.

So one thing that has really helped to increase my self love and self trust is positive affirmations and mirror work – I do this as much as possible when I’m home alone, but when there’s others in the house I try my best to just look at myself kindly in the mirror and repeat positive affirmations – like with skincare, when applying your skincare products – this is a great time to connect with your self love and deepen that beautiful connection with yourself. When I apply my moisturiser / any skincare I love to speak kindly to myself. Make this a mindful practice when you can connect with your self love more, and truly connect to you.

When we love ourselves, we know we deserve the best, we know that we are worthy of all our hearts desires & that we have always been, and always will be worthy of a life filled with so much love, happiness, good health, love and joy! & yes I know I said love twice but that’s because WOO love hehe! Love love love love love. When we love ourselves, we free ourselves, and we aim for happiness, we are happier, because we know we are worthy of that happiness. When you love yourself, you know you are worthy of what’s best for you, the happiest experiences, the most beautiful loving relationships. There’s no room for settling, the more we love ourselves, the more we can achieve our hearts desires, because we love ourselves enough to go for it, to believe in yourself, it’s so beautiful. And you deserve to believe in YOU.

So, one self love tip that I recommend, begin today, is to stand in front of a mirror and repeat some positive self love affirmations and really FEEL those affirmations – feel the joy as you say ‘I love myself’, see the sparkle in your eye as you tell yourself ‘I love YOU, I believe in YOU’ ‘I am more than good enough’, I switch it up and sometimes say ‘you’ or ‘me’ depending, but it all works beautifully, and if you have an event or something going on, get yourself in front of that mirror, raise your vibrations, connect with yourself and repeat beautiful positive self love affirmations! I’ll leave some self love affirmations in the description / caption area of this IGTV that you can use today, with love, and feel all that good, joyful energy.

You are so worthy of happiness!

Self Love Affirmations:

I love myself

I trust myself fully

I believe in me

I am worthy of a life filled with so much love, joy and happiness simply for being me

It is my birthright to be happy!

I love me

I love and enjoy my life

I am thankful for all blessings

I trust in the beauty of life

I know the Universe loves me and wants me to have everything my heart desires

I love me

I see the beauty in myself and others, I know we are all lovingly connected as one

I trust in the beauty of life


I hope you loved this post, tell me, what’s something beautiful about you? Leave a comment if you feel so called to down below sharing all your self love energy, a little kind self love affirmation or self love message to yourself, or even just grab a notebook and pen and write down 3 things you love about yourself. Go go go!

As always, thank you Soul much for reading, lots of love,


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  1. Such a positive and wonderful post! I have been venturing into mirror work lately and it definitely makes such a difference. Especially when I do it first thing so it just reminds me I am great and starts the day off well. Also congrats on the first IGTV! Xx

    Liked by 1 person

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