Ethan | Short Story

I gaze adoringly at Milo, pulling pints across the bar. ‘I wished he’d pull me’, I sigh internally, a pout placed upon my lips. He’s working as hard as he always is whenever I see him in here, and I’m inspired by his dedication to his work. I avert my gaze quickly as I realise I’ve been staring too long. It’s better all round that he doesn’t know I’m interested. A quick Facebook search and I’d discovered that week Milo’s in a relationship, all plans for ‘shoot your shot 2020’ quickly shoved aside upon learning that nugget of information. In any other circumstances, Milo would know, I’d bat my eyelashes at him and he’d be falling at my feet, but he’s got a wife and a life, and I’m not looking to disturb anyone’s peace. I’m grateful he’s happy, and I’m pleased for two more souls who have found each other, two more souls in love. I would never stand in the way of that, I’d never want to.

I fiddle aimlessly with the charms on my bracelet, as I hope the same for me one day. That I find a man who brings a smile to my face even on my darkest of days, my other half, my lover. Everyone else seems to have found theirs, why haven’t I already? I glance once more at Milo, again grateful that even though I haven’t met my perfect person, at least someone has. There’s love out here for all of us, I remind myself, and I put my faith in the Universe, trusting Mr Right is on his way to me. I surrender to this knowledge, take a sip of my drink and relax into the night. I laugh and dine with my friends, all worries of soulmates forgotten.

I’m two mouthfuls into my chocolate dessert, gooey and yummy as ever, when my attention is drawn back to Milo. Not intentionally, like a fruit I’d already let that man go, but it’s more of a pull from my Guides. A gut feeling ‘look at Milo, Ashley, look at Milo’, they’re saying to me. He’s holding his hand in the air, smiling directly at me, ‘come over’, he motions with his hands, and a little confused yet intrigued, I slowly oblige.

This is unusual. Milo and I rarely talk except for the few pleasantries we exchange at the bar whilst I’m ordering my drinks. We’re acquaintances, yes, but I’d never go as far to say we are friends. His summoning is odd, to say the least.

‘Ashley, you’ve been quiet tonight, it’s not like you to order through the app’, I laugh nervously. The app. A handy new tool I’ve discovered to avoid Milo at all costs, therefore avoiding giving away all feelings for him. ‘Oh you know’, I reply with more certainty than I feel, ‘it’s just easier that way’. ‘Maybe so’, Milo replies, ‘but my friends been harping on about you all evening, and it certainly would have made it easier for him to introduce himself had you have made your way to the bar at some point tonight’. ‘Your friend, huh?’, I raise my eyebrows questioningly as Milo points to a lad over at the pool table, tall, brunette, around the same age as me, cheeky grin wearing him well. ‘Oh’, I’m in shock, my voice high pitched. This guy is my type to a T, even more so than Milo. ‘Would you like me to introduce you?’, he asks and I reply coolly ‘sure, it never hurts to meet new people’. Inside I feel excitement, yet a strange sense of calm I’ve never had before around the men I fancy. I’m more relaxed than ever, and that’s when I know, this is the start of something beautiful. Milo calls his friend over to the bar, and I twirl my hair playfully. ‘Ethan, this is Ashley, Ashley, meet Ethan’, Ethan shakes my hand, firm and confident and I roll my eyes, ‘why so formal?’, I tease. Milo wanders off to serve the customers I hadn’t even noticed and Ethan and I get talking like I’ve known him my whole life. Within minutes my cheeks are aching from grinning, and I ask the girls if we can squeeze one more person around our table to carry on with the drinks and the chatter. I realise then my dessert has gone cold but it doesn’t matter, my heart feels more than warm enough to compensate. Ethan slots in perfectly with my friends, and soon his friends are joining us too.

At the end of a night I just wish I could freeze in time, Ethan wraps me into a hug and kisses me softly on the lips. We make plans for our first date, the very next day. ‘It will be a surprise’, he grins at me, ‘dress for adventure’. Excited, I enjoy the buzz of new beginning in my short taxi ride home and as I fall into bed and sweet dreams of the night behind me and the tomorrow that is to come, that’s when it hits me. This is why it’s never worked out before, the men I thought were the right fit for me, the men I shed my tears over. Already, they’ve never made me feel half as happy as Ethan has in just the space of one short evening, and I feel calm.

I may have had to wait, but he sure is worth it.

Thank you soul much for reading, I hope you enjoyed this short little romance story!

Have a blessed day,

lots of love,


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