My Temple | part 1&2

My Temple | Part One

There’s scratches and aches and still parts of you in my bones

I feel anger and distaste that I let you into my home

My bodies my temple and you are the rebel

Who graffitied all over my soul

Littered your fingers now your trace still lingers

Weeping from head to toe

Tears in the bathroom

Tears in my bedroom

My heart is beating with tears

8 years of let downs

My body a stomping ground for

Men who don’t stick around

Preferring to keep me on hold

Keep me at arms length

Entice me with promises

Of potential that’s never seen through

Say ‘have my babies

Baby thank you you saved me

My hero but I don’t want you’

I thought I was over it

But it seems I’m not over

All this time of not being enough

Thought I was stronger

And I will be stronger

When I can find my own love

My Temple | Part Two

I let go of the heart ache

Breathe in

Feel the earthquake

Of the tears releasing this pain

My bodies my temple

Sacred art that’s not meant for you

I won’t let you in again

I’m stronger

My armour

May have been bruised but shines brighter

For finally seeing my worth

Without all the lessons

I’d never find all my blessings

So I give thanks for all of the hurt

Pain pushed me to rebuild

Paint mountains from molehills

And I am a masterpiece now

Dusted off all the ashes

A burnt heart made of magic

Finally breaking through

Queen of my own Soul

I make myself whole

A Goddess I acknowledge my truth

That my Kingdom is perfect

My life journey is worth it

I see my beauty in every hue

My divinity is blissful and true

I wish blissful divinity for you


Disclaimer – this is a poem I wrote in 2020 I believe, not a fresh one but it’s so deep and I felt called to share! Just wanted to say you are not alone, and you deserve all the beautiful experiences in the world! Love you lots and thank you for reading!

Follow up thoughts –

I am free to love

Who I want to love

I honour myself

I honour my feelings

Watch – ‘Choose YOURSELF & You’ll Never Be Afraid To Love Again’ from Leeor Alexandra.

It is safe to love again.

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sending you all the love, always!

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Poetry Instagram: @PoetryByJennie


    1. Thank you so so much this comment is everything and means soul much to me! Thank you so much for supporting me and showing me so much love! I love you! ❤️❤️❤️


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